Seven Things you Didn’t Know about the Siberian Samoyed

Siberian Samoyeds are beautiful dogs with almost pure white fur. They are striking with their lush white coats, and they are one of the oldest breeds of dogs. These dogs are dated back to over 5,000 years ago and are most like wolfs, genetically speaking, and have remained that way through the years due to there being very little inner-breeding to change it. These dogs are some of the most loving and loyal dogs to their families. They do get along with just about anyone, including other pets, if introduced properly, but as far as a good family dog goes, the Siberian Samoyed is one of the best breeds for many reasons. If you are interested in this breed, keep reading to learn seven things you didn’t know about the Siberian Samoyed.

1. How to pronounce the name

Many people read this breed of dog’s name and think it is pronounced Sa-MOY-ed, when in fact, the really pronunciation is, SAMmy-ed. Those who aren’t very familiar with the breed are typically the ones to mispronounce the name but once you say it a few times, it rolls off the tongue easily.

2. They were used as warmers

Owners who used these dogs to herd and worked out in the cold, often used their dogs, not only for the daily tasks of herding, tracking and other outdoor activities, but at night, when set up around camp and the temperatures were frigid, owners would use their Samoyed to lay on top of them to keep them warm. They were feet and body warmers, and I bet even owners today, know that little secret and use their Samoyed for a little extra warmth in the winter.

3. They smile

This breed of dog is a happy dog and you can tell by the way it’s always smiling. This is one of the only breeds that looks continually happy and it does by the slightly upward curving lips that give the impression that it is always happy in life. Although they really are happy-go-lucky dogs. They just seem to show it. The Samoyed is sometimes called “Smiley” because of this, and it’s very fitting.

4. They have Teflon fur

This breed has a couple coats of fur, the top and bottom and they will shed the undercoat at some point during the year. Owners of this breed have found that they have a very unique ability to clean up easy, even when very muddy. If a Samoyed gets really muddy, and if his stand-off coats are good, it is said that their fur is like Teflon – dirt doesn’t stick. You can use a forced air driver to blow dirt and dust off without always having to bathe your dog.

5. Love to be given tasks

This is an active breed of dog and gets bored easily. They come from a lineage off working as herders and having other jobs, so as house pets, it’s easy for them to get bored and unhappy. Keep a Samoyed busy with activities to keep his mind alert and physically having something to do. Because they love to work, they do very well in agility competitions and other obedience training. They are one breed that is known to get many awards in these types of competitions.

6. Extremely gentle dogs

If you think they are loving and gentle all because they smile, you’d be right. This is a very loving and gentle breed who is excellent with elderly people an d children. They can be a bit stubborn at times, but with proper training and socialization, you will have a well behaved, loyal family dog.

7. Need human contact

This is a breed that was used t o working closely with its owner and they love to be with people. Some breeds are fine left on their own, whether out in the yard or in the house, however, this is not one of those breeds. Samoyeds crave to be around people, especially their owner, so if you plan to be gone for long hours working and your dog would be left alone too long, this may not be the breed for you.



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