10 Qualities That Make Someone a Great Dog Parent


Are you a neurotic mess? Then you probably make for a great pet parent. According to experts at the University of California, Berkeley during a recent study of more than 1000 people – both pet owners and non-pet owners, it seems that the most neurotic people are the best pet owners. So, if you have a dog, you’re going to want to keep this in mind. Mikel Delgado, the coauthor and doctoral student of psychology said, “The fact that higher levels of neuroticism are associated with affection and anxious attachment suggests that people who score higher on that dimension may have high levels of affection and dependence on their pets, which may be a good thing for pets.”

Essentially, it seems that some of the people that have the most uptight minds are some of the most amazing when it comes to owning pets, and that’s why we’ve decided to see what other types of personality traits and qualities make people the most amazing pet owners. Dog owners tend to have qualities that fall in line with the following.


In a study that followed both cat and dog owners, it found that dog owners are more likely to be family-oriented. While plenty of single people want to have dogs and do have dogs, there are more people that tend to want a dog as part of their family. After all, the ‘expected’ family is one that has 2.4 kids, a house with a white picket fence, and a dog.

More likely to be married

Because people who have dogs are more family-oriented than those who do not have dogs, there seems to be more of a chance that people who are dog owners are also people that are married. So there’s good news for the women and the men of the world that are looking for love in all the wrong places. You can find love with someone else that has a dog, since you both seem to be a bit more likely to get married.


Those who have dogs have to go out and they have to walk their dogs, head to the park and do so many things that other people don’t have to do if they don’t have a dog. For this reason, people who own dogs tend to be a bit more outgoing. After all, it’s difficult to ignore everyone when you are at the dog park and your dog is making friends with other animals.


Dog owners kind of have to be a bit on the friendly side since so many people who have dogs are going to want to stop and talk to you about your own dog. What this means for you is that you’re going to have to find a way to be a bit friendlier since dogs have a way of making friends with people that will want to talk to you, interact and have a good time around you.


Dog owners have to be a bit nurturing. Dogs are loving and they are often needy. They need someone to care for them, be there for them and love them. That means you have to have some sort of compassionate and nurturing tendencies or you’re going to be kind of an unamazing dog owner at the end of the day.


Dogs are, by nature, affectionate creatures. They love and they like to show their love. They like to make sure that you know that they love you, and they want you to show your love for them in return. It’s just one of those things in which dogs are going to change you. As it stands, dogs will make sure you’re more affectionate in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. If you’re not very affectionate before you get one, you will be by the time you’ve had your dog a few months.

More likely to own a home

Plenty of dog owners live in apartments and condos, or no one in New York City would have a dog. But, studies prove that dog owners are more likely to own a home than cat owners. Perhaps cats owners would prefer dogs – some of them, anyway – but simply haven’t enough space to have one.


People who own dogs have no choice but to be playful. Dogs love to play, and they love to have a good time. Your dog is going to make sure that you spend plenty of time playing with him, meaning you’re about to be as absolutely playful as possible. Dogs love to have a good time. You’re going to throw balls with them, you’re going to take them on walks, you’re going to pet them and love them and play with them.


Those who understand that dogs are great pets are very engaging people. You have to be with a dog in the house. In fact, you have little choice but to be engaging since dogs are such engaging animals. Dogs are not animals that do not make friends and do not engage with others, so you have to do the same thing. Your dog will make friends in the park, on walks, at the vet and everywhere in between. This means you’re going to be such a good and engaging dog owner in no time at all.


There is one thing that all dog owners have to be if they want to care for a dog, and that’s responsible. Another life in your own care is not a joke. It’s not all fun and games. It requires knowing how to care for dogs, how to make sure your dog remains healthy and how to make sure that your dog is always going to be in good hands. It is feeding and loving your dog, and it is being there for your dog, knowing when the dog needs something and making sure his life is always safe because he’s your dog and it’s your responsibility to care for him.

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