Why Rescue Dogs Need Forever Homes

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Looking for a four-legged family member is a decision requiring a lot of thought. Although you may know what type of dog you want to get, a much better option is to get one from a shelter. According to Dog Co-Pilot, almost three million dogs get euthanized each year. Choosing to adopt one from a shelter means you are part of the solution to decrease these numbers. Moreover, if you purchase a dog from a pet store, you’re likely getting one from a puppy mill, a factory for producing dogs in extremely inhumane conditions. When you give a puppy at a shelter a forever home, you are leaving room in the shelter for the next one, because sadly, the numbers are not decreasing for animal surrenders. Many people let go of their pets because of their breeds.

Least adoptable

According to I Heart Dogs, there are a handful of breeds most likely to be in a shelter. As you might expect, the large majority are American Pit Bull Terriers. Over time, these dogs have gotten a bad reputation because of careless and cruel owners that teach them to fight. They were known as “the baby’s nanny” at the turn of the last century because of their loyalty and watchful eye. Surprisingly, another breed that’s tied with Pitbulls is Labrador Retrievers. Estimates are that 18000 dogs are in shelters. One of the reasons Labrador Retrievers end up in shelters is because of their popularity as pets. Puppy mills take advantage of this and overbreed them. Additionally, they sell them to irresponsible pet owners. Border Collies also tend to be left at shelters. After all, bred as hunting dogs, and without something to do, they become incorrigible. Many owners don’t know what to do with them and choose not to invest the energy to raise one.

Aside from big dogs, many smaller dogs also wind up in shelters because of similar issues. Shih tzus is one of the most popular impulse dog purchases. So invariably, many owners regret their decision and surrender them to shelters. The Jack Russell Terrier is another breed you are likely to find in a cave. Although they are sweethearts, they can often live up to the nickname “Jack Russell Terrorists” since they may become territorial and not get along with some pets or people. However, the right owners will always be able to love them through their attitude. Chihuahuas are another breed that gets dumped often. Since they are so small and, many compact people neglect training them, and once they grow up, they become outrageous and far too quirky for many owners. Again, it’s not their fault; they just need a little reeling in to help them along. Even though leaving pets in shelters has created an overflux of animals needing new homes, social media is helping them. Some ads are brutally honest, like Prancer the Chihuahua, who was described as a channel for a “possessd Victorian child,’ now living comfortably in New England. Additionally, other dogs spend an extremely long time in shelters before finding the right fit.

Felix’s story

Sadly, Felix is a little shy with humans, possibly because his previous owners abused him. Despite his hesitance, he is very warm and affectionate. He likes to cuddle and play well with other dogs, even if they are much more significant. One of his favorite hobbies is curling up on people’s laps. If he sounds like your forever puppy, you can reach out to Popopitbulls.

Ready and waiting

Unlike many dogs adopted after a year or two at the longest, Sunny has spent most of her life at the Paw Patrol Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, six years. Sunny doesn’t like being cooped up and usually has a depressed look, which keeps people from wanting to adopt her. Her story at the shelter started six years ago when she was pregnant and roaming the streets of Redland. All nine of her puppies were adopted. Even though she’s playful and never stops smiling, somehow, she has been overlooked for many years. Paw Patrol has her and many other deserving dogs available for adoption.

If you want to find a new four-legged family member, Adopt A Pet is a great place to start. Here you will find links to shelters across the country and the ability to choose your breed. A word of caution, protection may not know the breed of the dog you selected since many come off the streets without paperwork. So, be prepared for a few surprises and maybe a little extra TLC, and just keep a few things in mind when you meet your new dog or puppy. Undoubtedly they will be excited to see you and jump and bark a lot, but that doesn’t mean they are hyperactive but excited to see someone who may rescue them. Additionally, if they seem shy, it isn’t a clear indication of abuse; it may be that they’ve seen many people and don’t want to have their hearts broken again. Another thing future pet owners may consider is adopting a pair of pups. After all, many come into the shelter bonded with a sibling or parent who’s been their only constant. Many dogs in shelters are falsely labeled Pitbull, which steers many people away because of their stigma. However, it’s just as likely the shelter has mislabeled them, and they could just as easily be a mix of several different breeds, none of which are Pitbull.

Final Words

Karen Davison once said, “saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” Dogs like Felix and Sunny are not the only ones in shelters. Over six million dogs across the country spend each day wishing they were on the couch with their humans. Each one is deserving of a home. Even though you may want a specific breed and think that’s the only one who’ll work for you, chances are a dog is waiting for you that will steal your heart.

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