The 20 Cutest Corgi Videos of 2017

Corgis are making their bid to take over the world. The adorable canines have a way of wiggling into the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. The Queen of England is a fan that surrounds herself with her own private stock. The two varieties are Pembroke and Welsh, originating in Wales and Cardigans who traveled across the sea with the Vikings. They’re known for high intelligence, but this isn’t what sells people on the breed. They come in a variety of colors, their hair is low maintenance and although they’re a lot smaller, they have a common ancestry with huskies. Still, there is a more compelling reason for corgi owners to choose this breed. The following 20 videos will show you what makes a corgi so special. We can tell you it’s because they are cute and adorable but you need to see for yourself.

“Cutest Corgi Compilation 2017” (Athletes)

Did you know that corgis are agile? This adorable compilation starts with an athletic pup running atop a retaining wall with skill and expertise. He has the looks of a small, stubby legged fox. When he’s finished with his outdoor workout, he heads indoors and continues his calisthenics. He’s proof that corgis can jump. Next, a younger pup tries to figure out how to get a chameleon racing across an HD screen. He doesn’t quite understand that this is just an image. If you think this is cute, we’re not done yet. Mama and baby are caught taking a nap, then junior attempts to deprive his owner of her bedroom slipper. The compilation wouldn’t be complete without two young pups playing a game of tug-o-war with a winter glove. When the Winter Olympics challenge has ended, it’s off to the stairs for more healthy exercise. These athletic pups are not only adorable, they’re also in really good shape.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017”

Corgis have a great sense of humor and they’re willing to share it with the world. This comedic compilation will make you laugh. The opening scene features the howler that is prepping the audience for what’s to come. You must speak dog to catch what he’s saying, but we’ve determined that he’s letting everyone know that they’re in for a howling good time. The lineup of actors is grand. The corgis appearing in this video perform amazing feats of acrobatics, dining on Asian fare without the chopsticks and wading through ear deep snowdrifts. One silly pup gets a little too carried away and moons the audience. We even see their rendition of “Jurassic World.” This compilation is for corgi lovers who could use a few good laughs.

“Casual Corgis | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017”

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a corgi tried to play with a chicken? If you want to know, you’ll have to watch this funny video to find out. The pup is just trying to make a new friend and have some harmless fun, but the chicken doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. When it’s had enough, the big red bird takes a few serious runs at the pup, but our star corgi is not discouraged. We’re not trying to give you any spoilers here, but it does get more interesting when the duck decides to throw in on behalf of the chicken. Perhaps this playful pooch has finally met his match. The characters in this video are natural performers who can make everyday events something hilariously funny to watch. Of course, you’ll find the tail chasing act, along with a corgi trying to eat a strawberry. There’s a lot to see in this film short, and it’s all good.

“Cutest Corgi Puppies Compilation Ever Cute Puppy 2017”

Fidget spinners aren’t just popular with people, they’re also entertaining for corgis. The pup in this video performs an amazing feat of patience and skill as he balances the spinning toy on the top of his nose. This is just the opening clip. Next, we’re invited to a formal event. Two corgis are tying the knot and they’re dressed for the occasion. We see the preacher seated under the wedding arch, preparing to perform the ceremony. The bride and groom are seated in the appropriate places, but it seems that the groom grew tired of waiting and left his bride at the altar. This may be a little too heartbreaking so the compilation switches to a young pup who has just discovered a new friend in the bedroom. He’s trying to figure out why the pooch in the mirror is aping his every move. We know he’s thinking “this guy is making fun of me.” The corgis in the second part of this hilarious compilation are even funnier. One is pictured on vacation with Minnie Mouse, wearing his cool guy shades and another is having a great time playing patty cakes with his owner. You won’t want to miss this adorable and funny video that is a must see for all corgi lovers.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 # 3”

The baby corgi playing patty cakes with his owner is really cute and adorable, but it doesn’t come close to preparing us for what comes next. The second corgi has clamped his teeth firmly on the dust mop and is enjoying the ride as he’s pulled across the floor. He looks a lot like a beaver swimming in a pond, but , he’s just helping to dust the floor…with his entire body. This takes humor over the top, but there’s more. An inquisitive, and perhaps love- struck raccoon attempts to climb on the back of one of our stars, but he’s not having it. This is a scene that reminds us a lot of “Peppy Le Pew.” The next segment shows us how well corgis participate in teamwork. When one long stick is too much for a single dog to carry, his pal shows up to share the burden. There’s even more, but to find out, you’ll need to watch this hilarious video for yourself.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 # 4”

We’re warning you to prepare before you open this video. You’re going to see a flying object come sailing at you from across the room. It may look like a sugar glider, but it’s just a very acrobatic corgi. This may be the most hilarious opening we’ve seen yet. The playful pup makes close to a dozen runs in his colorful introduction to this corgi comedy event. Next, we get a full moon view of a nub wagging corgi from the rear angle. After a brief interlude of play at the beach, it’s time for the barber’s chair. The well- mannered corgi drapes himself across a comfortable pillow and waits patiently for the groomer to finish his weekly trim. There is more fun at the beach, some difficulty on a snowy day, but the dancing dog near the end of the video steals the show. Never have we seen such an amazing performance. This guy really knows how to move those stubby legs. This has got to be the equivalent of a human doing a tap dancing performance. This video is a must see because the star pups are not only funny, some of them are talented entertainers.

“900 Corgis on A Beach – Full Day @ Corgi Con II Life After College: Ep. 551

Most people have heard of Comic Con, but did you know that there’s a Corgi Con as well? We’re not kidding and this video gives you the details of the event that took place in San Francisco. Nine hundred corgis gathered with their owners to celebrate. There was good music, meeting new friends and some corgis arrived showing off the latest fashions in dog apparel. The full day event was a lot of fun for both dogs and their owners. Fun activities included running on the beach, chasing balls and catching frisbees in midair. You’ll enjoy watching live footage of this rare evet that features corgi’s as the guests of honor. Nine hundred is a big number. The pups were most likely worn out when they returned to their homes. If you’re a corgi owner in the San Francisco area, perhaps you’d like to give it a try next year?

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 # 15”

The theme of this video should be playful pups. It’s a great collection of corgi puppies having all manner of fun. We start out with a mama trying to enjoy chewing on a stick. Her mischievous puppy can’t stand to see her having fun and jumps at her to get her full attention. The next pup grabs the back of a baby’s diaper as the child tries to crawl away. The infant is no match for the corgi who insists that he stays put. One of the most adorable and heart melting scenes in this compilation is when an owner lies on the floor and fakes being hurt. His faithful little corgi tries to give him comfort. This was a rotten trick, but at least he found out how much his dog loves him.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 # 9”

Some people insist on teaching their corgi’s good manners. This cute pooch is learning how to use the proper eating utensils. It’s hilarious to watch the pup eat his special treat from a teaspoon. He opens the compilation with this humorous clip. Watch the expression that he makes as his eyes get big in disbelief of his good fortune. This is just the kickoff scene. The next pair of aquatic pups allow us in to watch them practicing their water aerobics in the family swimming pool. The next clip features a dancing corgi who has some of the best moves that we’ve seen yet. His command of the art of tap is truly amazing and entertaining. Is there a “Dancing with the Stars” for corgi’s? If so, he should be a contestant because we think he has a good chance of winning the competition.

“Funniest Corgi Videos 2”

Sometimes all you need is a cardboard box and a few buddies to have a great time. These corgi pups poke their noses through a hole in a box to the delight of their owner. The trio take turns entering the spotlight with their zany antics. It looks like something you would see on “America’s Got Talent.” We’re not sure if the pups are funnier or if the laughter of their owners is more entertaining. This is a great opener and next, we’re taken to the dock for a little summer fun in the sun. The family is going for a swim and this athletic corgi doesn’t want to be left out. He’s just showing off with his diving prowess and great swimming ability, but he’s having a great time. After we’ve had our fun, it’s on to a more serious scene. We’re shown the remains of a photograph with the tell-tale teeth marks in the remaining portion. It’s hilarious to see how this pair of corgis react when they’re asked if they were the culprits behind the misdeed.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 # 13”

This compilation kicks off with a corgi who is fascinated with a fly that is crawling on the carpet in front of him. While there are several funny clips in this compilation, the best one is how a corgi reacts when the water hose is turned on. This little guy acts vicious and goes into attack mode. It’s as though he is tackling a giant sea serpent and he really means business. It takes him a while to figure out that you can’t bite water. This is followed by a hilarious clip of a corgi embroiled in a tense wrestling match with an overstuffed toy. This is followed by a corgi puppy who has learned how to make his new toy squeak on demand. This video is filled with the fun and crazy things that corgi’s love to do and it is a must see for all dog lovers.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 “

Corgi’s are easily entertained and they are happy with the small things in life. A walk in the snow, making a snow angel, chasing a piece of thread, and simple things like this are what they like to do. They are also highly competitive and are amazing swimmers. This video combines the humorous moments along with some of the more impressive feats that these small, short legged dogs are capable of. Here, we find everything from a pup enjoying a laser light show to another who insists that his owner take him for a ride on the family Swiffer. He doesn’t mind latching on with his teeth for a quick spin around the house. This is a must- see video if you love laughter and corgi’s.

“Funniest Welsh Corgi Compilations 2017”

This video opens with a pup that knows how to shake his booty. Corgi’s are known for their big butts and they love to shake it. Next, we see a corgi getting his exercise on a trampoline. She shows us that dogs enjoy playing on them as much as humans do. Corgi’s love to play in the snow. Although their short legs make it easy to get lost in a drift, their double fur coats keep them warm and toasty. We see corgis at their best, playing and hamming it up in this video, but by far, the best clip is the corgi that is catching a ride in his owner’s back pack. This pooch looks comfortable as he dangles from what looks like a backpack that was designed to hold a child.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 # 14”

Here is another humorous corgi video. It opens with the star of the show introducing the skits. The dog is howling in response to a series of emergency vehicle sirens heard in the background. This compilation features corgi’s doing cute and adorable things. It features the classic big butt clips, begging for belly rubs, barking, rolling around and corgi’s climbing stairs. The everyday activities that don’t sound particularly amusing are hilarious when a corgi is doing them. Catch these stubby legged cuties at their finest and be prepared to laugh.

“Funny Corgi Video 2017 # 6”

The corgi in the first clip is having fun with a sliding glass door. He seems to be enjoying putting his nose on the divider and if he could see what we do, the dog would no doubt be laughing along with us. This is the introduction that we’re given to one of the funniest corgi videos of 2017. Watch a corgi fight a water hose, and another running in circles with a shoe that he’s stolen. Moving forward, a corgi howls out the window of the car that he’s riding in and it sounds like he’s singing. The most memorable clip in this compilation is a corgi that is holding down the feet of his owner who is doing sit ups. How could a dog possibly be a better buddy? This is a must see for corgi lovers because it contains so many cute clips.

“The Top Ultimate Cutest Corgis Compilation 2017”

We’re certain that the creators of this video were out to capture the most adorable corgi moments in the world. There is just something about a napping corgi puppy that will steal your heart. They are so cute that it gives viewers a warm and fuzzy feeling. The opening clip shows a tiny little fuzzball carrying off a treasure that he has found, and he’s followed by the sleeping baby pup. As if this isn’t cute enough, the next clip features a whole litter of corgi puppies who are preparing for Christmas. In the next clips, we see a ton of playing and tail wagging by these precious little dears. One of the funniest clips features a corgi in the bathtub. We can tell by the look on his face that he’d rather be anywhere else. This collection of corgi clips is truly a must see for all dog lovers, whether you own a corgi or not.

“Best Babies Laughing at Corgi Dogs Video Compilation 2017”

We had to include a video about corgi’s interacting with babies. They’re all so cute that they make the perfect combination for an adorable corgi compilation. It’s difficult to tell whether the kids or the dogs are the most entertained. In most of the clips, all it takes is a yip or a woof to start rounds of laughter from the babies.

“Funny and Cute Corgi Compilation!”

This is another humorous compilation that begins with a corgi having fun with a water hose. There are plenty of wiggly butt clips, along with corgi’s doing some of the cutest things on earth. Perhaps the funniest clip in this compilation is the one that shows the corgi sitting in a child’s swing that is suspended from a tree. This is hilarious to us, but the dog seems to be enjoying the ride.

“Life with My Corgi”

Nugget is the star of the show. his owner serves as the narrator for the video. She goes through all of the particulars about what it is like to live with a corgi. She describes what her life with him is like. The video of Nugget is very adorable, but there is much more to the video than mere entertainment. We’re taken by the narrator, on a tour of a day in Nugget’s life and she has plenty of good information to share with us.

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