Superstar Dog Retires After Six Years of Donating Rare Blood


Most people are aware of the crucial role of donated blood in medicine. The donated blood is used as a vital and potentially life-saving treatment for a wide range of injuries and health conditions. It is also used during many surgical procedures. Without people donating blood to blood banks, there are countless people who would not receive treatment that can save their lives, so the more people donate their blood, the more people there are who can receive life-saving treatment. When thinking of donating blood, most people will associate it with people visiting blood banks and hospitals to try and help other humans. Many people may not realize that blood donations from animals can help save other animals in the same way as human blood donations. There are animals across many species that help out animals of the same species by donating their blood. One example is a greyhound called Woodie, who has recently retired after donating blood for the last six years. Here is Woodie’s amazing story.

Who Is Woodie?

Woodie is a nine-year-old greyhound who lives with his owner, Wendy Gray, in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England. He first began donating blood when he was just three, says the BBC. Over a six-year period, Woodie has made a total of 22 donations. The greyhound has recently retired from donating blood, and the reason for this is that blood donations are only accepted from dogs aged one to eight. Although he is now retired, Woodie is being hailed a superhero as he helped so many other dogs thanks to the blood he donated.

What is Pet Blood Bank UK?

The place where Woodie donated his blood is called Pet Blood Bank UK. It is a Loughborough-based charity that collects blood donations to help sick or injured animals that need treatment or surgery that involves receiving a blood transfusion. According to the pet blood donation charity, a 450ml (16floz) blood donation can help up to four other animals in need. It means that Woodie’s 22 donations have potentially helped up to 88 other animals. Woodie’s blood is particularly useful, as greyhound blood is sought after. Greyhounds are more likely to have a negative blood group, and it is estimated that only 30 percent of dogs have this dog blood type. Donations from dogs with a negative blood group are important because veterinarians can give this dog to any dog. In an emergency when the veterinarian does not have time to test the blood group of the canine in need of treatment, using negative blood donations is one of the best treatment solutions. Without any negative blood available, many dogs would die due to their illness or injury.

Woodie’s Owner’s Praise for Her Dog

Wendy Gray, Woodie’s owner, has nothing but praise for her dog. She is delighted to know that Woodie has helped so many dogs and their families in distressing situations. Gray has also spoken about Woodie’s experiences of donating blood to the charity. According to Gray, Woodie was always delighted to give blood because the people who run the donation center always make such a fuss of the animals donating blood and give them lots of treats. Gray says that Woodie always squeaked with delight when he saw the blood donation team and rushes up to greet them. Gray also claims that Woodie was well-behaved throughout the blood donation process, lying still on the table was the blood was collected. Furthermore, the greyhound never suffered any ill effects from donating blood. From her experience as the owner of a dog that donates blood, Gray knows just how important it is for animals to donate blood. The fact that her dog has helped so many others gives her great pride, and she is also proud that Woodie has taken it all in his stride.

How Woodie Became a Blood Donor for the Charity

Woodie is not the first of Gray’s dogs to donate their blood. Gray first found out about blood donation when she saw some leaflets on the subject while on a visit to the vet with her first dog, Rio. After reading the leaflets, Gray was keen that she and Rio would help other dogs and their families in their time of need. It made sense to Gray that if humans could donate their blood to help other humans, then why shouldn’t dogs also help each other in the same way. Gray registered Rio as a donor and went on to donate blood 11 times, potentially helping up to 44 other dogs. When Gray got Woodie, she wanted to continue her involvement in the pet blood donation charity, so she registered him to donate when he was three. Woodie has continued to donate ever since until he recently became too old to continue donating.

Gratitude from the Charity

Of course, Pet Blood Bank UK is extremely grateful to all the dogs who donate and to all the dog owners who make this possible. Without them, it would not be possible for the charity to help so many sick and injured animals. Nicole Woodward, who works for the charity, has explained that donated blood is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Regarding Woodie, Woodward says that he has been an outstanding donor. The donations he has made have positively impacted the lives of many dogs and their owners from across the country. She described Woodie as a superstar and said the charity was proud to have him as a donor. Woodie’s story is a heartwarming one. Hopefully, it will raise awareness of the desperate need for more animal blood donors. Many pet owners are not aware that it is possible for animals to donate blood until their own pet needs a blood donation. Reading Woodie’s story may encourage more pet owners to register their pets to donate blood to the charity.

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