The Top Five Dog Toys for your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers love to play, and they play hard. Of course, their number one choice for a play toy is their human, but outside of that, having some solid, tough toys that can withstand the strength, determination and toughness that a Golden Retriever can inflict on their toys, is the next best thing. You buy toys for your dog and if you don’t get toys built for the type of breed your dog is, you may find that you are having to replace them often, or they may even get injured due to the wrong quality of the toy. So, if you own a Golden Retriever and are looking for toys that are built for their specific breed, you’ll be glad to know that we put together a list of toys that are fun and durable, and will last longer than other toys. These are the top five dog toys for your Golden Retriever.

5. HurriK9 Flying Ring Launcher

Many dogs love to chase, fetch, and catch things in the air. Golden Retrievers are big fetching dogs and owners love to throw balls, Frisbees and other toys they can run for. Well, here’s something new that you can have fun with, with your dog. This toy is safe, sturdy and durable, and it launches rings over 100 feet for your Retriever to run after. It’s easy to use, launching by a pull-back function, and sends the HurriK9 rings sailing through the air. You get three classic rings with the toy when you order it. So get out and have fun with your Retriever with the HurriK9 Flying Ring Launcher. Learn more about this dog toy at the link above, and you’ll pay just $24.99 when you order one for your Golden Retriever.

4. Petacc Chew and Squeaky Toy

If your Golden Retriever loves the sounds of squeaks in their toys, here’s a toy that not only curbs any and all chewing needs, but it squeaks to draw their attention to it. This toy has all the fun of a chew toy, plush toy, plus sound making toy. He’ll love chasing it, gnawing on it, shaking it, fetching it, and tugging on it. What’s even better, is it will clean all those teeth while he chews away. This safe, non-toxic dog toy is one of the best dog toys for large breeds, especially Golden Retrievers and any dog over 60 lbs. Order yours above and just pay, $12.99 for this wear-resistant, bite-resistant and tear-resistant Golden Retriever dog toy.

3. Bwogue Solid Chew Bone

Made of high quality material, superior nylon, this is a bone that is bite proof and will last forever. You won’t have to keep replacing bones when your dog has a Bwogue solid chew bone. Let him chew all he wants; it’s non-toxic and safe for any type of chewer, especially dogs who have aggressive chewing habits, are teeth grinders, teething, or have teeth that are changing and adjusting. It helps curb boredom and anxiety when they chew on the solid chew bone, but what really makes this dog bone so great – is it’s bacon flavor, which means he will choose it over any other bones he has. Order your bacon-flavored solid chew bone at the link above, and just pay $14.99 for yours.


2. L/XL Dog Rope Toy for Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers

The Dog rope ring is a toy designed for large breeds that have strong grips and strong teeth. If you need a strong, durable dog toy for an aggressive chewer, like a Golden Retriever can be, this is the perfect toy. It is easy to grab, especially since it is round and easy for your dog to sink his teeth into it, being that it is made of 100% cotton. Your dog will love playing tug-of-War, fetch, or just chewing and gnawing on the toy. It is also a great chew toy for Golden Retriever pups whose teeth are going through changes, or teething in general. You can order this toy by clicking the link above, and will only have to pay $12.99 to get yours.

1. TPR Rope Toy for Medium to Large/Extra Large Dog

The TPR Rope Toy is a sturdy dog toy for large breeds, and especially aggressive chewers like German Shepherds, Husky’s, and Golden Retrievers, to name a few. The TPR Rope Toy is hand-knit of 100% cotton. It’s not only safe for your dog, non-toxic and chew-safe, but it’s environmentally safe, too, for those who prefer. This toy is considered interactive for Retriever puppies and adult Retrievers. Tug-of-War is a great game for dogs, and the easy-grab rope toy makes it easy for your dog to grab onto from any angle. Fetch is another game for interacting with your Retriever that you can do with the rope toy, and it’s safe to use inside or out.


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