Five Great Toys To Purchase For Your Pug this Holiday Season


Pugs are cool little dogs. They have faces you just can’t resist, and they’re so sweet. They are affectionate, and it’s very easy to fall in love with a dog like this and want as many of them as possible in your life (no, really, I have a friend with pugs and she loves everything pug related and would adopt all of them in the world if she had more space). And like any other dog, a pug is your friend, your companion and a part of your family. This means you cannot forget the dog when the holidays roll around. You have to remember that he or she is part of your life and deserves a little of your love and attention, and perhaps a few gifts under the tree. Sure, your pug would probably rather spend time eating paper and playing with abandoned boxes under the Christmas tree as your family unwraps gifts, but it’s not always a great idea to let your dog play with wrapping paper. We certainly don’t want him or her consuming it. That’ll make a mess eventually (and it can’t be good for the dog). Our recommendation is that you don’t forget to give the dog a little something in his or her stocking as well as beneath the tree. If you’re stumped as to what to get your canine friend, let us help you choose one of the best gifts of the year for your dog.


What we love about these stuffed animals is that they are far stronger and more durable than regular stuffed animals. If you have kids, you know how likely it is your pug is going to want to chew on their stuffed animals; it’s the nature of the beast. They want to chew on things that are left lying on the floor and it’s often really difficult for dogs to try not to do that. You can train them and you can teach them and you can stop them from chewing on and playing with everything in sight, but it’s nice to stop the madness and get your dog one of these. It’s a stuffed animal that’s designed just for the dog. It’s durable and tough so the pug won’t be able to rip it into pieces and make a mess. It’s rated one of the best dog toys for all breeds, and that includes the pug, which is sweet and very good natured; but can be a machine when it comes to attacking the stuffed animals in its life.

Canine Gift Stockings

We love these. They’re generic and they’re everywhere, but that’s what makes them great. Your pug doesn’t get many of these throughout the year because they are only available during the holidays. We love this toy because it’s usually filled with things the dog won’t get much of any other time of the year, and it’s a great way to show your appreciation for the animal, as well as your love for him or her. You can pick and choose from many different toys, treats and features in these stockings and even hang them on the chimney with care. It’s a great gift for the dog since he’s not going to get it any other time of year. This will give your pug something to look forward to the rest of the year.

New Balls

Who doesn’t love new balls? Pugs might have a reputation for being a bit lazier than other dogs at times (certainly not all pugs and certainly not all the time) but that doesn’t mean they don’t love and adore a little time spent running around outside chasing a ball and having some freedom. We all do. Even people love the concept of spending time outside with the dog as they are running around, chasing balls and enjoying their free time. It’s great exercise for everyone in the family to get out in the yard and let the dogs run around and enjoy their time chasing their toys as you play fetch. It encourages an active lifestyle for everyone, which is a far better gift than a ball or a new chew toy or a new stuffed animal. We vote this as our favorite holiday gift for our pets.

Harry Barker Cotton Rope Tug and Toss

How cool is this toy? You can find it in most pet stores and online, and it’s going to win over your dog big time. Not only is it a rope the dog can pull and tug and play with around the house, it’s also a toy they can use to play fetch with. It’s designed so that they can spend a bit of time playing with it alone and with other people, which is another benefit of something so cool. They come in different sizes, too, so that your dog, no matter his or her size, can have one that fits in with its life and its size. This is going to make a great toy because it’s long-term and it is not something that they have already.


The Kong is awesome. In fact, we think they should make something like this for children, too (kidding, mostly). It’s a rubber toy that’s designed to hold treats inside, and it’s one that is so cool that your dog will spend hours playing with it. It’s basically a babysitter for the dog. The treats are in there, and the dog knows it. The challenge is that they are in there so well that you can’t get them out, and the dog has a difficult time getting them out. Not only does this mean hours of entertainment for the dog, it also means a challenge for the dog as far as stimulation and entertainment are concerned. It’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. The longer your pug plays with this toy, the more rewards he finds. He will get a treat out eventually, even if you can’t figure out exactly how he manages to do that without any help from you.

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