Seven Questions You Should Ask a Cane Corso Breeder

The Cane Corso dog is an ancient, regal dog. It is really a breed that derived from two types of Italian Mastiff breeds, the Canis Pugnaces of Rome. This is a breed that exhibits very versatile traits, including athleticism, loyalty and a royal air about them. They are a very sensitive dog, yet they are also very protective in nature. Their serious appearance gives them an air of aggressiveness, however, with their own family, they are very gentle natured. To look at the size of this breed, you wouldn’t know it, but these dogs are actually extremely fast and very agile when in motion. They are also people-pleasers. They want to please their owners and you should expect that his breed loves to be with their family; and always ready to accept, as well as give love and affection. If you are considering purchasing a Cane Corso dog, there are some things you will want to know. First, find a reputable Cane Corso breeder and then ask them these 7 questions to make sure you are getting the perfect dog for you and your family.

How long have you been working with this breed?

It is important that the breeder you choose to purchase a Cane Corso dog from is very familiar with the breed. Each and every breed of dog is different and knowing everything about the breed is critical to selling puppies to new owners. Every breed has their own types of personality traits, behavior patterns, even medical histories. You want to know that this is a breed that fits your lifestyle and budget as far as lifetime care. If your breeder has been dealing with this breed for long enough, they should have developed a reputation in this breeder market. Research the breeder to see what type of name they have developed for themselves; reputable or not recommendable. You want a breeder with experience this particular breed; not just breeding dogs in general.

What is the history on the breed?

Your breeder should be able to tell you all about the breed of the Cane Corso. They have a very interesting history that will give you insight to their characteristics and why they have the behavior patterns they have. The more insight and details your breeder can tell you about the history of the Cane Corso means that they are experts on the breed, and they will be able to give you enough information for you to make the best decision on whether or not this breed is the best breed for you.

What is daily life with a Cane Corso like?

Ask the breeder to tell you what you can expect on a daily basis with your Cane Corso. Knowing what type of routine a Cane Corso puppy will expect from you as its owner gives you an idea of what it will be like to care for one. Do they like to take a long walk first thing in the morning, do they get fed multiple times a day or just once? Will they be ok at home alone while you go to work all day, or do they prefer not to be alone? You’ll want to know if they get into mischief when left alone, or are a more docile pet who is content having alone time? Do you need to get playtime in every day, maybe at the doggy park? Knowing how your day will go, living with your Cane Corso will give you an idea of how you can plan to make sure all his needs are met, all day long.

Have the breeder give you some descriptions of the breed

Your breeder should be able to come up with several words that best describe this breed. Words like, loyal, funny, protective, intelligent, obedient, or whatever the breeder feels like best describes the type of breed that can benefit your decision to purchase this breed. If you have small children in the home, of course, the last thing you will want to hear is that the breed is aggressive. Of course, this is not the case with the Cane Corso, but be sure to hear this from the breeder.

What type of health conditions are common with this breed?

Every breed of dog has certain medical issues that are more common for that particular breed. You will want to know what the medical history is on the parents of the puppy you are interested in, as well as the medical conditions that are common to see in the breed, from a young puppy into adulthood. Many older dogs will eventually begin to exhibit medical issues common for the breed and it’s good to be aware ahead of time so that there are no surprises.

Are there any misconceptions about this breed?

It’s common to hear things about a breed of dog that are simply not true. This can be because a few people had a bad experience with a certain breed and suddenly the entire breed is being lumped together as having the same issues or problems. Your breeder should be able to tell you the common misconceptions that are known about the breed. Here are a few common misconceptions regarding Cane Corsos:

  1. Aggressive – It’s a misconception that this breed is aggressive. To look at a Cane Corso’s face, it has a serious air about it, but in reality, the Cane Corso is one of the most gentle and has one of the sweetest dispositions of a larger breed dog. This is not to say that they are not protective of their owner/family. They can be aloof of strangers, but so long as you do not “run-up” on the dog and give him a chance to decide whether you are safe or not, he will be your friend.
  2. Mis-identification of the breed – This dog has a look that can pass for a few different breeds. One is a Pit Bull and the other is a cross of a Shar Pei. The Cane Corso has neither of these types of breed in his blood so know that the Cane Corso is his own, individual breed.
  3. Can never be a Cop K-9 dog – On the contrary, these are excellent dogs for working with the cop K-9 unit, though many people think they are too big and bulky to be useful on the force. The truth is, is this breed is extremely Intelligent, agile and fast. There are Cane Corsos being trained for police forces already, but breeders are hoping that more will be utilized for this line of work.

The best way to get to know the Cane Corso is through your breeder. Research the breed online before you go to visit the breeder so that if you have anymore questions, you are prepared. If your breeder cannot answer all your questions, you may want to look into other breeders who are highly experienced in the breed so you are a well-informed Cane Corso owner.


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