10 of the Most Interesting Great Dane Mixes

Best known for its regal appearance and giant size, Great Danes are often referred to as a gentle giant or the “Apollo of dogs.” (Apollo is the Greek god of the sun and the brightest fixture in the sky.) Despite their commanding appearance, Great Danes tend to be quite docile, sweet, and affectionate. That leads to a big question. What happens when you breed this large and noble dog with other breeds? You might be surprised. Here are 10 of the most interesting Great Dane mixes.

1. Great Dane Irish Wolfhound Mix

When you mix a Great Dane with an Irish Wolfhound, you end up with a huge and handsome, yet surprisingly affectionate and gentle dog. Sometimes referred to as a “Great Wolfhound, “ this breed is almost certain to be between 32-38 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds. He’ll need plenty of room to run around, but he’ll also be incredibly loyal.

2. Great Dane Siberian Husky Mix

While it’s hard to say exactly what you’ll end up with when you mix a Siberian husky and Great Dane, you can be sure it will be pretty large and adorable. There is a good chance he’ll have a more Husky-like appearance with a Great Dane body. His personality is almost certain to be calm, thanks to his Great Dane genes, with bursts of hyperactivity and that nightly husky howl.

3. Great Dane Labrador Mix

Referred to as a “labradane,” this unique mix is sure to be large with short, dense, and shiny fur that gives him an almost regal appearance. Well over 2 feet tall and 100 pounds, he’ll be super enthusiastic and friendly, yet relatively easy to train and definitely affectionate and devoted.

4. Great Dane Mastiff Mix

This gentle giant has been coined a “Daneiff.” Once again you get a large dog (25 inches in height and at least 110 pounds) that is almost certain to have a thick body similar to a Mastiff. He’ll likely have short, easy-to-care for fur, along with a low key, easygoing personality that makes him ideal for apartment living, despite his large stature.

5. Great Dane St. Bernard Mix

The way to describe this handsome fellow is huge, starting with his big ears and going all the way down to his gigantic paws. In fact, even the smallest Great Dane/ St. Bernard mix is likely to weight around 160 pounds and stand 2 feet tall on his four legs. Chances are good that he will have a dense, thicker coat rather than a short, smooth coat. While a Great Dane/ St. Bernard mix requires a good bit of activity, he should be easy to train, well behaved, and affectionate.

6. Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Large (of course), but surprisingly low maintenance, a Great Dane/ German Shepherd mix is one of the latest designer dog breeds, thanks to its regal, but adorable look. Though he might not weigh as much as some of the mixes above, he’ll still stand tall and attract attention everywhere he goes. He, like the others, is sure to be very protective, well behaved, and smart, though he’ll also be curious and energetic.

7. Great Dane Boxer Mix

This adorable mix of Great Dane and Boxer is often referred to as a Boxane. Another big boy, he will have a short, shiny coat that is easy to care for. Thanks to his Boxer roots, he may stay in the puppy stage a tad longer, as this breed takes almost 3 years to be considered mature. In other words, you can expect your Boxane to not only look adorable, but act adorable and lovable. He’ll likely have a great disposition, though he may tend to be a bit mischievous.

8. Great Dane Rottweiler Mix

Referred to as the “Weiler Dane,” this mix will be big, muscular, covered with a short, shiny coat, and of course, handsome. Loyal and intelligent, quite a few owners report that it is almost like the Weiler Dane can anticipate your needs. Another gentle giant who is prone to shows of affection, most like to live in the comfort of a house, as long as they get plenty of playtime outdoors.

9. Great Dane Poodle Mix

When you mix a Poodle and Great Dane, otherwise known as a Great Danoodle, it’s impossible to say for sure what you are going to get. He could be beautiful, but there’s always the chance this unique mix will have a face only an owner can love. What you can almost certainly count on is a devoted dog that is committed to loving and protecting his family.

10. Great Dane Doberman Mix

Also known as the “Doberdane,” this mix is almost sure to be rather large and muscular with short, coarse hair, large feet, and a tail that should be left undocked. He’ll be a fast learner who is loyal and playful, yet not afraid to protect his family or at the very least pretend like he will, thanks to his deep, aggressive sounding bark.

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