10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Red Tiger Bulldog

Dog lovers who are fans of bulldog breeds may want to check out the Red Tiger Bulldog. This is a pooch that you might not have heard of yet. If not, don’t feel bad because the breed hasn’t been around for that long. To help you become more familiar with this smart and amazing breed, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Red Tiger Bulldog.

1. The Red Tiger Bulldog originates in America

According to Everybody Wiki, the Red Tiger Bulldog was first developed in America in 1991. This breed is the result of breeding red-nosed American Bulldogs to develop specific colors, with other instincts including coursing ability and protective tendencies. The result is the uniquely colored Red Tiger Bulldog variant.

2. The Red Tiger Bulldog is an officially recognized breed

The Red Tiger Bulldog is a breed that although fairly new, has been recognized by several notable registry associations for canines. Although not an AKC recognized breed yet, it is acknowledged by the American Acanideological Kennel Club the Canine Bodybuilding Association, and the Red Tige Bulldog Registry and Archive.

3. Red Tiger Bulldogs are naturally protective

This dog breed has a natural tendency to look out for its family members. his includes everyone that lives in the home with them both human and animal. They are wary of strangers and stand guard over their homes and loved ones with vigilance. This is one of the characteristics that makes them so highly desired as family pets.

4. The Red Tiger Bulldog has a notable place in history

Although still a new breed by most standards, the Red Tiger has carved a niche for itself in the annals of history. When Reverend Scott L. Amos Sr. and his son Scott Amos II bred the dogs, they obtained registration in the state of Indiana. This is a breed that received a registry with a government principal registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office at the beginning of 2011. It was proclaimed to be the first Red-Nosed Bulldog breed in the world’s history.

5. Breeding of this dog is specific for color reproduction

There are specific breeding requirements for the Red Tiger Bulldog. To maintain the physical and temperamental characteristics, these dogs are bred to reproduce the exclusive pheomelanin/amelanotic coat and skin colors with red or reddish-brown brindles. This is a hard and fast rule without exception.

6. The Breeding of Red Tiger Bulldogs improved their health

While some of the more recent hybrids or crossbreeds/designer dogs have emerged with unintended health problems, genetically inspired, this is not the case for the Red Tiger Bulldog. The breeders developed a strain using DNA from Mallorquin Bulldogs, Old Southern White Bulldogs, and Banter Bulldogs with a de Bou genetics to produce a strain of dog with improved health functioning, fewer respiratory issues, enhanced endurance, and a refined body structure. This is a valuable dog that has been carefully bred to achieve specific standards of excellence in appearance, temperament, and overall physical health and stamina. This was a case of responsible breeding that yielded a healthier strain of bulldogs.

6. Red Tiger Bulldogs are valuable show dogs

According to Dog Breed Info, the Red Tiger Bulldog is a valuable breed that is harshly judged when attempting entry into a dog show. For example, the shoulder of a show-quality Red Tiger must be imposing and massive. This dog was not bred for the elegance of a thin neck and shoulder. It’s required that the dog be built like an NFL running back with full pads. Ripped and defined shoulders with sculpted and powerful musculature is a hallmark of a show-quality Red Tiger. Even the tricep muscles are measures. The shoulders are required to appear conditioned as well as massive, displaying the three parts of the triceps muscle when the dog moves.

7. Eyes are a determinant of value

Red Tiger Bulldogs are scrutinized for every small detail of their physical appearance and build. Of particular importance is the eyes. The eyes must be medium shaped and they must be either round or almond-shaped. Offset eyes are automatic disqualifies. Those with grayish-green hazel or golden eyes are acceptable, but those with blue eyes are the most highly prized. Both eyes must be the same color and be symmetrical. If you have a blue-eyed Red Tiger Bulldog it is referred to as candy-eyed and this dog is among the most valuable within the breed. This is a rare occurrence but it does happen.

8. Red Tiger Bulldogs are loyal family pets

According to Small Dogs 2, the Red Tiger Bulldog is a loyal companion. This is a characteristic of the breed. They will die protecting their loved ones if necessary. You won’t find a more loyal family pet.

9. Red Tiger Bulldogs are smart

This is an intelligent breed. This makes him easy to train if you use the right methods that involve no use of force or cruelty. He will not respond well to physical or verbal abuse. It’s important not to break his spirit, to allow his natural personality to develop unrestricted by emotional damage.

10. You need to exercise them and give them toys

Red Tiger Bulldogs are also active dogs. They require regular exercise to maintain their massive muscles. They like to go for daily walks and spend time with their human family members. They also love to play, so it’s important to make sure that your Red Tiger Bulldog has his toys. If you neglect to give your Red Tiger toys when he is a puppy, he’s likely to adopt some of your items for chew toys including slippers, socks, and other items. From the time they’re puppies until they slow down because of old age Red Tiger Bulldogs are energetic, smart, and they require plenty of exercises and intellectual stimulation.

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