The Most Adorable Cane Corso Videos We’ve Ever Seen

Cane Corso Dogs

They’re big, they’re gorgeous and they are just everything adorable. Cane Corsos look like the type of dog that will rip off your face in a matter of two seconds for simply looking at them the wrong way, but they’re actually some of the most loving and affectionate dogs. Sure, they are big; really, really big. Sure, they are intimidating when you don’t know them. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not the most gentle giants. Cane Corso puppies start off just as small and adorable as other breed’s puppies, and the only difference is that they grow into large, in charge and unafraid dogs.

They’re gentle nature makes them wonderful pets. Their patience makes them wonderful leaders. Their love for their family and friends makes them wonderful to have around for the next decade or so. The Cane Corso gets a reputation from those who don’t know it, but that reputation is not accurate. Kind and gentle, sweet and good-natured, this is the dog that will make sure nothing harms your kids, your family is always safe and there is always a kiss, a hug and a lot of love and affection to be had. He might occasionally forget he’s a bit too big to sit in your lap when he’s in the mood for some love, but that’s half the charm of this big breed.

If you’re still not convinced that the Cane Corso is a sweet and loving dog, check out some of the mot adorable Cane Corso videos around. They show off just what darling dogs these really are, and it’s hard to ignore that kind of deal.

Cane Corso Pups Playing 

Big, dangerous and just so mean, right? That’s clearly what these pups display in this video. Watching it, the world can see why so many people are terrified of this breed. I can see the puppies just looking for a human to eat and maul as they run through this yard having the time of their lives. I mean, honestly.

All joking aside, aren’t these pups about as cute as they come? They’re still so small in comparison to what they will become as they get a little bit older, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are clearly about as darling as they come. You cannot help but love this breed when you watch these puppies having this much fun in the yard.

A Month in the Life 

When you have puppies, you want to document their every waking moment. It’s like having a baby. You want to record it’s first steps, it’s first words and everything in between; and if you think that babies grow up fast, you clearly haven’t raised a Cane Corso. These pups grow up so fast, and it’s almost as if you blink and it’s over. For that reason, this family made the decision to record the lives of their puppies as they grew up and prepared to leave the nest. This video shows them from one month to two, all darling, cute and just as sweet as can be. We are a little bit in love.

Cane Corso Puppies Learning to Eat 

Learning to do something new is pretty exciting in almost every instance, and that does not mean anything less for these adorable Cane Corso pups. They have to learn eventually to stop eating from mom and eat on their own. After all, no one wants a mama’s puppy forever, right? These little pups are learning to do just that, eat on their own and take care of themselves. Since these are one day going to grow up and become the type of dog that you want to keep your safe at home and love your family unconditionally, they need to learn to do for themselves. One step is learning to eat.

While it cannot be an easy job to teach dogs to grow up and learn on their own, we cannot deny that it’s anything less than completely adorable. I mean, just watch them. They’re insanely cute in every way.


Big Dogs and Pups

Oh, hey there, friend. I see that you are a large Cane Corso and I am a very small French Bulldog. You don’t scare me. I can see it in your face that you are clearly the friendly sort, so let me just come on in for a closer look to see if we can be friends. I think we can. You’re very cute. I hope that my incessant yipping and nipping and jumping at your face isn’t that obnoxious. I mean, it might be, but you’ll get used to it right?

This sweet pup clearly has no idea that he is about snack size in comparison to this Cane Corso, but he doesn’t care regardless. What we love about this video is that this large dog is not even remotely bothered by this small puppy. He knows that he will calm down eventually, and that’s what makes this funnier than it probably is. We have no doubt these two will grow up to become the best of friends.


A Cane Corso and A Ferret

There is something about a ferret that does not seem all that adorable. It’s like a rat but a squirrel at the same time, and it’s honestly kind of creepy. What is hilarious about this video, however, is that this ferret is clearly not at all afraid of this Cane Corso, even though it’s apparent the dog is just a puppy. They seem to get alone just fine, though the ferret seems more curious about the dog than vice versa. We wonder how long it will take this dog to tire of this creepy animal. We’re already over the ferret all up in the dog’s rug, moving around and making a mess of everything. The dog shows a great deal of patience, though, and that’s impressive. We don’t even have that much patience for this little rodent. Oh well, it’s not our dog and not our rodent.

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