10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Bluetick Coonhound

The Bluetick Coonhound is a breed of Coonhound that originally comes from the United States. Although it is predominantly used for raccoon hunting, this breed is also kept by a pet as they have many attributes that make them ideal companions. As this is one of the lesser known breeds of dog, there are probably many things that you do not know about this breed. Here are 10 interesting facts you didn’t know about Bluetick Coonhounds.

1. They Originate from Louisiana

The Bluetick Coonhound is originally from Louisiana in the United States. The breed was developed from the Bleu de Gascogne, the English Foxhound, the Cur Dog, the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound, and the American Foxhound.

2. They Were Recognized as a Separate Breed in 1946

At first, the Bluetick Coonhound was registered as either a Coonhound or an English Foxhound by the United Kennel Club. They were then recognized as a separate breed from 1946 onwards. They are also recognized as a breed by the New Zealand Kennel Club and the Australian National Kennel Council.

3. They Are Not Actually Blue

The name ‘Bluetick’ comes from this breed’s coloring and markings. It has a tick pattern and their fur has a blue appearance. However, they are not actually blue at all. They are, in fact, predominantly black and white. The black marking against the background of white simply gives the impression that there is navy blue in their fur. The breed standards state that the ears of this breed are black. and that black should also dominate their heads. They have tan dots above their eyes and tan markings at the sides of their muzzle.

4. Females Are Smaller Than Males

Female Bluetick Coonhounds are significantly smaller than males of this breed. A healthy adult male measures between 21 and 27 inches at its shoulder and weighs between 55 and 80 pounds. A healthy adult female weighs between 45 and 65 pounds.

5. They Are a Very Vocal Breed of Dog

Bluetick Coonhounds are a naturally vocal breed. If they are used for hunting, they are trained to bay. This breed will typically greet strangers with the same baying noise they make while out hunting and this howling is sometimes mistaken for aggression. The noise bothers some owners who are keeping this breed as a pet rather than for hunting purposes. If you do not want them to bay so much, you should start vocal training while they are still a puppy and successful training requires dedication and patience.

6. Bluetick Coonhounds Are Important to Southern Culture

In the United States, Bluetick Coonhounds are considered an important part of southern culture. It is from this area of the United States that the breed originates, and it has played a significant role in the area’s history. There is even a Bluetick Coonhound mascot for the University of Tennessee called Smokey.

7. There is a Subgroup Called the American Blue Gascon Hound

The American Blue Gascon Hound is a subgroup of the Bluetick Coonhound breed. They are slightly larger and heavier than the standard Bluetick Coonhound. They also have a more typical hound appearance. These are sometimes called old-fashioned Blueticks.

8. They Compete in Coonhound Events

This breed is agile and intelligent. These are two attributes that make them ideal for competing in competitive events. Since December 2009, this breed has been eligible to compete in coonhound events run by the American Kennel Club.

9. There Are Many Famous Bluetick Coonhounds

Many Bluetick Coonhounds have appeared in television and film. One of the most famous is the cartoon character Huckleberry Hound. A dog called Old Blue appears in the 1960 film ‘Wild River’ and another dog called Tet is in the 1980s television series ‘Airwolf’. This breed also appears in literature, including ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ by Wilson Rawls and ‘Savage Sam’ by Fred Gipson.

10. Their Nose is a Distinctive Feature of This Breed

Bluetick Coonhounds have a large black nose that is distinctive. However, the appearance of its nose is not the only notable point about this body part. The Bluetick Coonhound is famous for having a very cold nose, which is unusual as most dogs have a warm nose. Another distinctive feature of a Bluetick Coonhound is its paws, which are significantly larger than most other breeds.

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