Questions to Ask Before Getting an English Springer Spaniel


Are you a dog owner? If you are, what did you consider before you bought or adopted a dog? Did you consider anything beforehand or did you just get a dog and then bring it home? If so, what has come to your attention since doing so? For example, did it take you long to realize that dogs are a bit more work than you might have previously imagined? Did you get a breed that works well with your family? Did you end up finding a new home for your dog because things did not work out? Getting a new dog is a difficult decision, but many families are unaware just how difficult this decision really is. For example, some families have no idea just how much of a decision it is to have a dog. Some people just assume that because a dog, such as an English springer spaniel, is pretty that it will make a great pet. It’s cute, so why not bring it home and enjoy it, right? Wrong; all dog breeds are different. They all have different requirements and different needs. They all have so much going on and so much to consider in their own lives that they are not necessarily going to be the kind of dog that you fits in well with your family. There are many questions and considerations you have to make before you bring home a dog, especially an English Springer Spaniel, and we have a few of those considerations for you right now.

Does Your Family Want a Dog?

I don’t care if you want a poodle, a Saint Bernard or an English springer spaniel; if your entire family is not on board with a dog, it doesn’t matter what breed you find most amazing. Your entire family needs to agree that a dog is the right choice for your household. Dogs are not a joke. They are not an animal you can bring home and let fend for itself. It’s an animal that needs attention, time outdoors, love and affection. This is a commitment. These dogs live a decade or more, and you have to have that kind of compassion and commitment to make to the breed so that you both live good lives.

Do You have the Space?

The English springer spaniel is a dog that is okay living in small spaces, but it’s not an ideal situation for the dog. It is, more accurately, the kind of dog that does well with plenty of space in which it can run and exercise. It’s a dog with a number of exercise needs, and it needs you to understand that it needs to be active. You should make sure you have a nice, big yard with a fence before you commit to a dog like this. This is not to say it is impossible to have this breed at home in a smaller house with no yard, but it’s going to require a great deal of work on your part.

Do You Have the Means?

The means to care for a dog means several things (no pun intended). There are financial considerations, time considerations and so much more. Dogs are not just animals that you have to feed and water and play with from time to time. They are very expensive animals, even if you think that you just have to buy a bag of food every week or so to keep the dog happy.

Have You Considered the Real Cost?

The real cost of owning an English springer spaniel might be more than you realize. While this particular breed is quite healthy without any breed-specific health problems to consider, it’s also a breed that could – like any dog in the world – end up sick or injured and in need of medical care. Do you have the means to care for a dog that gets hurt or sick? The real cost is quite expensive, too, if you consider food, toys, vet appointments and everything in between. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is the kind of dog you can own and sometimes care for and sometimes ignore. It’s not.

Do You Have Time for a Dog?

Time is the most important thing you can give to any dog, especially this breed. It needs a lot of time and attention, and it needs a lot of exercise. This is a very active breed, which means that it needs you to ensure that it’s being cared for. Your dog needs you to focus and spend time trying to make it happy. It needs you to spend time playing with it and taking it outside. The English springer spaniel, particularly, is a dog that really does require a great deal of time and attention, and it is one that needs a lot of physical activity.

Can You Care for Grooming Needs?

If you’re looking into a dog with a short coat and relatively few grooming needs, chances are good that you won’t have much to consider. However, if you are working with a dog that has ample grooming needs, such as the English springer spaniel, you’re going to want to get busy ensuring that your dog is cared for. This is not a dog that can be ignored for long. You need to brush this dog daily, providing it with the kind of love, care and attention that a dog like this requires. With a long coat, it needs to be brushed often and it needs to see the groomer every few weeks.

Do You have Kids?

Here is a question people forget to consider. Do you have kids? If so, you have to be very careful about a dog. You cannot leave your dog and your kids unattended no matter how small or little or sweet they are. Kids could accidently hurt dogs that might turn around and retaliate before they have time to think, and the entire situation could become quite dangerous. You have to think before you make a decision such as this.

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  1. I “inherited” an English Springer spaniel about 35 yrs. ago. He had the sweetest temperament of any dog I’d ever had. I cut the hair on his ears frequently with a trim tool. “Chester” did come home with burrs and all sorts of things in his coat, as we lived where he could roam freely–which is what I’d recommend for someone wanting this breed. I read where Springers would “rather be loved than eat” –and that was true of Chester.

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