Why Was This Man Arrested for Rushing Into A Burning Home To Save His Dog?


Have you ever noticed that people who do something good seem to often get punished for it? This certainly does not seem fair. You have probably heard that no good deed goes unpunished. Sadly, this all too often ends up being the case. It makes you wonder why people even try to do good in a world that just seems to reward the evil doer. OK, we do not mean to sound negative here. People need to do the right thing, even if others don’t see it that way. When it comes to saving a dog from a burning building, what would you do? If it was evident that your dog was going to perish, the answer is probably pretty straight forward. You might wonder, then, why one particular man was arrested for doing exactly that. He rushed into a burning home and saved his dog. What was his reward? He was actually arrested. Go figure. Continue reading to learn more about this story.

The Back Story

If you love dogs, you know that almost anyone would put themselves at risk in order to save the life of their dog. It is, if you will, instinctive behavior. You don’t want to necessarily equate this to saving one’s child, but the principle is the same. When someone or an animal you love is in need of emergency assistance, you will do whatever you can. That is even if it puts your own life at risk or gets against the advice or instructions of others around you.

Meet Jarrod Martin

You might be wondering how in the world is Jarrod Martin and why is he important to this story. Well, he is like most people. His dog was in trouble and he rushed in to save him. The problem is that his house was on fire. That did not stop him, however, as he ran in and got the dog out to safety. He didn’t need the accolades, but if anything he probably though that people around him would be cheering his actions. We certainly are. However, he was greeted upon exiting the building by police officers who put handcuffs on him.

Here is How it Happened

At this point in the story, you are probably wondering how in the world someone could be arrested for an act as selfless (not selfish!) as saving a dog. Without his actions, after all, the dog would have likely perished. Well, to be clear, a fire was underway at Martin’s home in an area of Memphis, Tennessee. It would not be long before firefighters were on the scene. That is a good thing. The reaction time was quick.

The firefighters were able to get everyone out of the house, include Jarrod Martin. However, Jarrod quickly realized that his dog was still inside. The dog’s name was Bishop and he was viewed just as much a part of the family as everyone else. Can you identify with this feeling? At this point in the story, we should mention that Martin could actually catch a glimpse of Bishop looking through the glass door that was separating the patio from the outside. Flames were already all around him.

To be fair, we should also mention that the firefighters told him right away that they would be able to save the dog. Martin waiting in vein and watched for more than thirty minutes. That must have been the longest half hour of his life. He was not about to wait any longer and further risk Bishop’s life. So, he took matters into his own hands, just like many a dog owner would almost certainly do as well.

By this time, the police had set up barriers outside the home to keep everyone out. Martin rushed through those barriers, even as the Police were telling him to stop. He would end up breaking through the grass and get Bishop out to safety in a matter of seconds. His friends and family were watching and saw him as a hero for doing this, but the law enforcement officers on the scene and the firefighters did not agree with this sentiment.

What Happened Next?

Well, Martin’s reunion with Bishop would be short-lived for the time being because he was taken off in handcuffs. This certainly seemed to be a bit dramatic. After all, what risk did Martin actually pose? OK, that is probably beside the point. He ended up being charged with two separate misdemeanors. What were they for? Well, the first was for reckless endangerment. Supposedly, this comes from him endangering himself and the firefighters. Who knows. The second misdemeanor was for disorderly conduct. That one seems a bit odd since he was saving his own dog and the only thing he broke in the process was his own window.

We still see this as a happy ending because Bishop is still alive and happy today because of Martin’s actions. Would he still be alive it were not for this heroic action? We do not know. What we do know is that Martin truly believed the very life of his dog was in danger. He was not about to stand by and do nothing when he honestly felt that he could save his life. He did what is instinctive behavior, yet he may very well be punished for it.


Martin was not the only one to be overjoyed to notice that Bishop had been saved from the fire. The dog was a member of the family. Bishop’s daughter was especially happy. You might be wondering if Martin regrets his actions since he ended up getting up in trouble. The answer is absolutely not. He would do it again if he had to. We can certainly sympathize with that, and you probably can as well. What heroic things have you done in your life that ended up getting you in trouble? What stories have you heard about happening to others? Hopefully, these stories will not keep you from doing the right thing when the time comes. Bishop is certainly one dog who can testify to that.

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