A Complete Price Guide for the Presa Canario

Presa Canario

The Presa Canario is a Spanish dog breed. It is named thus because it came into existence in the Canary Islands, which were where the Spanish created the skills and systems that they would eventually use to carve out an empire in the Americas. Unsurprisingly, the Presa Canario has numerous ancestors that were introduced over time. Thanks to that, it became a very versatile dog breed that saw use in a wide range of contexts by a wide range of people. For example, these animals have seen extensive use as guard dogs for their human masters. Similarly, these animals have seen extensive use as herding dogs for both cattle and sheep. On top of these roles, the Presa Canario is known to have been used for dog fighting as well, though that has become less and less important ever since dog fighting was banned in its homeland almost a century ago. Nowadays, the Presa Canario remains a very formidable animal. Simply put, these are huge animals that average 110 to 145 pounds for males and 90 to 120 pounds for females, which makes sense considering the nature of the duties that were entrusted to them. Furthermore, while the Presa Canario is supposed to be smart but obedient, it can be a stubborn creature that happens to have strong territorial instincts. Something that can be particularly problematic for people who just don’t have the expertise and experience needed to handle these dogs. Still, the Presa Canario is very impressive, meaning that people might be interested in getting one of these dogs for their very own.

What Can You Expect to Pay for a Presa Canario?

Purebred puppies are always expensive. Even so, some dog breeds tend to be more expensive than others, which is based on a whole bunch of factors. Unfortunately, if people want to get a Presa Canario, they should know that these dogs tend to be on the more expensive end of things. One claim says that the normal range of prices starts at $1,500 and continues until $2,500. However, it should be pointed out that there are other claims that say that interested individuals can expect to pay even higher prices than those. Never mind the sales price for puppies that either have champion parents or are prestigious for some other reason. If people are less than enthused by such prices, they might want to look into the less expensive options that are available to them. Please note that every single one of these options comes with both upsides and downsides. As such, while their price might be very attractive, their price may or may not be enough to make up for everything else. Something that interested individuals should keep in mind when looking through them.

For starters, there is the option of either adopting or rescuing a Presa Canario. These should be the best of these less expensive options. Unsurprisingly, their low price is one of the best things about them. People can expect to pay a price. However, chances are good that it will be in either the low hundreds or the mid hundreds at most, which is quite a discount when compared with the normal range of prices that was mentioned earlier. Better still, when they pay fees to animal shelters and animal rescues, chances are good that those fees will reflect the level of healthcare as well as other necessities that have been provided to the animal. As for the issues, well, there can be a number of them when it comes to either adopting or rescuing a Presa Canario. To name an example, the animals that are available to interested individuals might have issues with them. Those issues shouldn’t be too bad. Furthermore, those issues should be revealed to interested individuals ahead of time, meaning that they won’t be caught by surprise at a very inopportune time. Still, the Presa Canario is already a challenging dog to handle, which can be problematic when these issues can make it that much more so. As for their availability, that is something of a wash. On the one hand, the Presa Canario isn’t the most common dog breed that can be found out there. Thanks to that, interested individuals can’t count on one of these dogs being available when they go looking through the animal shelters and animal rescues. On the other hand, the Presa Canario is difficult enough to handle that a lot of these dogs get sent to animal shelters and animal rescues when their dog owners get overwhelmed by one thing or another. If interested individuals are struggling to find a Presa Canario in their local area, they might want to check out resources that are specifically meant to connect interested individuals with such dogs that are in need of a new home.

Moving on, there is the alternative option of buying a Presa Canario from a dog breeder who is selling these puppies at a suspiciously low price. Generally speaking, businesses set prices that cover the cost of sales and then some. After all, they exist for the purpose of making money, meaning that they won’t last very long if they are taking a loss on every single one of their sales. A dog breeder is like other businesses in that they can reduce their costs by making their operations more efficient. For example, they might be able to get a better price for some of their supplies by going to a better supplier. Similarly, they might be able to reduce their own wastage. However, a dog breeder is also like other businesses in that there comes a point when cutting costs has a direct effect on the quality of their products for the worse. There is a reason why factory farms squeeze their animals into spaces that are so small that they cause health issues, which are compensated for through the mass use of antibiotics. In most cases, it isn’t pure sadism. Instead, it is the cold pursuit of efficiency. The more dubious dog breeders out there aren’t producing puppies for the same ends as factory farms. Unfortunately, their practices can look rather similar in some respects, which is how they are able to sell at such suspiciously low prices. People who want to buy a puppy should always get a good look at exactly how their puppy of choice comes to be. This isn’t some kind of ethical issue. Instead, this is pure pragmatism because how their puppy of choice came to be can have a huge effect on what they can expect from their dog in the future. The Presa Canario is a formidable animal, meaning that interested individuals don’t want one with serious behavioral issues because of the bad conditions under which it came into existence. For that matter, serious health issues are no better because treatment can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Finally, there is the option of hoping for a giveaway. Sometimes, people wind up with unexpected puppies on their hands. As a result, it isn’t too uncommon to see them effectively giving away the puppies for either no or next-to-no cost. Unsurprisingly, people who aren’t too enthused about paying a huge sum of money for a Presa Canario can find this to be quite appealing. However, there are a couple of things that they should keep in mind. One, there is no guarantee that they will be able to come upon such a giveaway when they go looking. Two, these puppies have a somewhat higher chance of either health issues, behavioral issues, or both when compared with buying puppies from reputable dog breeders. This isn’t because the people offering these puppies are bad. Instead, this is because said individuals presumably didn’t have much control over how those puppies came into existence, meaning that the process was much more random than a dog breeder’s deliberate decision meant to produce the best puppies possible. For that matter, if they are effectively giving away the puppies, chances are good that their resources are being stretched. As such, chances are good that the puppies aren’t getting a lot of training and healthcare in the meantime.

What Factors Can Influence the Price of a Presa Canario?

As always, there are numerous factors that can determine the price of a dog. The Presa Canario is no exception to this rule, which is why interested individuals might find it useful to look into these factors to see if there is anything that they can use to get a better price on a dog that is acceptable for their personal preferences.

For starters, the low availability of the Presa Canario is presumably one of the major reasons why these dogs are so expensive. When there are a lot of dog breeders producing a lot of puppies, interested individuals can choose between them. Meanwhile, when the opposite case is true, interested individuals have limited choices, meaning that they are much likelier to be forced to pay higher prices for what they want. It might be possible for people to seek out a better price by looking into dog breeders who are situated further away from them. Unfortunately, that comes with a couple of major issues. First, shipping costs can be expensive in their own right, so much so that they might be capable of erasing whatever benefits interested individuals can get. Second, looking into dog breeders who are situated further away will be more difficult, meaning that there is a higher chance that people’s expectations won’t match up with the reality of things. Moving on, age always has a big effect on a dog’s price. Essentially, most people want puppies. As a result, as dogs get older and older, their sale price gets lower and lower. Due to this, if people don’t particularly care about getting a puppy, they might want to look into getting a somewhat older dog for a somewhat better price. Similarly, if people don’t particularly care about having their Presa Canario being officially recognized as such, they might want to look into dogs that are in an excellent condition but aren’t necessarily in 100 percent compliance with the standards for the dog breed. For example, the American Kennel Club recognizes dogs that have brindle, fawn, and sandy coats. However, their masks must be black while not spreading above eye level while their white marks are only acceptable on certain parts of their body and should be as minimial as possible. Unsurprisingly, these are dogs who don’t quite meet such standards, meaning that interested individuals might be able to get one at a lower price. Be warned that even though some coat colors aren’t recognized, they might actually increase the dog’s value because of their rarity.

What Other Costs of Dog Ownership Do You Need to Keep in Mind?

There is going to be a start-up cost for a Presa Canario, which can go from about $350 to $870. This should cover everything from the initial batch of dog food to toys, accessories, and other items that a dog will need on a regular basis. After that, the costs should flatten out somewhat. Food and other regular costs will remain a thing, but chances are good that they won’t break $200 to $300 on a monthly basis. On top of this, the healthcare costs in the first year can be considerable. Just something like vaccinations can cost $50 to $100. Never mind the medication, the check-up fees, and the necessary procedures, which can add up to the high hundreds of dollars or more with ease. Unfortunately, healthcare costs will remain high in subsequent years because preventative healthcare will be very important. Hundreds of dollars aren’t unusual, which isn’t mentioning the $300 to $600 for pet insurance on an annual basis. That can seem like a lot. However, that is still less than paying out of pocket for medical treatment if the dog actually gets some kind of serious medical problem.

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