10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Goberian

If you’ve not yet heard of the Goberian dog breed, don’t feel bad, because there are many others who haven’t either. Goberians are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. This beautiful large canine cross-breed is becoming popular as a family pet. If you’re familiar with either contributing breed, then you know that they’re smart, easy to train and also very playful. Because this is a fairly new cross-breed, we thought it important to share the wonders of this amazing dog so more people can learn that they exist and they may be a good candidate for adoption if you’re looking to add another member to your family. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Goberian.

1. Goberian’s are multi-talented

Goberians are a very special cross-breed that get their wealth of talent and abilities from the genes they inherit from both parents. Siberian Huskies are great work dogs, particularly as sled pulling champions and long distance trekking. They’re strong and able. They also get the hunting and retrieving ability from the Golden Retriever parent. These dogs are highly capable.

2. He’s a great watch dog

Goberians are very alert dogs. They get this from both sides of their parentage, but especially from the Husky side of the family. They’re amazing at keeping an eye out for intruders or any type of danger they may sense. While they’re not yappy dogs, they will bark to let you know that someone or something that they do not trust is in the vicinity. They’re not fond of strangers until they become acquainted and familiar with them. They’re not violent, but they are vigilant.

3. You never know what the puppies will look like

There is no way to determine which genes from each parent will be the most predominant. That is why you never know what you’re going to get when you’re expecting a new litter of puppies. They may favor the Husky, or they may have an appearance that looks more like a golden retriever. This is a part of the wonder of raising this exciting dog breed. One thing is for certain though. Both dog breeds are beautiful and magnificent, so you’re going to have a good looking dog regardless of which parent he or she favors.

4. They’re easy to train

Goberians are very intelligent dogs. They come by it honestly because both Huskies and Golden Retrievers are breeds that are known for being smart. This makes them easy to train if you use the proper methods. You can train a Goberian at any age, but it’s always best to start when they are very young so they won’t become confused.

5. Toys are a requirement for Goberians

Anyone who owns a Goberian will tell you that you’re just asking for it if you don’t supply them with a few toys. Goberians, as most other dogs have an instinctual need to chew. If you don’t provide them with chew toys they will find something to satisfy the itching gums that plague them during teething periods. Even as they move past this phase, they still need toys to keep them entertained.

6. They’re affectionate

Huskies are not quite as affectionate by nature as Golden Retrievers, but they enjoy attention and love just the same. Golden Retrievers are real lovers and they thrive when they get the attention and the love that they require. Goberians are no different. They are medium-large sized dogs, but their size doesn’t mean that they don’t love a good cuddle now and them.

7. They are strong willed

Because both parents come from breeds that are strong-willed by nature, your Goberian is going to have similar personality traits. This is why it’s important to start training when they are puppies. Once they realize what the rules are, you’ll have a faithful and loyal pet for the rest of their lives.

8. They require non-violent discipline

Goberians need to have strict discipline that is firm and fair while they are learning, but they should never be yelled at or physically abused. These dogs are sensitive and intelligent and they won’t forget if you hurt them or are excessively rough. They’re smart and they will remember. It’s better that they obey out of love rather than fear.

9. Goberians are entertaining

These dogs are playful and they can be extremely entertaining. They love to play with their family and with other dogs in the household. They are usually good at playing fetch as well as catching a frisbee or even playing in the water. They are after all part retriever so water doesn’t usually bother them.

10. They become your friend for life

Goberians come from stock that tends to develop strong bonds with humans. Huskies have saved the lives of people out in the frigid tundra. Golden Retrievers are the happiest when they have the approval of their masters because they are real people pleasers. They love deeply and are extremely loyal.

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