What is the Right Number of Dogs to Own?

If you are an animal lover and you decide you want to welcome a dog into your home, then the number of dogs you should keep is an essential consideration. This is such a serious decision to it is vital you consider all the factors that are relevant to deciding on your capacity to have dogs. The following are some of the factors to consider that will help you to what is the right number of dogs you should keep.

House and Garden Size

The size of your home makes a big a big difference to the number and size of dogs you can keep. Think about whether they will have plenty of space to move around inside your property and if there is room for their beds, feeding bowls, and toys. Likewise, if you do not have a garden, you should think if there are outdoor spaces nearby where you can take dogs to run around. The larger your house and outdoor space, the more feasible it is to keep more than one dog in your home.


A major factor to consider when deciding on the right number of dogs to keep is the cost, says Bark Post. The more dogs you have, the more expensive pet ownership becomes. This does not just relate to the initial costs of getting the dog, such as buying the dog or adoption fees and getting the equipment they need. There are also the ongoing costs of caring for a pet, such as food, veterinary bills, and pet insurance. One of the most common reasons that dogs are surrendered to animal shelters is because their owners cannot afford to keep them any longer. Therefore, this is one of the most important things to think about before committing yourself to caring for multiple pets.


According to Fall Road Animal Hospital, a factor that many people forget to consider is the extra time it takes to care for each extra dog you welcome into your home. Your daily routine of feeding, walking, grooming, and playing with your dogs will increase the more dogs you have in your home. If you have a very busy schedule, you should consider if you have the time to care for the dogs properly.

Type of Dog

The breed of a dog makes a difference in how many you should keep in your home. Some breeds are known for being sociable with other dogs, while others prefer being the only dog in a home. Do your research about your preferred breeds before deciding how many dogs to keep. A further consideration is the size of the dogs. Larger dogs generally need more space, so you should only keep two or more dogs if you have the room to do so.


Finally, your experience of dog ownership is also an essential consideration. You should certainly not go from never having owned a dog to deciding to take ten dogs into your home. It is always best to start with one dog. Once you have gained some experience, then you should consider all the other factors to decide if you can care for another dog properly.

Companionship for Your Dog

The Spruce Pets highlight the issue of dogs needing companionship. Naturally, dogs are pack animals. This means that they would live with other dogs in the wild. In a domestic situation, dogs generally adopt their human family as their pack. However, some dogs can feel lonely without another dog in their home. Therefore, you may wish to consider getting a second dog so that they are company for each. Bringing a third dog into the equation can sometimes change the dynamic completely and there is the possibility of conflict arising between the dogs.

Household Dynamics

Unless you live alone, you should also think about the other people who live in your home. Take into account their thoughts on how many dogs you should keep. You need to make sure that every family member is on board with having more than one dog in your household. If you have children at home, then this should also influence your decision. Having children and dogs can take a lot of time and money, so you should seriously consider whether you can commit to pets without taking anything away from the children. Safety concerns are also an issue worth considering, as having lots of dogs running around the home can potentially lead to children having accidents.

Other Pets

It is not only the needs of the dogs that you need to consider if you have more than one dog, but it is also any other pets you have in your household. You must ensure that you have the financial means, time, and energy to fulfill the needs of all the animals in your household. Also, remember that not all dogs get on well with other animals, so introducing multiple dogs to a household that already has other pets is not always a good idea.

Personal Preference

Once you have made the practical considerations listed above, it then comes down to your personal preference. Some people like having only one dog to whom they can devote all their time. On the other hand, some people love dogs so much that they will keep as many as possible.

The Final Verdict – What is the Right Number of Dogs to Own?

To a certain extent, how many dogs you keep in your home is a matter of personal preference. However, there are many practical considerations you must make before committing yourself to keeping more than one dog. Make sure that you can afford however many dogs you decide to keep and that you have the time and energy to meet their needs. Also, consider the space available, the opinions of other family members, and the space you have available. This is not a decision to take lightly, so make sure you think about each consideration carefully before coming to a decision.

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