The 20 Best Dog Crates on the Market Today

Dog owners know the importance of having the right crates for their beloved pets. They are an absolute essential for traveling, even when taking short trips to the vet. These crates are used for a variety of different purposes. They serve as a place your dog can go to nap, to rest, to get away from crowds, or the owner may use them for training purposes. They offer a safe shelter for your dog when you’re away at work. This makes it all the more important to own a dog crate that is the right size for your pet, safe, sturdy and comfortable. These crates are not all created equally. Some of the cheaper brands and models may be poorly constructed of inferior materials. It pays to shop around to ensure that you get the best possible quality at the most reasonable price. With this in mind. We’ve put together a collection of the top 20 dog crates on the market today.

Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate – $43.19

The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate is a conveniently designed dog crate that offers your pet a comfortable environment for home and travel purposes. The light weight of the crate makes it easy to load into a vehicle and carry in when you’re not using it. The frame is constructed of a tubular steel frame that is durable and sturdy to keep your pet safe. The materials are washable so you can keep the crate clean and free of pet odors. The stylish design shows the world that you care about your pet and provide him with the very best. It’s perfect for use in all weather because the mesh sidings allow for an open feeling with ample air flow. The shell is made of nylon which is a breathable fabric that cleans quickly and easily. The material is waterproof so you can use it outdoors even in the rain. This crate comes in two models that feature a one door entrance and exit or two doors. Two storage bags are included for convenient storage when not in use.

Ruff Maxx Kennel – $28.88

The Ruff Maxx Kennel is designed for dogs that weigh between 10 to 20 pounds. This high quality dog crate is constructed of a heavy duty and durable plastic shell. Wing nut and bolt hardware assemblies keep the unit firmly in place for additional safety. This dog crate meets the established requirements of most airlines and it is an excellent choice for pet owners who prefer air travel and want to take their dogs along. Fido will be comfortable in this crate that features built in ventilation for the sides and the door which allow him to see what’s going on in the world around him. The design allows for airflow and the maximum comfort for your pet’s environment. This kennel is an affordable option that does not sacrifice the quality. A squeeze latch is easy to open and secure by humans but it can’t be opened by your dog. It’s suitable for air travel, car travel, as a pet bed or training area.

Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate with Bag – $134.99

This popular dog crate is a favorite among dog owners. It has a stylish and attractive appearance that drips of canine luxury. It is constructed of lightweight materials that are high quality and extremely durable for maximum pet safety. The fabric is tough and waterproof so your pet can enjoy his crate in the outdoors even when it’s raining outside. This is the perfect dog crate for families who enjoy camping hiking and other outdoor activities. Your dog will always have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. This crate is suitable as a pet lodge, for puppy training and for traveling. It conveniently folds into a compact size for ease in transport and carrying.

Petmate Plastics Compass Kennel – $39.95

This dog kennel features 360 degree ventilation which encompasses the top and bottom of the crate. Your dog will enjoy the maximum comfort with plenty of healthy air flow. The open concept also allows him to see what’s going on in his immediate environment. This can be comforting to a pet, especially when he is in a new environment when travelling with his family. It’s the perfect travel companion for keeping your pet safe in the vehicle and comfortable whether it is for short trips or longer journeys. This crate is made of hard durable plastic materials that are airline approved for families that travel by air. It’s also suitable for use as a pet bed or for puppy training.

Petmate Sky Kennel – $93.40

The Petmate Sky Kennel is designed for larger dogs that are between 50 to 70 pounds in weight. It is made of sturdy and durable plastic material that is airline approved yet strong enough to protect your pet and keep him safe. Frequent flyers will appreciate the inclusion of “Live Animal” labels as an extra protection for your pet when navigating through the airlines. It also includes an absorbent in the event that your dog has an accident while in travel. This deluxe dog kennel is fully equipped with cups for food and water that keep him hydrated and well fed. The 360 degree ventilation allows for ample air flow for maximum comfort. The side windows allow your dog to see everything that is going on outside of the kennel. This helps to calm nervousness or feelings of claustrophobia while travelling.

Hard Cover Pet Carrier – Collapsible Pet Travel Kennel for Small Dogs – $31.97

This stylish collapsible pet kennel is made for maximum pet comfort and pet convenience. It’s design makes it look like a really cool pod from a science fiction film. The design and color are classy and stylish. The durable cover materials are waterproof so it’s the perfect companion for camping or other outdoor activities. There are hard surfaces on top and bottom to give your pet coverage in bad weather conditions. the carrier is waterproof so it’s perfect to use outdoors, even when it’s raining out. Your pet will have a safe and secure bed when out hunting or camping. This carrier also comes with a padded mat on the floor that provides softness for your dog to lie on. This is the perfect combination of firmness and softness. The lightweight crate only weighs 2.2 pounds so it’s an excellent choice for hikers and backpackers who can’t bear the thought of leaving their pet at home. Mesh netting is breathable and allows good airflow while allowing your pet to see everything that’s going on outside the carrier This crate is intended for use with small dogs as it measures 17″x13″x14″.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel – $39.95

This is yet another popular Petmate product. The two door top load kennel is made of strong and durable plastic material that is approved by most major airlines for pet travel. It’s always a good idea to check with your airline to ensure that the kennel meets their standards. The crate features two doors that make it an ideal crate for puppy training. It is also a safe and comfortable shelter to keep your dog safe during automobile travel for both long and short distance trips. The top of the kennel is secured by a wing nut and bolt assembly that assures the maximum possible safety for your pet. The top is removable. The front door is made of steel for durability and strength.This kennel also makes a good pet bed or lounging area. The stylish dog crate is suitable for multiple purposes and comes highly recommended by pet parents as a safe, comfortable kennel for dogs.

Precision Pet Care 1-Door 2000 Crate – $39.37

The Precision Pet Care 1 Door 2000 is manufactured by a trusted company that is known for delivering high quality in materials and construction of pet products for more than thirty years. They put safety as a top priority and this pet kennel is built to live up to rigorous safety standards. Pet comfort is another built in feature of this wire dog crate. It allows for good air circulation and an open view so your pet does not feel claustrophobic or frightened in a new environment. The metal is treated with a finish of black electro-coat for additional durability and long life. This affordable pet crate does not skimp on quality to offer it at a reasonable price. It is packed with additional features including a divider panel that allows you to control the viewing area that your dog has. This is helpful for dogs who need a quiet and peaceful area to rest free from distractions. The crate folds down into a compact size for easy carrying and storage when it is not in use. It also comes with a built in pan for puppy training.

MidWest iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates – $22.28

Dog lovers on a budget rank this as one of the best economically priced dog crates on the market today. It is made of durable materials that are sturdy and safe to keep your pet protected. It’s perfect for keeping your dog secure when travelling, or as a bed or lounging area. In addition, the wire cage is suitable for puppies and adult dogs who like to chew because the metal cannot be damaged by pet chewing. The crate comes equipped with two plastic handles that are made for comfort while carrying the crate from one location to another. It folds into a compact size with ease for carrying convenience. This affordable dog crate is multi-functional and is available for a budget price. It is a kennel that is suitable for puppy training and for growing dogs into their adult years.

Majestic Pet Products Single Door Folding Dog Crate – $111.17

If you’re looking for a simple basic dog crate of superior quality and performance, then the Majestic Pet Products single door folding dog crate comes recommended. This kennel is made to accommodate larger dog breeds including Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Standard Poodle, Chow Chow, Labrador and dogs of comparable size. The crate measures 42 inches in height when fully assembled. It’s the perfect training crate for a puppy to grow into adulthood with. Enjoy the convenience of multiple uses with this dog kennel. It’s good for training, as a bed, rest area, retreat or training crate. The sturdy wire materials are coated with electra-coat for extra strength and durability. It is chew proof so your pup can’t escape when you’re not nearby to supervise him. When you’re not using the crate it is easy to fold into a compact size for convenient storage that doesn’t take up much space.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Crate

The EliteField 3 door folding soft crate is available in large sizes to accommodate larger dog breeds. Although this product has received high rating as a travel crate, the main drawback is that it is hard to secure in a few different car types. Although the pricing for this dog crate varies by vendor, it is an affordable product of high quality that makes it a good value for the cost. The crate features a sturdy construction that protects your pet and keeps him safe. It also comes with handles for carrying ease. When not in use, you can quickly and easily fold it into a more compact size for convenient space saving storage. While the crate breaks apart easily, when it is properly set up, there is little danger of it collapsing in on your pet. You don’t need any special tools to set it up or tear it down. It also includes a few luxury features including a mat to make it more comfortable for your dog and a carrying bag to make it more convenient for you. The fabrics are easy to wash and made of durable materials that hold up under normal use. The top, side and front door offer multiple ports or openings for excellent accessibility. There are also two accessory pockets included for storage. You may purchase the Elite Field in many different sizes to make sure that it is a good fit for your dog. This crate is not recommended for extra large or very small dog breeds. To top all this off, the crate is available in a variety of colors.

Arf Pets 3 Door Crate with Strap Arf Pets 3 Door Crate with Strap

The Arf Pets 3 door dog crate is similar to the EliteField 3 door crate. It is a good choice for both short and long distance travel via automobile. The design is slightly different and it comes in a wide choice of colors. Keep your pet safely secured while travelling to ensure that you, your passengers and your beloved pet are all safer. This pet kennel is suitable for dogs of all sizes except for those that are very small or very large. It provides a comfortable rest area that is also suitable for puppy training.

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

The 2Pet foldable dog crate is also comparable to thee EliteField in quality and performance. It provides your pet with a sturdy and durable dog bed, training crate or travel crate that keeps them safe and secure. This dog crate is yet another top seller that is popular with dog owners. It’s affordably priced, yet the manufacturer did not skimp on the quality of materials or workmanship. It is built sturdy to hold up under normal use. It is built for pet comfort and added security when you can’t be close enough to supervise your pup.This dog cage comes in your choice of sizes and three color options. It is very similar to the EliteField with the exception that the retail price is a lot less.

2 Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

The 2 Petmate two door top load kennel is a high quality dog crate that is made from sturdy and durable hard plastic materials. It is popular because it meets the requirements of most airlines for taking pets on flights. Don’t let the plastic fool you. This kennel is built with pet safety and security in mind. It is one of the most highly recommended dog kennels for plane travel. It’s less expensive than many comparable kennel brands, but it doesn’t let down on quality or performance. This model is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. It is well ventilated so there is enough airflow to avoid stuffiness inside. This kennel is also multi-functional. It is suitable to keep your pet secure for air travel, for automobile travel, both short and long distance, as a training cage, or as a sleeping quarters. Although it lacks the convenience of a folding cage, it is very sturdy, ergonomic for easy carrying and extremely easy to clean. This kennel is only available for sale in small and medium sizes.

Aspen Pet Pet Porter Plastic Kennel

The Aspen Pet brand Pet Porter Plastic Kennel is designed for use by dogs between 90 and 100 pounds. This is good news for owners of large dog breeds. It is built to offer comfort, standing room and space to spread out for big dogs, but it’s still not quite large enough for extra large dogs. The massive size of this kennel makes it inconvenient to travel. The large cage gives medium sized dogs the perfect space for lounging or sleeping. It is also highly recommended for use as a training cage, but you should expect to pay little more because of its large size.

AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Kennel

Amazon offers its basic two door top load kennel. This popular hot selling item is a rival for the comparable Petmate brand. The features are remarkably similar. The Amazon basics edition only comes in one color, but it offers a sturdy build that provides a safe environment for your pet. It is comfortable with ample ventilation for good air movement and high visibility so your dog can see what’s going on on the outside. This kennel makes a good option for families who take their dog with them on flights. It makes a good crate for small dogs as it is only available in two sizes intended for small dog breeds.

Pet Puppy Premium Airline Approved Expandable Carrier

This dog carrier is a mesh type carrier that is made of materials that are approved by many major airlines. The features include an option for expansion when more space is needed inside, and it offers the convenience of being a folding carrier. On the downside, it is only available in medium and small sizes. In addition, the carrier is not sturdily built, and it is difficult to clean, but it is still one off the top sellers because it works well for plane travel.

AmazonBasics Black Soft-Sided Carrier

This is yet another dog carrier that is offered by AmazonBasics. It’s their alternative to the favorite expensive dog kennels suitable for air travel, with the exception of having a much lower price. I is constructed of good quality materials. While not premium, this hot seller is valued for its affordability along with decent quality. The soft sided carrier is a safe and comfortable place for your pet. It is suitable for puppy training, as a dog bed or lounge, and for air and automobile travel.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier

Sherpa is a well known brand that built its reputation on quality in materials and construction. Their products tend to hold up over time. This pet carrier has been rated as the absolute best choice for travelling short or long distances with your pet in tow. It’s a stylish carrier that has an attractive design. It offers a good option for traveling via air or car. It keeps your dog safe safe and comfortable on the journey. In addition, the Sherpa Original Deluxe carrier is suitable for use as a travel kennel, a training crate, or as a comfortable and safe pet bed.

OxGord Rolling Backpack Carrier

The OxGord Rolling Backpack Carrier is popular because it gives consumers another style choice when deciding which dog crate is the best and the best value for the expense. What makes this dog crate so special is that it works very well for travelling long distances. It’s not only durable, but it is equipped with wheels for the easiest transport both empty or with Fido in the carrier. Although this carrier does not totally collapse, it breaks down partway to make it easier to manage.

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