Special Tips for Taking Care of Your English Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel, one of the most popular Spaniel breeds, this dog was bred for hunting and trained to spring into action to flush game out into the open for their owner to shoot. They are compact, mid-sized dogs that are sturdy and very loyal companions. The Springer Spaniel is active, due to its history of loving to hunt and be out-of-doors, and they want to be where you are. The Springer Spaniel is very agile and athletic and they’re often seen in agility contests, athletic and obedience competitions. They also make great pets, which they are often seen in family homes these days, however, they are a breed that needs proper training and time spent with them when young, in order to get a well-behaved adult dog. These intelligent, beautiful dogs have special tips for caring for them, so if you are interested in adding a Springer Spaniel to your family, read on to learn what some of these special tips for caring for your Springer Spaniel are.

1. Early training is important

If you want a well-behaved Spring Spaniel adult dog, start training immediately with your puppy. If well-trained, your Springer Spaniel will be a joy to own, however, an untrained Springer Spaniel will be trouble and can be hard to deal with. Your dog should know simple obedience commands: Sit, Stay, Come, Off, Down, Heel and more. Positive training methods work best with this breed. Use bits of treats and food as an incentive to get your Springer Spaniel interested in listening and following your commands while training.

2. Feeding time

Feeding your Springer Spaniel top quality food is the heart of keeping him healthy and healthy. What is recommended for feeding your Springer Spaniel, is real food. When breeders use the term, “real food,” they are talking about real meats like we eat; chicken, turkey, beef, venison, bison, lamb, fish, even fruits and vegetables. Yes, these are foods humans eat, but they are also foods dogs can eat, and should. They can even have eggs or yogurt on occasion. These foods are good for your dog, and if you cannot cook or afford this type of food for your dog, the highest quality dry dog food is better than chain brands from dog food corporations, which is recommended to be avoided. A well-rounded diet of protein and vitamins and minerals is important for healthy growth and adulthood.

3. Socialize

It is always important to socialize any dog, and the Springer Spaniel is no different. Taking your dog around other people and to environments you want him to get accustomed to and accepting of, is important starting at a young age. They are adaptable dogs that do love to be around people and animals, if they have been brought up this way, otherwise they can be aloof and may tend to be a bit aggressive or agitated in situations they aren’t used to. Socializing is the key to a well-rounded, accepting Springer Spaniel and the practice of socializing should be kept up with on a regular basis, not just in puppyhood.

4. Create a comfortable rest place

Your Springer Spaniel will want to relax throughout the day and he should have a comfortable place or bed that is all his own. The best bed will be out of the way of breezes and off the ground and floor. A dog bed can be made from a wooden box with a pillow placed inside, or you can buy a thick enough dog bed that he will not be laying close to the cold floor. Because Springer Spaniels love and should be outdoors frequently, make sure he has a cool, dry place to rest and get out of the heat in the summer and will shelter him from the cold, in winter. Always be sure he has plenty of fresh, clean water outside, as well.

5. Schedule regular vet checks

Getting your Springer Spaniel checked by his veterinarian on regularly scheduled visits is important in order to maintain his health. Springer Spaniels can develop health issues, like any breed, and regular check-ups will help catch things early and get started on treatment as soon as possible. Keeping him caught up on all of his vaccinations will help ensure he won’t get the typical diseases or health problems dogs can acquire if not vaccinated.

6. Tick, flea and heartworm protection

It’s important to keep your Springer Spaniel free of these infestations and there are multiple types of protection for dogs today. Talk to your vet to see if he recommends a particular tick, flea and heartworm protection for your dog. Ticks can cause illnesses in dogs and fleas can cause severe skin allergies and problems if left untreated. Heartworms are a serious health condition for dogs, and all can be prevented. These issues are more important for dogs who spend a great deal of time outdoors, like a Springer Spaniel does.

7. Grooming

Keeping your Springer Spaniel properly groomed is one way to help him stay happy and healthy. Their hair does have moderate shedding, but you can help alleviate some of the shedding by regular brushing through of his coat. Springer Spaniels don’t need baths too often, a few times a year, unless they get really dirty, but it is important to be sure to rinse all the shampoo out of their coat so that it doesn’t sit in their fur and irritate their skin. Keeping their nails trimmed is important to make sure they don’t develop sore feet and problems walking.

8. Oral care

This breed needs to have regular oral checks. Looking into their mouths and examining their teeth on a regular basis helps to identify any chipped teeth, or bad teeth. Brushing their teeth regularly helps to keep them free of food build-up which can cause decay. Dogs can get foul smelling breath and it shouldn’t just be chalked up to, bad doggie breath, but can be related to a medical condition and should be taken seriously. If you smell and ammonia type smell, it can be related to the kidneys and needs to be evaluated with his vet as soon as possible.

9. Exercise your dog

Your Springer Spaniel has a lot of energy, even as an adult, and they love to run and play and get their energy out. You don’t want a Springer Spaniel to lay around the house and become a couch potato. If this is the kind of dog you want, then this breed isn’t for you. Take your Springer Spaniel for walks a couple times a day, play ball or get him to the dog park to play with other dogs, so long as he has been properly socialized and gets along with other animals well. The more your dog participates in activities, he won’t get bored, physically or mentally and the less problems you will have with weight gain, or mischievous behavior out of boredom.

10. Lots of love

This breed of dog is very loving and wants to be around people, their family and owner. They don’t do well being left for long periods of time alone, so spend time with your Springer Spaniel and make him a true family member. This breed generally does well with other pets and children, and love the attention from the whole family. If you give your Springer Spaniel all the love and attention he deserves, he will give it all back to you, and more.


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