Should You Let Your Dog Get Major Oral Surgery?

Dog Mouth Open

It is normal to be stressed when your animal must undergo a surgery. Your fear can be amplified considerably when the dog is elderly as they are in a weakened state. Humans have a strong bond with their companions as they have shared numerous life experiences. In this article, we are going to share our professional experience to help you through the unpleasant feelings by providing you with our knowledge as it pertains to major surgeries in your dog.

Am I making the right decision with a major surgery?

This depends on a variety of factors, but in most cases, surgeries are life-saving. For example, oral tumors are extremely dangerous, and they must be removed immediately. Ensure that your pet is carefully examined by an experienced doctor before making any decisions.

Will my companion suffer?

There are many modern painkillers and surely a proper one will be chosen to ensure that the animal doesn’t feel anything from the operation. Of course, it might be in pain for several days until it recovers. Moreover, we can never tell how much a pet suffer as they hide pain as a protective instinct from others. The amount of pain it will experience depends heavily on the health issue it has. Doctors are obliged to minimize the amount of pain experienced by them.

How frequently should I feed my pet and with what?

Make sure that you take good care of the companion after the surgery. Most pets can eat 6-12 hours after the operation. Most doctors recommend to feed them with small portions on a regular basis. In the first 14 days, it is advised to feed the pet with canned food or moistened kibble. You can encourage it to eat from your hand as they feel more secure.

How will my pet look?

In certain cases, the tongue might hang out, and the flow of saliva can be increased significantly after a major operation. After mandibulectomy procedures, you might hear clicking sounds because the upper and lower teeth make contact. After a few months, it can disappear or occur less frequently Animals with a maxillectomy condition might have slightly narrowed noises.

The time required for the animal to experience any effects depends on the procedure performed and its condition. However, most animals recover within 48 hours. Some dog oral surgery might require additional recovery time.

Is nursing care needed?

Pets rarely require a special nursing supervision, and they don’t want anything nothing more than love and attention. If the animal needs any special cares, the doctors will provide you with detailed instructions.

What are the expected costs?

The price is highly dependent on the time materials required, the time consumed, technical help hired and monitoring throughout the day. However, each and every doctor have their own prices, which means that you must consult with them first.

Ensure that you save enough funds in need of emergency surgeries as some of them can cost highly. Of course, this depends on various factors such as your location. In the United States, veterinary fees are quite higher than some European countries. In certain cases, it might be better to travel if the problem doesn’t require attention urgently

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