Why a Dog is the Best Investment of Your Life


We’re a site that prides itself on giving you the most helpful tips we can as it pertains to your dogs.  We try to provide you with information on your dog’s heath,  training tips, timely news stories that cover both the good and the bad.   With all of this information we can only help to be informative in helping you make decisions about your pets and whether or not it makes sense to purchase one.

On the flip side we also love to display the lighter and more mushy side of dogs.   That’s why we provide you with dog breed information and funny galleries.   Because frankly dogs run the whole gamut and they are a fantastic species and companion to us humans.

But if we’re not covering something then we’re always happy to link to what’s great out there.  And today we spotted a great photo gallery done by Huffington Post that covers 21 reasons a dog is your best investment.   We highly suggest you check it out.  Some amazing pictures in there!

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