The 100 Most Popular German Shepherd Names

German Shepherd

If you’re ready to bring your German Shepherd home, chances are you’re struggling with the perfect name. According to Spruce Pets, the breed is one of the smartest and one of the most beautiful. So, it’s understandable picking out the perfect name is tough. These are the 100 most popular German Shepherd names.

1. Major

The most famous German Shepherd with this name belongs to Joe Biden. So, if you choose to name your puppy this, you’re sure always to feel like you have a special dog who’s ready to stand by your side.

2. Wolfgang

Traditionally, bred as working dogs, you can’t go wrong with this name. After all, gang is German for path or travel, which suits an animal whose always on the go.

3. Jack

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Jack of All Trades.” Naming your dog Jack is an excellent idea because they will be many different things in your family throughout their life, including a friend and protector.

4. Rhine

This is a river that runs through Germany. Additionally, it’s a stately name for a beautiful animal. You’re sure to love training your dog if you choose this name.

5. Jutta

Female German Shepherds need strong names, too, and this one certainly fits the bill. It is in keeping with the heritage of the breed, and it’s German for Judith.

6. Mimi

You may think this is something you call your grandmother. However, it’s derived from French and German and means “faithful guardian.” What a great name. After all, your dog will be right by your side for its life and protect you.

7. Galileo

Undoubtedly, you think about the famous mathematician and philosopher when you hear this name. Shepherds are naturally curious and intelligent, so they’ll live up to this moniker.

8. Shep

This name is short, sweet, and right to the point. Perhaps you favor a character with a literal meaning, and this breed was once known for herding sheep and other livestock.

9. Della

One of the best qualities about any dog, especially a German Shepherd, is protecting its people. This will be a solid choice if you have a female Shepherd since it’s Irish for “protector.”

10. Ace

Perhaps you want your German Shepherd to feel like a star. This name is taken from one of a famous pooch who starred in movies from 1938 to 1946.

11. Dolly

If you’ve taken the time and noticed your pup likes fun and games, choose this name which literally means “to play.” She’ll be in good company. After all, Jennifer Aniston has a shepherd with the same name.

12. Keller

The name means little champion. If you have a girl puppy, you could also try Helen evoking the spirit of the late Helen Keller.

13. Trixie

If your dog has a beautiful disposition and likes to show off, look no further than this name.

14. Gunther

The name means warrior. It’s also a nod to Rachel’s admirer in Friends.

15. Schatzie

Even though they won’t stay small for long, it’s ok to use this name that means “liitle sweetheart” forever.

16. Jagger

If you’re a Rolling Stones fan or want to name your dog after a famous musician, you can select this name.

17. Annika

Even though German Shepherds start off a little klutzy, with enormous paws and a small body, this name meaning graceful, will be something they will grow into.

18. Andromeda

Remember the classic Disney movie The Parent Trap? If you loved the Haley Mills flick, you could always name your pup after the first character to tell the twins apart.

19. Heidi

There is a grace and presence about the breed, and this name embodies those characteristics.

20. Zelda

The literal translation is “battle maid.” However, fans of the Nintendo game will also embrace this choice.

21. Waldo

Where’s the dog? If you grew up in the 80s, you’d understand the reference. Not an 80s baby. It’s a great German Shepherd name because it means warrior.

22. Winola

It’s a little unique, but the thought is there. The name means charming friend.

23. Romey

This name could work for a boy or girl. It means obstinate and rebellious.

24. Donner

Although you may shy away from this name because of the famous pioneers, it means thunder. Undoubtedly, this is also what you’ll hear as your pup runs down the stairs.

25. Charlie B. Barkin

A little long but cute. 80s kids will love this. After all, most of us watched All Dogs Go To Heaven at least several times.

26. Felix

Feel lucky you found your forever friend? Why not give them this name to show your appreciation.

27. Hamlin

Rescue puppies are always grateful to find their humans. This name means one who loves his home.

28. Frederick

Perhaps you’ll shorten the name for easy training. Even if you don’t, it’s an excellent shepherd name meaning peaceful warrior.

29. Singrid

Through your dog’s life, they will reach milestones that will make your heart melt. How about a name that means beautiful victory?

30. Vera

When we have a pet, they put their faith and trust in us, the meaning of this name.

31. Raina

Fans of the tv show Nashville will remember this character. Both she and your dog will have an apropos name meaning mighty army.

32. Buddy

German Shepherds are service dogs. Even though this might typically seem like a male name, it was a female dog named Buddy who was the first seeing eye dog trained by Morris Frank, who founded The Seeing Eye guide dog school.

33. Matilda

Fans of Roald Dahl will adore this name, meaning mighty in battle.

34. Zenzi

You’re going to give your German Shepherd everything they need to lead a healthy, happy life. Why not start them with a great name that means to thrive.

35. Olinda

German Shepherds, as much as not more, are protectors, the meaning of this name.

36. Hulda

Your first thought is probably this name sounds like “hold a,” which you want to do with your puppy all the time. But why not? And this name means sweet and lovable, which is the reason you can’t get enough.

37. Tilly

Don’t let the sweet sound of this name fool you. It means “battle maiden.”

38. Sascha

Great name for your little girl; it means defender of humankind.

39. Winifred

Call her Winnie for short. Either way, it means peaceful friend.

40. Damian

Horror lovers may find this name a superb choice. It’s unlikely your dog will be possessed but quite possibly will become a warrior.

41. Bullet

When you get a puppy, chances are they will be faster than a speeding bullet. So, choosing this name will suit them. It’s also the German Shepherd from The Roy Rogers Show, which aired from 1951 to 1957.

42. Lotti

This classic Victorian name means little woman. It rolls off the tongue more than one of the characters from the Louisa May Alcott classic.

43. Leona

German Shepherds are brave and majestic. So, even though they aren’t lions, you may want to consider this noble name.

44. Rocky

This name will make you think of all sorts of things, including the classic Tim Curry movie. Much like other shortened names, it will help you make training simpler.

45. Marieke

The name sounds cute, but your pup may live it to its meaning, obstinate and rebellious.

46. Duke

Who doesn’t know at least one classic John Wayne line even if they haven’t seen a movie?

47. Loki

Marvel made this name memorable. Let’s hope your puppy isn’t quite as mischievous.

48. Lola

Unless you don’t like getting Barry Manilow stuck in your head, this will be a solid choice for your dog.

49. Diesel

German Shepherds are built like tanks, so why not try a powerhouse name sure to instill confidence.

50. Delgado

Even though the star of the 2008 film Beverly Hills Chihuahua wasn’t a Shepard, this character also played a fun role.

51. Hazel

Perhaps you can’t get enough of those big brown eyes. Name your dog this, and you’ll be able to celebrate them each time you call their name.

52. Abby

Beatles fans rejoice. Part of the iconic album is also an excellent name for your German Shepherd.

53. Bruno

Even if you choose this name, don’t expect your dog to start doing the “Uptown Funk.”

54. Marley

Either way, Bob Marley or the dog from the Owen Wilson Jennifer Aniston movie, they’ll be in good company.

55. Lady

Even though this is a shepherd and not an upper-class spaniel, there’s no denying that your dog has a style all its own.

56. Toby

There are many Toby’s, including the famous country star, so why not name your dog after a fun group of celebrities.

57. Layla

What is it about naming dogs after songs and singers? Perhaps it’s the overwhelming emotion you feel with both. Try this name to pay homage to the Eric Clapton song.

58. Chief

This name evokes thoughts of your dog being your best friend.

59. Millie

One of the most famous dogs with this name lived in the White House during the George H. Bush administration.

60. Tucker

It may be too literal, but you’ll probably feel this way if you bring home a puppy. After all, the early days are going to be challenging.

61. Dixie

Your dog will have your heart immediately.

62. Eliot Shag

Perhaps you’re a pet owner who finds it cute to have a first and middle name, hoping a dog will know when it’s in deep trouble. If so, why not choose one from the Jim Henson show Dog City on TV.

63. Finn

Huckleberry or the intern from Bones, either way, this is a fun name for your dog.

64. Boss

It’s a great name for fans of Bruce Springsteen or those who know that their dog will be in charge.

65. Zeus

It’s an all-around great name and one that draws from ancient mythology.

66. Marvel

Comic book geeks, this one is for you. Why not? Your dog is a superhero with four paws.

67. Winston

It’s a dignified name and great if you love history. Although, don’t expect quite the level of wit.

68. Bilbo

If you love J.R.R. Tolkein, choosing this name will prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime; owning a German Shepherd.

69. Cassanova

Like its famous namesake, your new four-legged is sure to steal your heart.

70. Rin Tin Tin

This shepherd was another famous film star in a series of movies of the same name. It’s also a classic because these movies were released in the 20s and 30s.

71. Oakley

This name will work for a boy or a girl. However, the most famous Oakley I know is a cowgirl.

72. Biggie Smalls

This one may seem a little strange, but why not let your dog stand out from the crowd with a name that pays tribute to one of the greatest rappers.

73. Axel

Don’t expect guitar solos, just a dog with a mighty name who will help hold your world together when you feel blue.

74. Xena

Do you consider your dog to be a warrior princess? If so, choose this name.

75. Cash

Your dog may not be the man in black, but they certainly have a beautiful coat, primarily this color.

76. Samantha

Even though many famous German Shepherds are male, she was a character in the book I am Legend, later made into a movie.

77. August

No doubt your dog has a special place in your heart. So, choosing a name that places them on a pedestal would be a good choice.

78. Berta

German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent breeds, so why not help her live up to her name.

79. Bruno

This is a cute name for your puppy that is the German word for brown.

80. Katrin

Meaning great beauty, it’s an obvious choice for a gorgeous breed.

81. Trakr

During the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a rescue dog with the same name pulled out the last survivor from the collapsed towers.

82. Kaja

Many people get dogs as emotional support, so this name, meaning alive, will give you two a stronger bond.

83. Jake

Know the country song “Feed Jake?” If not, listen to it, and there is a good chance you’ll choose this name.

84. Max

This is a classic dog name that works well for any breed. However, with a shepherd, it will add a bit of quirkiness.

85. Bingo

If you don’t fear earworms, you could choose this name. However, you indeed run the risk of a song getting stuck in your head.

86. Chips

Perhaps you like the snack food and think it’s a cute name. It’s also a dog who served along with his human comrades in World War II.

87. Cosmo

Dogs have been called angels without wings; honor that with this celestial name.

88. Cleo

It’s unlikely your shepherd will predict the future, but your world will be much brighter with them in it.

89. Hamlet

If you choose this name, you might consider shaking it up and teaching your dog commands in Old English.

90. Puck

This is a loveable name that rolls off the tongue.

91. Horand von Grafrath

Some people like much longer names for their dogs which can be shortened. If so, why not give your pet the name of the first German Shepard born in 1895.

92. Ringo

This is another Beatles-inspired name. People who loved his style and place in rock and roll history will enjoy this name.

93. Rascal

Your dog isn’t always going to be an angel, so perhaps face it and give them this cute name.

94. Sirius

If you name this dog, you’re probably a Harry Potter fan and not someone who enjoys the streaming service.

95. Calamity

A little chaos is to be expected when you bring home a new pet. Perhaps when things get tough, remember the famous cowgirl.

96. Allegro

It’s a musical term and also a solid choice for either a boy or a girl.

97. Einstein

You’re going to marvel at all the new things your dog learns, so why not celebrate their intelligence.

98. Hershey

Puppy kisses are the best, so naming after the famous candy will tell the world how sweet they are.

99. Tango

Many times in life, it takes two, celebrate your new partnership with your German Shepherd with this name.

100. Sandy

The musical Grease was one of the best movies of all time. If you have fond memories of it, this name will make you smile each time you call your dog.

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