The Top Five Healthy Dog Treats on the Market Today

Everything you do for your dog, is because you love them. One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to feed them healthy food and snacks. You want to make sure they get the proper nutrition from puppyhood so that they grow up to be healthy adult dogs. Good nutrition not only helps to keep them in good physical health, but it can play a role in their mental and emotional health too. With so many dog treats on the market today, it can be hard to know what to feed them. Some dog treats rave about how healthy they are, when they clearly have a lot of additives and preservatives your pet doesn’t need, while others are high in fat and can cause weight gain, also bad for a dog, and others have no nutritional value at all. If you have been trying to find snacks that are not only healthy for your dog, but tasty too, here is a list of the top five healthiest dog treats on the market today.

5. Cheese Please dog treats – $5.99

Yes, dogs love cheese; that’s no secret, and they’ll do anything for a piece of it. But human cheese isn’t really the best thing for dogs, especially on a regular basis, so here’s one you can give your dog. Real Wisconsin cheese is what these treats are made of, but with low salt, for healthier treats for dogs. It is also 99% lactose free for dogs with low tolerance to lactose products. There are never any grains, sugar, trans-fats, gluten, or corn in these treats, making them one of the healthiest dog treats on the market. Your dog will always be saying, “Cheese Please,” after trying these tasty treats, and you’ll feel good snacking your dog with this cheese, so take a look at the product by following the link, then pay just $5.99 to order your dog some.


4. Carolina Prime dog treats – $13.98

Dogs need vitamins and minerals, too. Protein from a meat source is always at the top of the list for dogs’ nutrition needs, but they also need their vegies, and Carolina Prime dog treats incorporates these vitamins in their treats. They used locally sourced chicken, along with sweet potatoes to give dogs beta carotene and vitamins A & C. They are tasty, and most of all, they are healthy. You won’t feel guilty giving your dog these dog treats when you want to do a little spoiling, because they only contain 5 ingredients, and they are all-natural ingredients. Look at the treats by following the link here, and if you order, a bag will only set you back, $13.98.

3. Sancho and Lola’s Beef Jerky Treats – $16.99

Everybody loves beef jerky humans and dogs alike. Dogs and puppies will do anything for anything beef, but with so many unhealthy, fake beef dog treats on the market, which beef snacks do you choose? Sancho and Lola’s Beef Jerky dog treats are made with all-natural Elk meat and come in a variety of sizes and hardness, from sticks to chews, and the chews are packaged so that you can pinch them apart and use them as anytime treats, or training treats. The jerky treats are excellent for your dog’s teeth and gums and they are 100%digestable. Check them out at the link above. If you think your dog will love these, you will only have to pay $16.99 a bag to order.

2. No Grainers, by Nootie, dog treats – $8.99

USA made, No Grainers means just that, there are no grains used in these dog treats like many other brands do. Grains are not healthy for dogs. They can cause health issues and weight gain, so Nootie created dog treats made from American-sourced chicken liver and flavored with hickory bacon. They are one of the healthiest dog treats on the market today, and they are reasonably priced, too, just $8.99 a bag. They are small cubes, so are perfect for anytime treats, training treats, or even a small meal. Check them out at the link above.

1. True Chews Premium and Apple Sizzler dog treats – $10.00

All-natural is one of the best things you can give your pet, whether it be all-natural food, or treats. It’s no secret that dogs love treats and we love to spoil our furry little friends with snacks, whether it’s for training purposes, or just to give them a little extra treat for being so cute. Treats that are all-natural are healthier than the cheap, no-nutrition snacks you can find on the shelves today. True Chews makes their treats with real, farm-raised chicken and leave out any artificial flavorings and preservatives, plus, there is no corn, soy, or wheat in any of the treats. They’re available in chicken fillets, pig ears, and beef bully sticks, and everything is made right here in the U.S., in Iowa. Follow the link and purchase one of the healthiest dog snacks on the market today. For just $10.00 a bag, you’ll see that your dog suddenly has a new, favorite treat.

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