Five of the Safest and Most Solid Dog Toys for Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a large breed of dog that have a lot to offer a family. Easily one of the most popular breeds of dog, they were originally bred for retrieving water fowl and being at their owner’s side as they hunted prey. Retrievers have migrated into the working force over the years, moving into positions such as, therapy dogs, working in the military as sniffing dogs, as well as on the police force, among many others. It is due to their loyalty, intelligence, and sweet dispositions, that they are some of the most utilized dogs for a wide range of jobs and positions. Families know these same qualities, which is why they are seen in so many homes today. Despite their amazing qualities, they are big dogs, and they have the strength of a big dog, which means that they can be very hard on their toys. Of course you want your dog’s toys to last a long time. After all, you are paying for them. More than that, you want them to be durable and safe enough to withstand a big dog’s strong grip and tenacity to chew. If you have a Golden Retriever in your life that you have been trying to find some durable dog toys for, take a look at the following five of the safest and most durable dog toys for your Golden Retriever.

5. Nerf Dog Flyer Disc Dog Toy For Medium Size Dogs  – $13.99

It’s no secret that dogs love to play catch, whether it’s with a stick, a ball or a Frisbee. For some reason, certain breeds of dogs really love the disc type style of toy, like you would get with a Frisbee, but these are hard plastic, and can be hard on a dog’s teeth, chipping or fracturing them. Nerf is known for their soft, safe toys for people and dogs, and here is their flyer disc for dogs, so that they can play catch, safely and without injury. The disc flyer is durable for strong teeth and chewing, and is great for keeping them active, healthy and happy. Your Retriever will love spending hours playing catch with this toy that is perfect for the backyard, the beach or the park. Order yours for $13.99.

4. Wooden Bone Chew Toy for Dogs by SunGrow (100% Natural Solid Wood) – Dog Training Tool for large breeds like Golden Retrievers – $4.95

The 100% natural solid wood chew toy is just that, all-natural. You won’t find any chemicals, plastics, lead, or any other dangerous additives that are unhealthy for your dog. Big dogs are big chewers and you need something that can stand up to their strong teeth, and strong desire and drive to chew. It will  help cure boredom, all while helping to keep their teeth clean and gums healthy. If you have a strong chewer in  your Golden Retriever, this is one of the most popular, durable and sturdy toys for big dogs, and it’s just $4.95. There is n o splintering or chipping, and it’s easy for your dog to hold in his mouth and carry.

3. Solid Bite-Resistant, Elastic, Non-Toxic (Bouncy), and Odorless Rubber Pet Toy Dog Ball – $6.99

Yes, a ball on a rope is what this is, and it’s the perfect combination of toys for your big Golden Retriever. They love balls, and they love rope toys to play tug-of-war with, so here you have both. You can throw it and play tug with your Retriever for some good, active, interaction with your pet, and no worries of getting bit accidentally, since there is so much room between the ball and end of the rope. It’s durable. It won’t break, fray, and is non-toxic, so it’s safe. Your dog will have hours of fun when you throw it for him, or bounce it for him to chase after. You will see that your Retriever loves his bouncy ball on a rope, so why not order him one? It’s one of the most durable toys for Retrievers, and it only costs $6.99.

2. JW Pet Company Chompion Dog Toy – $7.99

Strong chewers need strong, durable toys that will last and won’t tear apart. Golden Retrievers often have a big desire to chew, even puppies. Puppies need to chew, and because they are a big breed of dog, they already have strong teeth, even when young. Here is a strong, durable dog toy for large breeds that is tough enough to handle even the strongest, most aggressive chewers – the rubber dumbbell. It’s made of 100% very strong rubber. It will satisfy the need for chewing, while also cleaning teeth, strengthening teeth, and stimulating their gums. It’s only $7.99, and it’s one toy that will last, and last, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

1. New Rubber Dog Toys, 6 inch Solid, Bouncing Ball – $8.99

Let your dog run and play with the best balls for big dogs, the Rubber Tennis Ball-sized Balls. They are made of strong, durable rubber that won’t tear apart, no matter how much chewing and grabbing with his teeth, your Retriever does on the balls. They are great for endless games of fetch, chasing and chomping on. They come in different sizes, from small to large, so that you can start your Retriever playing with them, even as a puppy. The balls are bite resistant, solid spheres and dishwasher safe for cleaning. You’ll help your dog learn to chew on his own toys and not your furniture or personal items, when you keep him stocked in durable and safe dog chewing toys, and this is one of the best for your Golden Retriever.

No matter how safe and durable a dog toy is, it is always best to keep your dog supervised with his toys, to be sure he is chewing and playing appropriately. This is especially true for puppies who are just learning about life as a dog. The above toys are all recommended for large dogs, which includes the Golden Retriever, and are all highly rated, so take a look and get your Retriever some of the best toys for his breed.

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