10 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Springer Spaniel


Becoming a dog owner is about more than just getting a puppy and taking some seriously cute photos and long walks to the park. It’s about a lifetime commitment to an animal that relies on you for its care and comfort. It’s about knowing what you can and cannot handle, about what to expect when you have a dog and about how your life will change when you bring an animal into it. It’s not as easy as many people like to believe, but it’s also not difficult unless you make it difficult. When it comes to owning a dog, you have to consider specific breeds first and foremost. Many people think that they want a springer spaniel only to learn more about the breed and the fact that it is not right for their family. Others don’t think that they want to bother with this breed until they meet one and learn more about what it brings to the table and what it requires in terms of care; and then they fall in love with the breed. No one breed is perfect for all families, and not all families are capable of owning just any dog. It’s almost like buying a car or a house; you have to consider your family size, your lifestyle and what you have the time and capability to care for – you even have to consider how much dog you can afford. That’s why we are here to tell you just what you can expect if you choose to bring home a springer spaniel.

It Can Adapt

While a springer spaniel is a medium size dog that adapts very well to any size home, it is one that does like to have a lot of activity in its life. It’s very adaptable, but you should ensure that you have somewhere you can take this dog every single day to give it time to run around and exercise or you will have some issues with the breed in a small setting.

It Should Have a Big Yard

The most ideal place to raise a springer spaniel is in a home with a large yard. We said above that the breed is very adaptable, but that does not mean you should deny this breed the kind of space in which it thrives if you can. If you do have a small home without a yard, you might consider a breed that has less outdoor need.

It’s a Playful Dog

Be very careful of this breed with small children. It loves kids and adapts well to them, but it is a playful dog and can be a bit intimidating to small children. As long as you never leave your dog and kids unsupervised together, however, you should be completely fine. This dog will love your kids and vice versa, which makes for a happy home.

It’s a Very Obedient Dog

Training is a breeze with the springer spaniel. It’s smart and it’s obedient, which means you won’t find much to complain about in terms of caring for this breed. We love that it’s so obedient, too, because it causes a lot less trouble once it is clear on the rules and what you expect of your beautiful dog at home.

They Require a Great Deal of Grooming

The one downfall for many people is the amount of grooming this breed requires. It does have a longer coat, and it requires regular brushing. The best way to care for this breed’s coat is with daily brushing that will minimize shedding. Regular trips to the groomer for trims is also necessary, so make sure you have a groomer on hand you like and trust, as well as the time to take the dog as often as possible.

They are Very Active

Despite being a dog that many people don’t view as large and active, it is a very active dog. The springer spaniel needs a great deal of activity in life to keep it happy and out of trouble, which means you need to make sure your dog has plenty of time to exercise. Whether it’s time in a fenced yard to run around, time to play fetch or time at the park in which it can play, make sure it’s getting plenty of activity.

They Need Constant Stimulation

This is a smart dog that was bred for a job, and without a job it becomes bored. You need to ensure your springer spaniel is regularly stimulated or it can become bored and even a bit lethargic. The happiest of dogs from this breed are given jobs and tasks, plenty of exercise and plenty of personal attention to keep them happy. You can do it, we trust you can.

Bored Springer Spaniels can be Destructive

If you allow this dog to go too long without stimulation, things can become a bit ugly. For example, your dog might become destructive at home. Without something to do, it’s going to find something to do on its own and that could cause you some issues that are more than annoying.

They’re a Healthy Breed

The good news about this breed is that it is very healthy. While this does not guarantee that your dog will not become ill or suffer from health issues as it gets older, it does mean you have no breed-specific health issues to worry about. All animals and people are prone to becoming ill at some point in life, and there are no guarantees.

They’re Very Friendly

If you’re looking for a friendly dog that will get along well with other animals and the people in your family, you’ve come to the right place. The springer spaniel is known as an exceptionally friendly breed that loves to play and enjoys people immensely. It will develop a great relationship with everyone in your home, and that’s going to make everyone happy. If this is what you are looking for, you’ve found the right breed for you and for your entire family.



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