Five Toys to Help Your Pitbull Great Dane Mix Get Exercise

Boomer Ball

All dogs need exercise no matter what breed, but some need more than others due to their size. If you are an owner of  a Pitbull Great Dane mix, you know that these large dogs must have at least 60-90 minutes of exercise a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While taking them on a long walk each day is suitable exercise, these playful pups love the interaction with their owner while unleashing all of their built up energy, and exercise toys are a great way to bond while encouraging them to be active. If you already own or are looking to own a Pitbull Great Dane mix, here are five toys to help them exercise.

Kong Rubber Flyer Dog Toy

Essentially a durable rubber Frisbee, the Kong Rubber Flyer dog toy will keep you and your dog entertained for hours. Accurate flight and soft-catch makes the Kong Flyer a perfect toy for fetch and catch. The large size is 9” in diameter, made with exclusive, non-toxic natural rubber, and is easy on the teeth and gums. Retail Price: $12.99-$14.99

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Unless you are a major league baseball pitcher, distance is limited when throwing a ball. The Chuckit! Ball Launcher allows you to throw a tennis ball up to 140’, three times further than normal. The Chuckit! Ball Launcher is also great because the long handle and scoop saves you from picking up a slobbery tennis ball. The launcher uses comes with one Chuckit! Ball, but fits a standard tennis ball. Price: $11.99,

Bumi Tug Toy, Large

The Bumi is an interactive toy that can be pulled, tugged, or thrown for hours of play. This toy also floats, so it can be used when at the beach, ocean, lake, or even in the pool. The Bumi is virtually indestructible, made of a flexible, unique material called Zogoflex. It’s an “S” shape that will stretch to twice its length before bouncing back to its original form.   Price: $12.00-$13.50

Boomer Ball, 8 inch or 10 inch

Depending on the size of your Pit Bull/Great Dane mix, the boomer ball is used as a toy that your dog pushes around. The smooth, hard plastic makes the ball very durable. Due to the nature of the material and use of the toy, the Boomer ball needs to be bigger than your dog’s mouth so that they cannot pick it up. The intended use of the Boomer ball is to push with their paws and nose, making it more addictive and challenging for your dog. Price: $20.00-$35.00

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

Made of tough, flexible rubber, the Hol-ee Roller dog toy is easy for your dog to pick up, and great to use for throw and fetch. The hexagon cut outs act allows versatility to use as a teething toy for young dogs and can be stuffed with treats, rawhide, or your dog’s favorite toy when used as a training mechanism. Price: $7.99-$15.99

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