Five Products That Are Excellent for Calming Your Dog

Dogs and anxiety can often go hand-in-hand. Some dogs are just naturally anxious and get nervous over everything, while others tend to suffer isolated incidents of anxiety due to the circumstance at the time, like loud noises, or a storm, a change in their environment, being around someone new, going to the vet or groomers, and other situations. Sometimes dogs need something as simple as reassurance from their human, while others may need a little more than that to help ease their stress and anxiety. There are products available that can help calm your dog in situations; relax them and make them feel at ease. If your dog suffers from bouts of anxiousness, you might want to try one or more of these products to see which ones help your pup relax. Here are five products that are excellent for calming your dog.

1. Calming Soft Chews

If you have noticed that your dog is easily anxious and has a hard time calming down, one product that is natural and safe for your pet is Thunder Chews. It’s easy to use because it is simply put into your pet’s meal and he just eats it up with his favorite food. Thunder Chews does not cause side effects – no drowsiness, it won’t impair your dog’s motor skills, and it won’t cause addiction. It’s always a good idea to talk to your vet about starting your pet on any new product to make sure he recommends it for your pet. If you are interested in Thunder Chews, you can order them online from

2. Chill Out

Chill Out is a product made of natural herbs to create an aromatherapy treatment that will relax your dog and quiet their nerves. Sweet Marjoram, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile are combined to create the mist. While some aromatherapy products are put directly on your pet, this one is misted in the air where your dog can get the smell of the flavors and herb concoction and just by inhaling it, he can start to relax and feel a calmness. You can find Chill Out online, one of the sites where you can purchase this unique dog calming product, is

3. The Snugglepuppie

Calming products come in an array of different products. Some are taken internally, others rubbed on or sprayed in the air for your dog to inhale, some are chew-type calming products, and others are ones that your dog snuggles with in his bed, on the couch or anywhere. It has a simulating heartbeat to help give your pup the feeling his momma or human is near. It also comes with a heat pack that is soothing to your dog as well. . Dogs feel calmer, naturally, when they are close to another beating heart and have the sensation of warmth around them. This product is easy to use and will easily calm a dog’s nerves, especially nervous puppies who might be missing the comfort of their mother and siblings close by.

4. The Rein Coat

The Rein Coat is two-in-one products – a comforting coat, and a harness. This product wraps around your dog and will make them feel safe. Dogs feel a sense of relaxation when their mom picks them up by the scruff of the neck and carries them. The instant sense of relaxation is caused by a release of oxytocin by the brain, which the Rein Coat replicates. The loose fit around the neck triggers this same reaction and causes your dog to relax and feel secure. You will also be able to clip your dog’s leash to the harness to walk him, rather than having to juggle another harness or collar while he’s wearing the Rein Coat.

5. Calming CDs

Lots of people like to listen to soothing sounds when they try to relax. There are all kinds of soothing sounds in nature and they can relieve stress and anxiety when you sit and listen to them. What pet product companies have recognized is that animals also relax when they hear certain sounds, including the sound of a heartbeat. Music and soothing sounds is a great way to try to get your dog to relax when he’s feeling anxious, but of course, they have to be sounds that are geared toward a dog, and what would be considered soothing to a canine. Well, Spoiled Pets Shop has a line of CDs with calming music and sound that are put together specifically for dogs to enjoy. Lots of pet owners have had good things to say about this method of calming their dog. You can see their options and choose ones you think will be the best for your dog.

One thing that is helpful is that these products can be used in combination with each other. If one particular product doesn’t seem to work, or completely relax your dog, try another one, or use a couple of the products together to give your pet the optimum in relaxation.

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