Three High-Quality Dog Foods That Have Never Been Recalled

We must all love our pets, right? Well, nobody is required by law to keep pets, and the law obligates all pet owners to take the right care for their pets. It is a constant and continuous engagement that bears a lot of resources. Fortunately, pet owners have various benefits and joys that they derive from keeping farm animals, guard dogs and companion pets of various breeds. Therefore, to many pet owners, the responsibility of housing, feeding and protecting pets comes naturally as a hobby or a pleasurable chore. For that reason alone, many people get horrified when they realize that some commercial dog food products pose the risk of harming their pets.

Every year, several government agencies institute formalities that lead to the recalling of dog food products. The FDA is the biggest regulator of dog food products in the United States, and it has the authority to recall dog food products that it determines to be against safety standards. The FDA is assisted in performing its oversight duties by other government agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and the Association of American Feed Control Officials. They perform different levels in formulating and defining safety standards as well as enforcing them for the best interest of Americans. Some of the reasons why the government recalls dog food products include:

  • Misleading labeling.
  • The omission of some key ingredients.
  • Elevated levels of some ingredients or nutrients.
  • Presence of bacterial infestations.
  • The inclusion of poisonous material like toxic chemicals.

The main reasons for past dog food recall in the recent past is the occurrence of elevated levels of Vitamin D. The FDA does more than just recall products that could harm your lovable and precious pets and guard dogs. It also publicizes warnings to the masses over concerning threats. It sends out detailed reports of how particular products have been observed to react with animals or lab specimen. It plays is the role in conducting objective and extensive research. Therefore, as pet owners, you should purpose to follow their publications over your preferred pet. You should also note that the following three pet foods have never been recalled; it seems that they’ve been compliant and proactive in ensuring the best quality dog food:

1. Earthborn Holistic Dog Food

These guys always work towards developing products that improve your dog’s health and wellness in general. Even better, these guys develop high-quality dog food through an eco-friendly process that reduces carbon emission and reduces toxic material release. The dog food products are widely variated for different nutritional needs, and their products are always accurately labeled. The best thing about Earthborn Holistic Dog Food products is that they are healthy, nutritious and tasty for your pets.

The grain-free Great Plains Feast is one of Earthborn Holistic’s most popular and widely used formulas. It protects pups and huge guard dogs from allergies because it is gluten-free and grain free. Furthermore, it is a great product for growing pups to their full potential because it contains meat protein and fruits.

2. Zignature

This dog food providers always meet every requirement that could cause the FDA to recall its products if it didn’t. Furthermore, it’s remained committed to developing the most holistic diet for your canine and furred friends. It rewards dogs for their loyalty to their owners, and it makes parenting dogs more fun and less taxing. The manufacturer makes sure that it only uses high-quality ingredients, and it employs heavy consultation and research into developing the nutritiously balanced and variated products for your dog’s consumption. All of its dog food recipes are packed with different ingredients. Some of them include:

  • Trout,
  • Salmon,
  • Whitefish,
  • Turkey,
  • Farm-raised duck,
  • Lamb,
  • Natural fruits and development.

Zignature also cares for dogs that are often irked by allergies through its turkey recipe that includes very limited ingredients. It secludes grains and gluten while including natural fruits and differentiated vegetables.

3. Holistic Select

This is another reputable company that never once suffered the indignity of recalling their dog food products whether voluntarily or by FDA compulsion. They focus on five different varieties of dog food to serve the needs of, particularly different pet needs. The manufacturer’s focus is chiefly on producing food that is gentle and supportive for dogs’ digestive needs. It states the amounts of ingredients in each product with impeccable exactitude. When it guarantees certain amounts of nutrients in a product, they deliver. One of their most popular products is its Natural Dry Dog Food Anchovy, Sardine and Salmon.

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