Pit Bull Tucks Herself Near Porch Hoping To Get A Meal But Then This Happened


Public opinion is slowly beginning to change about the merit of Pit Bulls as family pets. The once-feared breed is now gradually gaining attention for the characteristics that make them exceptional family pets. It’s still an uphill struggle for pet rescues to place dogs of that breed into adoptive homes, but we’re hearing more stories about Pit Bulls that touch our hearts and show us that they’re dogs like any others.

They have physical and emotional needs and they’re capable of giving unconditional love. Like any other dog, they’re capable of violence, but each Pit Bull should be judged by their individuality and personality and not by the many stories we’ve heard about Pit Bull attacks. We recently heard about a badly neglected Pit Bull that wandered onto a porch in search of a meal. She was emaciated and starving. Here is Lakita’s story

Pit Bull Tucks Herself Near Porch Hoping To Get A Meal But Then This Happened

Tips To Live reported the story about a female Pit Bull that showed up at a woman’s home and tucked herself near the porch, hoping that someone would give her something to eat. The woman saw her and called a pet rescue instead of driving the animal away. When the rescuers arrived they saw that the dog was skinny and she was withdrawn.

One of the rescuers took pity on the dog and treated her with compassion, showing her that they were there to help. Lakita was willing to take the chance that the humans were there to give her the care she needed. It was obvious that she hadn’t eaten well as her ribs showed prominently through the skin on her back and sides.

A caring rescue worker named Tracy took Lakita to her home and fed her. She begin gaining weight quickly s Tracy gave her several small meals throughout each day of the week she kept Lakita at her home. Soon, her fur was shiny and she came out of her state of being withdrawn and began playing with members of the family. Her personality came out in full force when someone took the time to meet her physical and emotional needs. Tracy took pictures of Lakita and shared them online. It wasn’t long before a couple with three kids came to the rescue and offered Lakita her forever home.

Educating the public about the sweet side of Pit Bulls

NBC Los Angeles shared the mission of Cornelius Austin who is called “The Dog Man.” He gives his time to help Pit Bull owners understand their pets and to train the dogs. He acknowledges that Pit Bulls were bred to fight, but that doesn’t mean it’s their destiny. When the dog is properly raised, it can be as sweet as any other dog, and they’re known for their loyalty.

Dog owners who have problems with their pets seek his help. He uses tough love to train the animals and teach them basic commands. He shows dog parents how to train their dogs and commands their respect. Although his style may come across as strict and like you’d expect from a drill sergeant, it’s effective and it gets results.

He loves dogs and he loves what he does. Austin works mostly with Pit Bulls and their owners and he shows them the sweet side of the dogs while helping them solve their behavioral issues and stay on top of the situation. He’s showing that most problems have a solution and it may help to stop the trend of abandoned Pit Bulls.

Austin teaches owners simple techniques such as voice inflections and deepening their voices when giving commands. The tricks he teaches pet owners to help them understand their dogs and improve the responses they get from them. Austin provides clinics each Sunday at 9 AM. He gets up to fifty participants each week.

What everyone needs to know about Pit Bulls

Pet Helpful are dog experts, and they explain a few things everyone needs to know about the Pit Bull breed. It’s time to lay aside our biases and see the dogs as they are. They are large dogs that can grow to a size of more than 120 pounds. Most Pit Bulls are unaware of their large size. They’ll try to become your lap dog if you allow them. Pit Bulls can be the sweetest dogs if given the right conditions and training. They’re loyal dogs, and their large size can make them among the best guard dogs. They protect their families, but you must train them to serve and protect in appropriate ways.

Pit Bulls are sweet and playful pets

Every dog has its personality, but a happy and well-adjusted Pit Bull is playful and sweet. The puppies love to play and participate in games with their human caregivers. They will play fetch and go on walks or runs with you. Teach them to obey commands so they don’t pull your arms out of their sockets when walking on a leash. They crave attention and affection from their human families. If you treat them well and interact with your Pit Bull, they, like any other pet, will respond with unconditional love. It’s neglect and abuse that can make them mean. Physical abuse of a Pit Bull can cause them to respond to treatment with violence out of fear, or it can make them shy and withdrawn. Most Pit Bulls involved in attacks have a history of neglect or violence at the hands of their human owners.

Pit Bulls as family dogs

Properly trained Pit Bulls are friendly to children. Their size can make them hazardous because they don’t realize they’re so big. Pit Bulls are as capable of loving and protecting children as any other dog breed. Teach them how to interact with children. Pet owners should never leave a dog of any breed unsupervised with children because there is always a chance of something happening, but Pit Bulls are capable of becoming your child’s best friend. They love to play with children. They’re also lifetime companions. When raised in a loving home, they meet their humans at the door and show they’re happy you’re home. They get excited when you throw their favorite toy for a game of fetch. Pit Bulls are capable of being gentle giants and lifetime companions.

Final thoughts

Pit Bulls may have gotten a bad rap because of the way that breeders raised them to fight in illegal dog fights, but they’re not much different than any other dog breed. You can train them to be violent or teach them the same rules as any other dog breed with similar results. They’re animals in need of physical and emotional care and solid training from the time they’re puppies. As a society, we’re just beginning to realize that they’re not the monsters that some believe. There are still more Pit Bulls in rescue shelters than families willing to adopt them, but we see changes in attitudes about these vulnerable animals. Most abandoned Pit Bulls need someone to take a chance on them so they can show their value as a contributing member of the family, providing love and companionship.

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