10 Dog Breeds That Really Love to Sleep

You likely have heard the old adage that we should let sleeping dogs lie. This has nothing to do with telling the truth but that it is often best to just let things be. Some owners really prefer a dog who is more prone to peacefully snooze their day away as opposed to the yapping, high energy dog that will need regular attention. For these owners, you can take your pick from these 10 dog breeds that really love (not like) to sleep.

1. Greyhound

We decided to start off with a surprise selection. Some of you who either have a Greyhound or know a lot about dogs knows this sleeping tendency actually is quite logical. Greyhounds can run like the wind – in short spurts. After they max out their energy level all that is left to do is sleep. Think about the Cheetah (not a dog) who can run faster but has the same basic problem.

2. Saint Bernard

From a surprise selection to an obvious one, the Saint Bernard has the obvious problem of having to carry around all 180+ pounds of himself from here to there. Put a 100 pound backpack and walk around for a while. When you stop, you’ll want to take a nap. It has been pointed out this is a good thing for Saint Bernard owners because a high energy, 180 pound animal romping around your home has disaster written all over it.

3. French Bulldog

The grump looking bulldog may match your morning attitude, especially on the weekends. Owners are well aware of the high energy this breed has when first meeting you, and there are times when that reappears from time to time. The good news for the grump that shows up in all of us from time to time will be matched by the tendency for the French Bulldog to eat breakfast – then go back to bed. Sound familiar?

4. Pekingese

You knew at least one lap dog would make the list, so here it is. Those familiar with the long history of the Pekingese knows they were carried around in the robes of Chinese emperors. Not a bad life. Once they are situated on your lap you can rest assured that both of you can sleep undisturbed. Think of it as a two-for-one.

5. Chow Chow

If there is a dog that is like a cat, it is the Chow Chow. But they have several cat-like characteristics you may not like. One is that it is true they like to sleep a lot, so cat naps can be expected. But they also have the tendency to like to sleep alone. This may be a good thing or bad, so if you like your dog to behave like your children to behave – seen and not heard – definitely check out this breed.

6. Cocker Spaniel

Potential owners of the Cocker Spaniel who at first sight believes there is a streak of laziness in them, this actually is not correct. If you take them out for the “walk until one of you drops” kind of walks, upon returning home they will drop off for a nap. But even without the strenuous walk you will find them catching some z’s during the day. They aren’t lazy, just saving their energy for useful pursuits.

7. Basset Hound

You might consider this breed a cross between a Chow Chow and the standard hound dog when it comes to sleeping temperament. They are prone to cat naps, yet still have the instinct and energy to go hounding anytime during the day. That face can fool you.

8. Bulldogs

A major difference between the French Bulldog and the standard Bulldog is the standard Bulldog has a well-deserved reputation for just being lazy. They are perfect for people with equally low energy lifestyles, and they may spend more time sleeping than awake. But what earns this breed a separate mention is their ability to snore – and snore, and snore. Light sleepers need to seriously reconsider this choice as a pet.

9. Pug

In general, the Pug is not seen as a high energy dog. In some ways it is like the French Bulldog – high energy when you first meet, then fades into dreamland. They say that a dog owner mimics the behavior of their dog, or vice-versa. We’re not saying anything about looks here.

10. Lhasa Apso

Last on this list is a not-so-common breed who definitely loves their playtime but equally loves their nap time. The rumor is that if you are just as worn out as your Lhasa Apso you may find yourself sharing the bed with them afterwards. But it’s just a rumor.

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