10 Husky Mixes You Might Not be Aware Of


Siberian Huskies to hand in hand with an immediate, “Is that a wolf?” reaction from anyone not familiar with the breed. To be fair, the husky looks strikingly similar to a wolf, so it’s not a question entirely out of left field. Despite the breed’s ravishing good looks, however, there is no relation. In fact, this is a breed that is outgoing, loyal and exceptionally friendly. It’s kind and loving, fun and a bit on the mischievous side. According to the American Kennel Club, this high-energy, medium sized dog is the 13th most popular breed around at the moment, and it’s only getting more popular with time. This is a breed that loves to be outside. It’s a breed that loves to play, and it’s one that looks a lot scarier than it is. It makes friends easily and loves just about everyone. That makes it a wonderful pet.

Because the husky makes such a wonderful pet, too, many people are leaning toward designer husky mixes. While some are more common than others, the husky is not typically the kind of dog people think of when they think of designer hybrids (those are reserved for dogs like cockapoos and maltipoos and labradoodles and the like). But that doesn’t mean this breed doesn’t come complete with its own amazing mixes to consider, though pinpointing what each breed will be like is a bit difficult. Mixed breeds like the following can be more like one breed than the other or they can mesh the best qualities of each very nicely together. You won’t really know until you raise your own.

Ausky – Australian Cattle Dog and Husky

This breed is one that will likely be very hyper and playful, as well as exceptionally curious. Because both breeds separately are curious and a bit on the mischievous side, this is one that could make your life a lot of fun. We’d recommend that you take it upon yourself to make sure this breed is well trained and taught to obey from the start to prevent any potential behavior issues.

Goberian – Golden Retriever and Husky

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world, for very good reason. It’s smart and intelligent and curious and protective. Not only is this mixture beautiful to a degree almost unexplainable, it’s also one that is going to make your family it’s number one priority at all times.

Alusky – Alaskan Malamute and Husky

Talk about a dog that’s going to look even more like a wolf than either breed already does; this is a mix that’s going to terrify people. The good news for you, though, is that it is a super friendly breed that will be very hardworking and very loyal. This makes it highly desirable since both dogs have very similar personalities and you can get a basic concept of what it might be like as it grows up.

Siberian Shepherd – German Shepherd and Husky

German Shepherds are among the most intelligent dogs in the world, and they mix very well with the husky. What you will get is a dog that has curiosity, a high level of intelligence and a very loyal personality. This is probably one of the more desirable mixes, though few people consider this kind of mixed breed when looking for hybrids.

Siberpoo – Poodle and Husky

Poodles are known for being very intelligent and fun, and huskies are known for their playful curiosity. Put these two together and you might just meet your match. These two personalities could completely overshadow the other, but they could mesh together perfectly for the most fun dog around. And imagine it’s coat if it’s a little of both.

Rottsky – Rottweiler and Husky

The misconception about the rotty is that it’s an aggressive dog looking to maim anyone that gets in its way. It’s not. As long as you are a good owner who takes responsibility for your dog, you will find that it’s a wonderful pet. Mixed with the husky, it could be a little intimidating, but with a fairly tame personality.

Great Rottsky – Great Dane, Rottweiler and Husky

This triple threat could end up being a pretty big dog. If you want a guard dog that has a pretty even temperament, this might be the one for you. We would recommend, though, that you check the history of the parents very well for health issues, as Great Danes are very prone to some genetic health concerns.

Huskita – Akita and Husky

The Akita and the husky together make for a lovely breed. It could be more like the Akita, more like the husky or a nice mixture of both, but it’s going to be a great dog to have around. Some will find its initial appearance a little intimidating, but those who know this dog will not worry that it’s going to harm them for getting too close. But it’s always nice to have a dog that looks scary to strangers.

Bullsky – Bullmastiff and Husky

Bullmastiffs are known for being quite large dogs, and that means this one could be a brute. The good news is that it will likely be a very fun and playful dog, and no one you don’t know will bother coming near that thing. This means lots of safety and happiness for your family, and probably a lot of curious stares and personal dog questions when you are out and about. This is a mixed breed sure to be a looker.

Dusky – Dachshund and Husky

The husky is not a large dog, but it’s significantly larger than the dachshund, and that is what is going to make this breed a lot of fun. No matter how you mix it, it could be a very small dog with a long coat or a larger dog with short legs and a short coat. At the end of the day, it’s definitely going to look like something you’ve never seen before, and that’s kind of awesome and cool.

Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images


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