Five Dog Toys That Make a Good Fit for Bullmastiff Puppies

Bullmastiffs are one of the largest breeds of dogs and very strong. Of course puppy Bullmastiffs are not as strong as adults, however, they still have a strong bite and jaws. All puppies love to chew on things, and they need to chew due to teething. It helps with the discomfort of teeth, but toys that can get chewed into small pieces can be a danger to your puppy. They can swallow pieces of the toys, especially squeakers, that can injure your pup. When you purchase toys for your Bullmastiff puppy, you will want to find toys that are as tough as they are. Bullmastiff puppies have been known to be able to destroy some of the most durable dog toys that other breeds may never do any damage to, which is why some dog toy companies have developed specific toys that are geared toward breeds, like the bullmastiff, who are hard on toys. These are toys that are extra durable and can withstand the bite and strength of a Bullmastiff. If you have, or plan to get a bull mastiff puppy, you will want to be sure to get toys that they can have fun with, chew on, but not destruct. Here are five dog toys that make a good fit for a Bullmastiff puppy.


1. Katie’s Bumpers – Puppy Trainer Fetch Stick Dog Toy

Katie’s Bumpers – Puppy Trainer Fetch Stick Dog Toy is fetch toy that is geared toward training your puppy how to fetch, hold, carry and come. The toy is made from professional grade fire hose, which is a very durable material, although it is not considered indestructible. What makes this a great toy for the tough bit of a Bullmastiff puppy is that it is safe and strong construction without squeakers for your puppy to chew out and choke on, and no filler materials. Since the material is so tough, your puppy will have a hard time tearing it apart, which is why it is one toy that is recommended of a Bullmastiff puppy. The fetch stick measures 10.75 inches long and can be used alone or with Katie’s training rope.

2. Big 14″ Tough Dog ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR)

This is a virtually indestructible toy for strong or aggressive chewers. It is flexible and designed for a good game of tug-o-war with your puppy. You will both have fun pulling and playing interactively, and yet this toy won’t hurt your puppy’s teeth. It will also not break apart like a lot of tug-o-war, or cheaper toys. plus, there aren’t any toxic ingredients to worry about. The ripples on the toy help to clean your puppy’s teeth while playing, which is an added bonus. The bright blue color is suitable for your puppy’s vision since dogs see in the blue and yellow color spectrum. It’s easy for them to locate against all types of terrain colors. Let your puppy have fun with this toy without worrying if he is going to destroy the toy and swallow something he shouldn’t, or cause you to have to spend more money to replace it.

3. Knot Rope Bone Dog Toy By I-Love Pets

This is a 10-inch fiber bone made of multi-colored cotton blend. This bone is completely safe for your Bullmastiff puppy and it is actually recommended for Bullmastiffs. It not only is indestructible, but there are other benefits for your puppy when he plays with this fiber bone. You get to interact with your puppy and play tug-o-war, and while he plays, the toy helps keep his teeth strong and free of tartar to prevent bad breath. Another bonus is that it massages his gums to help with his teething pain and discomfort. This toy is meant for the strongest of chewers, breeds who are known to destroy toys easily and chew them into pieces. When your fiber bone gets dirty, just toss it in the wash because it’s machine washable.

4. SteelPet Bone Shape Dog Dental Toy Slow Eat Free BPA Rubber Playing Toy Balls for Dog Bite Resistant Chewing Ball 2-Pack

Large breed puppies with strong bites, need strong toys that won’t easily tear apart or be destroyed by playing. That’s why this bite resistant toy is constructed just for breeds like the Bullmastiff, German Shepherds, Samoyeds and other large, strong breeds. It is made of durable material that is non-toxic and safe for your dog to chew and chew on without breaking apart and your puppy swallowing parts. The toy was designed to help reduce your dog’s anxiety, loneliness or feeling impatient. When he has this toy to chew on, he won’t feel the need to chew on your personal belongings, and the bonus is, the toy helps to clean your pup’s teeth while he chews, for better breath and healthier gums.

Puppies love plush toys and they love toys that squeak. It’s fun for your puppy to be able to make their toy make noises when they play, but a lot of plush toys with squeakers can make a puppy want to rip into the toy to find the squeaker. Bullmastiffs are strong and aggressive chewers, which means toys get destructed easily. This toy was made with aggressive chewers in mind. It was constructed of durable material that is double stitched to help prevent tearing and destroying when your puppy plays and chews rough on the toy. This is a toy recommended for big dog breeds with strong teeth and like rough playtime. So let your bullmastiff puppy play and snuggle with the indestructible squeaky goose and feel confident it won’t easily tear apart during play.
No matter what type of toy you buy for your large breed puppy, whether it’s a Bullmastiff or other large breed, it is always a good idea to regularly inspect your puppy’s toys to make sure they are not a hazard to them with pieces that are falling apart they can choke on or swallow. If you have any question as to whether a toy is safe, it’s always best to get rid of it and buy your puppy a new one.


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