10 Things To Consider Before Getting a Second Dog


Bringing a dog home is a huge decision, and it certainly is not one you should ever make lightly. The concept is nice; you get a dog and you love and enjoy it and you make it your own, but then you have to actually live with it. It seems that is what so many people forget when they’re considering a second animal. You might love the idea of having a second animal in your home, but what happens when you actually bring home that second dog and make it a reality? It might not be as simple and as enjoyable as you previously believed, which can make things a big awkward and uncomfortable at home. See, getting a first dog is such a big choice that so many people assume getting a second one is no different. The truth, however, is that it is very different. A second dog means that you have to do everything twice. you have to walk two dogs, and clean two dogs and pay for veterinary care for two dogs; it’s not always as simple as it seems, and that’s why it is absolutely imperative you consider a few things before you make a final decision to get a second dog.

Does Your Family Want One?

You have to ask this question anytime you bring home a dog, whether it’s your first or second or even your tenth. If your family does not want another dog, it’s probably not a good idea to bring home another dog. it really is just that simple.

Are You Financially Able?

You cannot care for a dog the way in which it needs to be cared for if you do not have the financial means to do so. You have to be able to care for your dog in a way that will allow it to live life as wonderfully and healthy as possible. You need funds for vet visits, food, water, toys and medications. Do you have that?

Do You have the Time?

It’s not always about other factors so much as it is about time. Do you have the time for a second dog? You might think that because you have the time to care for your first dog that you do, but you might not. Everything with a second dog takes longer; walking, bathrooms, rounding them up from the yard. You have to have that extra time on top of the time you spend on your first dog.

Does your Dog do well with Other Animals?

If you have a dog that doesn’t do well with other animals, does it seem like a good idea to bring in another animal? Probably not. You have to ask yourself whether or not the dog you already have is good with animals or if it is not, and then you have to go ahead and make some important decisions based on that.

How Old is Your Dog?

Some dogs are not very good with puppies. This means your very old dog might not adjust so well to a new puppy if you bring one home. It’s a very important consideration you have to make before you bring home a dog. It might even be a good idea to talk to your vet before you bring home a new dog to see if he or she thinks that your current dog is too old or too ill for another dog in the house.

What Breed is Good with Other Animals?

Here’s something so many people tend to forget when bringing home a second dog. The breed matters. For example, you still need a breed that’s good with kids or with a small house or with a big yard or whatever it is you have in your life. And just because your current dog is good with other animals does not mean just any old breed will be good with your dog. Consider this before making any decisions to get a new dog.

Do You have Kids at Home?

Your dog might do well with kids because it was raised with them. Another dog might not take to kindly to small kids and it might be a bit of a problem for homeowners. You have to ask yourself whether or not your kids might have a different effect on a new dog this time around. Life changes and your kids can make or break the way your dog adjusts to your home.

What’s Changed Since You Got your First Dog?

How has your life changed? You have a dog, but you did not always have that dog. What in your life is so remarkably different now that you want a second dog? You really do need to consider an honest answer here before you make the decision to bring home another dog.

How Will it Change Your Life?

How is having a second dog going to change your life? Is it going to make your life more enjoyable because your kids moved out and off to college and you and your current dog are missing the extra company? Will it make it possible for you to spend more time at home or more time being active? How is a second dog going to change your life?

Do You Have a Large Enough Home?

Just because your home is big enough or comfortable enough for one dog does not mean it is necessarily comfortable or large enough for a second dog. It’s a very good idea to consider the amount of space you have in your current home and how it will affect a new dog, a second dog. is there enough room for two dogs to find their own space and their own areas in which to lie down and escape from the other dog or people in the house? These things are quite important and it’s not something you should overlook when it comes to bringing home a second dog to keep with your first dog and the rest of your family.

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