10 Reasons Why Coconut Oil For Dogs Might Be Worth a Try

Coconut oil has been all the rave for humans over the past few years. More and more studies have proven the wide range of benefits the delicious tropical fruit has on the human body, but now, there is thought to giving to our canine to help him get many of the same benefits, plus others that are more honed in on the specific needs of dogs. There are benefits found for a dog’s skin, immune and digestive systems, related to coconut oil, plus it helps regulate the metabolic function in dogs, and even promotes brain and bone health. Keep reading to learn more about how coconut oil might benefit your dog, and why you should consider including it in your pet’s regular diet plan.

1. Skin conditions

A dog’s skin can suffer from all sorts of itchy conditions that make life miserable if left untreated. Coconut oil can help clear up conditions like, eczema, flea allergies, dermatitis, and promote an overall healthy skin for your pet.

2. A healthy coat

Coconut oil is a great emollient that will help to keep even the driest coat moisturized and make it soft and healthy looking. Without proper nutrients, a dog’s coat can begin to look dull and drab, and its texture can feel dry and brittle. Shine it up and give it a gleaming luster with coconut oil.

3. Helps the healing process

Dogs can sustain injuries to the skin easily if they are outdoor dogs or spend a lot of time where they can get bitten by different bugs and insects. If your dog has issues with wounds or hot spots, sustains a bit or sting, coconut oil applied to the area can help promote a quicker healing.

4. Promote a better smell for your pup

There are both antifungal and antibacterial properties in coconut oil that ma help reduce the odor many dogs carry. The oil puts off a tropical scent that makes your pup’s coat and underlying skin a little more pleasant to smell.

5. Coconut oil’s antiviral benefits

Along the lines of antibacterial and antifungal properties, coconut oil also offers an antiviral property that can help prevent and treat yeast infections. One illness that many dogs acquire, especially if they are often in the kennel for boarding or go to the groomer, is kennel cough. If your dog develops the virus, coconut can help him recover quicker.

6. Digestion and nutrition absorption

Whether or not your dog suffers from nutritional or digestive issues, you can help aid your dog in maintaining a healthier system to get the best out of his diet. One tip for you if your dog should happen to begin experiencing loose stools while on the coconut, is to add just a few spoonfuls of canned pumpkin into his food to firm up his stool.

7. Stinky doggy breath cure

The same oil that has so many other benefits, also helps remedy stinky doggy breath. Even if you brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis, coconut oil is a great way to help freshen his breath even more.

8. Protects against disease

Dogs have the potential of developing diabetes, just like humans. One spice that helps to regulate and balance insulin in the body, is cinnamon, but there is also coconut oil, too. Other diseases it plays a role in include the prevention of heart disease, as well as it promotes healthy thyroid function.

9. Give your dog’s mobility a boost

Coconut has been proven to help increase energy and promote weight loss. Both of these factors help to keep your dog more active and mobile, not to mention that it offers a significant benefit for the joint tissues by lubricating to help prevent arthritis and other joint problems.

10. Keep his mind sharp

You want your dog to be able to be active physically, his whole life through, but keeping his brain sharp and active is just as important. Coconut oil plays an incredible role in brain health for pets. If your want to see your pet make it into his senior years without developing memory and other mind issues, include this jewel of a supplement in his diet to help keep his mind sharp for years to come.

The more you know about your dog’s health and what tips you can incorporate into his life, and diet, the longer, healthier and happier he will be, and that means many more years of enjoying your pet in a more meaningful, happier state of health. You can always talk to your vet to find out more about your dog’s health and the many benefits of coconut oil in his diet.

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