The Weirdest Hybrid Dog Breeds That Actually Exist

Hybrid Dog Breeds

Hybrid dogs are the latest trend in dog ownership. They’re the type of animals that we once referred to as ‘mutts’ that anyone could pick up at the local shelter, but now they are high-end animals that are much sought-after and desirable.

Everyone wants a hybrid. What is a hybrid, you ask? It’s a dog that’s created by breeding two purebred dogs to create a half and half type of animal that has a unique look and an unpredictable personality.

What people love about hybrids is the ability to take two adorable animals and combine them to make one even more adorable animals. It is not always a guarantee that an animal will look more like one or the other, and no one ever really knows which breed’s characteristics a hybrid puppy will develop.

While many hybrid breeds have become quite popular in recent years, there are still some hybrid dog breeds that aren’t quite so well-known, and you might not believe they actually exist.

Hybrid Dog Breeds - Snoodle Puppy


Because a poodle and a schnauzer make for a great looking little pup.

Hybrid Dog Breeds - Goberian puppy


A Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky make one gorgeous dog, don’t you agree?

Hybrid Dog Breeds - corgi dalmation puppy


The cross between a corgi and a dalmatian, there’s not really much about this particular hybrid you can’t fall in love with.

Hybrid Dog Breeds - Chug


We love pugs and we love chihuahuas, but whoever thought of breeding the two might not have really put that much thought into the outcome.

Hybrid Dog Breeds - English Shepherd

English Shepherd

The English Bulldog and the German Shepherd are two very popular breeds, but perhaps it’s not the best idea to mix these two together. The outcome is a bit much for us.

Hybrid Dog Breeds - Siberpoo


If you want a gorgeous puppy, considering asking your Siberian Husky to mate with a poodle. It is the fluffy version of the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Dog Breeds - Pomsky puppies


Pomeranians and Huskies make some beautiful puppies, and they are in high demand the more exposure that they get from photo such as this one.

Hybrid Dog Breeds - Dalmaschund


Who does not want a dog this darn adorable? A beautiful mix between a dalmatian and a dachshund makes for one adorable puppy, and we can see everyone wanting a little of each.

Chiweenie puppy


If you want a dog that looks like a weiner dog and a chihuahua, you will get exactly what you’re asking for. Not many people do ask for this, but they’re getting it.



A chihuahua doesn’t mix well with all dogs, but it does make a cute half beagle, don’t you think?

Corgipoo puppy


Poodles are a favorite when it comes to mixing breeds, and we think that this half Corgi mix is the perfect example of why people love to cross breed their poodles.



There is nothing more adorable than a dog mixed with a husky, in our opinion. That’s why we are so in love with this labrador retriever mix.

Horgi puppy


A husky and a corgi together makes for a cute dog, but it’s probably not the kind of animal that everyone would choose for themselves.

Corgi Shepherd

Corgi Shepherd

When you mix a corgi with a German Shepherd, you get a dog that looks like this. Do you love it or would you rather have one or the other?



An alusky is a dog that looks like it might be one of the most adorable around, and that’s why it’s growing in popularity the more that people see it out and about.

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  1. way off base list. Several dogs shown in the photos above are purebreds that are merle in color. Just because a dog has a merle or dapple coat doesn’t make it a cross between two breeds. Also I have seen blue eye lab mixes and other blue eyed does that were NOT Husky mixes. Catahoulas, cattle dogs, aussies, bernese mt dogs, weimeraners, Dalmatians, and a few other breeds have genes for blue eyes in the breed which may or may not be a fault. The temperament and coat type of any mixed dog is not predictable. And these mutts are bred and purposefully created by people only looking for money because they can sell a cute name or a “cute” puppy to someone. Typically for thousands of dollars.

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