10 Dogs Similar to the Border Collie

Border Collie

Border Collie is an amazing and highly creative dog, also known as the most intelligent dog breed. The dog breed has unlimited stamina, energy, and good working drive and has been trained and developed to herd livestock, especially sheep, over the years, due to its stare with which it controls the flock. It is a fast dog that requires a high-energy dose and can run the entire day. Border Collie is of British origin and is common in two types. One is the short-coated smooth Collie, and the other is the more well-known, long-haired rough Collie known as Lassie dog. These two Border Collie dog breeds are identical in every way except for the length of the coat. Its commonly seen color pattern is black and white; however, the Border Collie breed also appears in other colors and patterns known to occur in dogs.

Border Collie is an even-tempered, eager-to-please, and easy-to-train dog. These characteristics make it ideal for police work, bomb, and narcotics detection, and search and rescue missions. The Border Collies also make good guide dogs for the blind and family pet and get along well with other domestic pets and children, provided they are introduced properly. Here in the article, I present ten dogs similar to the Border Collie based on looks and personalities. This information will be handy when one wishes to possess a dog with an appearance or personality like Border Collie but not Border Collie itself.


10. Koolie

Koolie is one of the best Border Collie dog breeds that look alike. It is often described as a cross between a Border Collie and Rough Collie, although it is rangier in build. Koolie was not bred for looks, but the functional ability and getting multiple coat varieties are possible in this breed. Long coat Koolies are more similar to Border Collie, but their coat color may vary from red merle, solid red, black, gray, or blue. When talking about the activity and exercise requirements of Kollie, it comes on top of highly active dog breeds that favorably participate in work. They are also best suited to farmers or active people as inactive life can prove destructive, just like the Border Collie. They also enjoy human company and outdoor activities like camping, running, and hiking.

There is no substantial personality difference between Koolie and Border Collie. Both dog breeds are friendly and fun-loving home pets. Like Border Collie, the Koolie quickly gets along with other animals and is not aggressive toward children. Kollie’s grooming requirements depend on their coat length. The longer coats require more brushing than the medium or short ones.

New Zealand Heading Dog

9. New Zealand Heading Dog

New Zealand-heading dog is an alert, energetic, and very intelligent dog. It was born to be a worker and outstanding at controlling flocks of sheep. This attractive dog breed can have a black and white coat, a mix of shades, and copper coloration. This classic pattern of colors and marking takes them closer to Border Collie. The coat length is also medium, with straight hair that makes them look like Border Collie.

The temperament of New Zealand heading dogs needs to be understood before bringing them home. Unlike Border Collies, they are not naturally inclined toward kids and other pets. But just like the Border Collie, the Heading dogs circle the cattle and use a piercing gaze to intimidate the cows or sheep and prevent them from running. New Zealand heading dogs are also easy to groom, with brushing required weekly to remove loose hair.

Rough Collies

8. Rough Collies

Rough collies are one of the attention-seeking and most beautiful herding dogs. They were originally used as herding dogs in Scotland and Northern England and are similar to Border Collies in many ways. Like the Border Collie breeds, they can have two variations in their coat. First are long-haired, often called true rough collies, and short-haired, also known as smooth collies. They have the same fur color shades, including brown, black, white, or tan.

Rough collies are highly active but are super calm indoors after doing required workouts. Like the Border Collie, Rough Collies quickly became the dominant sheepherding breed in Scotland and Wales. They run as hard as possible, exercise, and do other activities to be fit and healthy. They are perfect for large homes, small homes, or apartments. Although the modern Rough Collies are not generally used for traditional herding duties, they can work as assistance dogs, aiding people with disabilities like the Border Collie.

Belgian Sheepdog

7. Belgian Sheepdog

The Belgian Sheepdog is a multi-talented dog breed. The dog breed excels not only in tracking, obedience, and herding but also in law enforcement and protection involving gas, drug, and bomb detection, just like the Border Collie. They are confident herding dogs and physically resemble Border Collie but are as highly intelligent as them. Adopting a Belgian sheepdog is not easy as it is a rare dog breed, and you might not see him running around at local dog parks. Belgian shepherds are a gust of energy and require intense exercise. They also enjoy long walks, making them good hiking companions. Mental stimulation with interactive toys, and indulgence in activities, helps not to restrict them to one place.

Energy tops the list of this breed’s traits and maybe what to consider before purchasing a dog. It is not a breed that enjoys lazing around the house, but it is a working dog and requires a job. Belgian Sheepdogs are built-in to chase after a flock of sheep all day long, just like the Border Collie. However, its long coat needs more regular grooming time than Border Collies.

Australian Shepherd

6. Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds, also known as Aussies, are originally bred to herd livestock. They remain working dogs at heart. Watching an Australian Shepherd assemble a flock of sheep just as the Border Collie does is a beautiful sight. Aussies originated in the mountains of Europe and proved close cousins of Border Collies. They have a medium rough coat, and the patterns can be black, blue merle, or red, with or without markings. Aussies are also herding dogs with an instinct to work, just like the Border Collie. They are bright, Intelligent, hardworking, versatile, and active like the favorite Border Collie. Aussies are no-nonsense dogs who thrive in a home where their brains and energy are put to good use.

These super-intelligent dogs get into trouble if left alone for a long. They will expect an active and lively lifestyle from you. Unlike Border Collie, Aussies are not aggressive but a little shy. They will shy away from strangers and prefer to stick to your side. Since they are easy to train, some training will help them adjust to domestic animals, dogs, cats, and children. Aussies are considered relatively low-maintenance pets.

English Shepherd

5. English Shepherd

English shepherds are confident with a sense of purpose. Commonly known as Shadow shepherds, they are medium-sized dogs. Calling these dogs doppelgangers of Border Collie will not be wrong. They exactly share personal traits and physical qualities with Collies. Its coat is medium and can be expected in colors like cream, black, and white, just like the Border Collie. English Shepherds are highly energetic dogs, active and intelligent. They are not the best fit for people living in apartments as small spaces because it limits their exercise needs or work. Being on the farm keeps them busy and happy as work lovers.

Like Border Collie, the English Shepherd is also a great family dog but must be trained for good manners. Typically, they are bred to watch out for herds, and they always have the gene of being alert. English Shepherds require the same grooming needs as Border Collie. Another similarity with the Border Collie is that the English Shepherd’s keen herding ability, stamina, perseverance, and agility, position itself as an excellent herding dog.

Welsh Sheepdog

4. Welsh Sheepdog

Welsh Sheepdog, also known as Welsh collie, is closely related to Border Collie and is one of the best dogs for people in an apartment. Their coats can be short or fairly long as this dog is mainly bred for its working abilities, not for its appearance. Most Welsh sheepdogs are usually black and white, red and white, or tricolor. They can also have merle markings on their coat.

Like the Border Collie, this herding dog is hardworking and is capable of taking the initiative and making decisions during herding, as well as accepting direction from its master. Suppose one is considering a Welsh Sheepdog as a pet. In that case, they are aware that they need an active family as it can become bored, need stimulation, and are hard to manage in small living spaces such as an apartment, especially if they are left alone.

Welsh sheepdogs are ideal guard dogs with a strong gaze like Border Collie to protect herds. The point is they can independently work without being under strict human directions. As far as their family behavior is concerned, Welsh sheepdogs are good with children and pets, but they may try to herd them. However, for them to prove committed, loyal and protective, careful attention and proper training help them adjust to the home.

Australian Cattle Dog

3. Australian Cattle Dog

Like the Border Collie, Australian cattle dogs are extremely intelligent, active, sturdy, and excellent herding dogs. Their colors could be the same, ranging from red, blue, or gray with patterns, but their looks are definitely different. Conversely, this dog breed shares many other traits with Border Collie, such as intelligence, activity, and playfulness. Australian cattle are active and prefer exploring things. It is good at managing herds or roaming in the backyard. It eagerly waits for its owners to play games, run or jump. An Australian cattle dog is an affectionate, loyal pup. However, they take time to be cordial with strangers.

The Australian cattle dog is an obedient dog with no aggressive attitude and is a final option because of its friendliness. This dog does get along equally well with children and other domestic pets but may take time to come along with strangers. Similarly, grooming and caring for Australian cattle dogs is not a big deal. Their short coat makes It a less maintenance dog breed.

Scotch Collie

2. Scotch Collie

Scotch collie and Border Collie originated from the United Kingdom. Also goes as Farm collie; they are bred for their working ability and have a history of herding and guarding farm animals. Both their coats are attractive, with the outer coat being straight and harsh to the touch, while the undercoat is furry and soft. Scotch collie’s coat may be longer than Border Collie’s, but their color range resembles and may include blue merle with white or tan markings, sable, and black.

Scotch collie is easy to train and hardworking, just like Border Collie. Though the Collie thrives well on the farm, they are excellent family pets. They get along with other home pets, children, and other dogs. It is a breed with a high exercise demand. Taking on a Scotch Collie is not advisable unless you have an active lifestyle and plenty of space for him to roam. Games and activities keep Scotch Collie fresh and energetic. They can, therefore, happily accompany you on cycles and long hikes. Scotch collies possess natural hunting instincts, and their ability to hunt and kill vermin makes them a perfect choice for any farmyard. They are also affectionate like Border Collie and are super friendly. They make all efforts to please their owners by sharing their joy with them to prove themselves a remarkable family dogs. If one feels sad, a Scotch collie will be there to make you feel good.

Shetland Sheepdog

1. Shetland Sheepdog

They are also referred to as Sheltie and are known for their gentle and sweet personality. They are a smaller version of Border Collie as both share many qualities and differ in size. Sheltie is half the size of a Border Collie and is a perfect choice for pet parents. Like the Border Collie, Shelties have furry and long coats and come in different colors like black, gray, fawn, and blue.

Sheltie Sheepdog loves to work hard and is part of the herding group to do daily chores. They busy themselves with exercises to stay energetic. They are also sweet-tempered, attentive, playful, and affectionate dogs. These are not aggressive; families with kids can own these dogs without worrying about scars and bites. These traits make them a perfect addition to the family, just like the Border Collie. One of their unique traits is that they are even good with other animals, such as cats and dogs, without your supervision. They are easy to train, just like the Border Collie, and can take your little time for grooming sessions.


Even though all dogs captured in the above narration are intelligent, active, and brilliant dogs like the Border Collie, not one dog will ever be exactly like another, even if they are the same breed. The type of adult dog they become depends on their raising, socialization, and training. Their loyalty and devotion to owners make them the most liked breed, and people find their treasured traits in other dog breeds.

Many dog breeds have similar traits to the Border Collie, including all the above cited; however, they all bear a unique trait owing to their orientation. While most dogs might not give the same impression of Border Collie, they still carry out their duties with devotion and loyalty. It is therefore advised that if one cannot have a Border Collie for whatever reason, the dog breeds mentioned above can also be the best companion.

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