10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Morkie

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If you are particularly fond of dogs, chances are you have heard of the Morkie at least once before. A Morkie is a crossbreed of two purebred dogs: the Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese. Both of these dogs are Toy breeds. The Morkie’s origin can be traced back to the United States, where it was bred as a loved lapdog. Although it is a very tiny crossbreed, it is adored by many as a family dog. In the past few years, crossbreed dogs have been gaining popularity, primarily because they tend to eliminate most of the undesirable traits in the parent breeds and maintain the preferred traits. This is how the Morkie came to

In case you are planning to get a Morkie puppy, a little knowledge about its most unique traits and how to take care of them may come in handy. After all, this is a new responsibility you are taking on and it’s always good to be prepared. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about the Morkie dog breed.

Character and Behavior

A Morkie is a lap dog to the core, thriving from constant attention from his owner. Nothing makes this dog happier than interacting with the master. To this end, it’s extremely important to socialize with a Morkie in the initial development stages, or else they’ll be tough to train during the later stages. Once it learns how to socialize, the Morkie can be very friendly. The dog also makes an excellent guard dog -they don’t entertain strangers and are always alert. They are only tolerant of a stranger when they notice that their master is comfortable with them. Morkies acquire their brave attitude from the Maltese.

Height, Weight and Coat

Normally, a Morkie has a very soft coat that is long and flowing. Their color may vary depending on the parents. However, most Morkies come with a white, brown, black, or shade of apricot skin. Majority of them are black and tan, but tend to become silver grayish as they grow older.

Another interesting fact about the Morkies is that they are non-shedding dogs. As result, you will never find your bed, couch or room filled with dog hair. However, since their coat is long and straight, they need to be trimmed often and brushed daily. The puppies are often reminiscent of Yorkshire dogs and their height can range from 6-9 inches. Some can grow up to 12 inches in height, but most weigh approximately 7-8 pounds.

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General health

Like with any other pet, the importance of the Morkie health cannot be overemphasized, especially considering it is a mixed breed. You have to carry out a thorough background check on the parent dogs’ health before you decide on a particular one. Some dog illness can actually pass on to the young Morkies. When it comes to grooming a Morkie, extra attention should be paid to the hair at the legs, feet and eyes to prevent tangling, matting or a buildup of dirt. What’s more, a mild medicated shampoo should be used to get rid of dog fleas, if there are any. Their teeth also have to be brushed frequently to ensure that they don’t lose them at an early age.

Morkies need to be taken for regular checkups, failure to which they may show certain signs of sicknesses, including cataracts, tracheal collapse or glaucoma, and various types of heart disease. Some of these illnesses can be acquired from the parents. This is why a proper research about a Morkie’s lineage and parentage must be conducted. Your Morkie can live a healthy life for about 16 years if it gets proper care.


The Morkie is a social dog and thrives in an environment that allows it to interact closely with the rest of the family. Families with small kids are advised against this pet since it is fragile and playing with kids can easily lead to undesirable accidents. Generally, Morkies are attention seekers and enjoy spending time with the family.

Outdoors or Indoors lovers

Morkies love both the indoors and outdoors. They do not mind running around outside or cuddling on a sofa. Although they have long hair, they are not particularly fond of cold weather. If it’s extremely cold, your Morkie will prefer to stay indoors.

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Exercise requirements

Morkies are very energetic and need to exercise frequently. But they don’t need a big playground for runs or walks. Their small size helps them get sufficient exercise just by taking casual walks around the park. Morkies are very active indoors. In case they don’t get to work out outdoors, they can get bored and destructive. They may demonstrate this by barking incessantly and destroying property.


Morkies are bright yet stubborn, but moderately easy to train. They require a patient and gentle person during the training sessions. If harsh methods are used, the Morkie will bark and shut down. This dog can be an amazing student as long as the trainer makes use of positive training techniques.

They love food

Morkies love to eat, despite being a small breed! Due to their feeding nature, you have to be very careful with the food you provide. A minor mistake could lead to an irreversible damage. Get your Morkie into a feeding schedule they can adapt to and avoid sharing your plate with them. In addition, foods such as onions or chocolate can actually be toxic to the dog.

They are sleepy

Finally a fact busy people can smile at. A little exercise can send your cute little dog straight to a long nap. However, be sure not to let your Morkie sleep for too long during the day, since that means they will equally stay awake during the night- just like babies.

They love pleasing their owner

Morkies like seeking their master’s attention and approval. They want to see you happy, as that’s the best way they can get your love and positive attention. They also love cuddling and snuggling if you let them. All in all, a Morkie is the sweetest dog you can find. As long as you love and care for them, they can make the perfect companion and pet.

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