10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Redtick Coonhound

For people that love to hunt, it’s often helpful to have a dog that’s capable of making a particular hunt go a little bit easier. Obviously, it all starts with finding the right breed but it ends with developing a bond with an individual dog and then training that dog do what you need it to do. When it comes to hunting, one of the most effective dogs in existence is the redtick coonhound. If you really want to know more about this breed, you can find out 10 more things about it listed below.

1. Redtick Coonhound is not the proper name for this breed

Although this is how they’re commonly referred to, the proper name for the breed is actually the English Coonhound. As you’ll discover later on during this list, the name Redtick Coonhound is more accurately used to describe the color and pattern on the dogs’ coat as opposed to referring to the exact breed, as the Redtick Coonhound is not really a breed unto itself. Instead, it’s an example that is typical of the English Coonhound.

2. They’re descendants of various hounds brought to the United States in the 1600s

Back when the very first settlers were coming to the United States, they came with all types of hounds so they could find food. These dogs are direct descendants of the hounds that accompanied the first settlers into this country. In fact, their lineage can almost always be traced to animals that roamed the United States during the 1600s and 1700s.

3. They’re very popular in the southern part of the United States

This particular type of dog can be found almost anywhere in many of the southern states, yet it is practically unheard of in other areas of the U.S. Much of it has to do with the fact that hunting animals that are commonly treed is more popular in the southern part of the country than it is anywhere else, thereby necessitating the need for a dog like this that specializes in that type of activity.

4. They typically have three color combinations

As previously mentioned, the proper name for this dog is the English Coonhound. Redtick describes one of the three color combinations that can typically be found on an English Coonhound. This means that the dog is typically white with splotches of red fur that can range from relatively large to about the size of the head of a pin, thereby making it famous for its name Redtick. The other two color combinations are Bluetick and Tricolor.

5. They live for the hunt

These dogs absolutely love to hunt. As a result, it’s important to allow them to go on regular hunts with you so they can stay fit and dissipate energy. Typically, they won’t stop until the hunt is over, as the idea of simply giving up just isn’t in there realm of existence. Once they find something and trap it in a tree, you can hear them from a long distance away as they cut loose with their trademark bark and howl combination.

6. They can be used to hunt virtually anything

Their name can sometimes be misleading. If you think the only thing they’re ever used for is to hunt raccoons, think again. They can be used hunt just about anything that a person might care to go after, especially if it’s something they can trap up in a tree.

7. They’re actually related to the English Foxhound

While it’s true that they’re direct descendants of the hounds that accompanied the first settlers to the United States, they also have the English Foxhound to thank for their existence. That’s because the same hounds that came to the U.S. during the 1600s and 1700s were descendants of the English Foxhound.

8. They have a calm demeanor when they’re not hunting

Despite the fact that these dogs turn into a bundle of energy on four legs when they’re hunting, they’re the polar opposite when they’re not on the hunt. You can actually keep the dogs in the house without any problems whatsoever. They love to find a comfortable place to rest and relax and they don’t have a tendency to bark at much of anything unless they’re actually working.

9. They’re friendly

While some dogs can vary a great deal when it comes to their level of socialization, these dogs are almost always friendly to familiar people and strangers alike. In fact, they don’t really have a tendency to pursue much of anything except whatever it is they’ve been trained to hunt.

10. They require regular conditioning

This is not a breed of dog that you can keep inside the house 10 months out of the year and then turn loose to hunt the remaining two months. In fact, they actually have a tendency to get too hot when they’re outside hunting for long periods, especially when they get over-excited or when the temperature approaches triple digits. They require regular conditioning in order to prevent this possibility, meaning that you have to take them for long, brisk walks and short hunts on a regular basis.

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