Are Huskies Good with Kids?

If you decide to welcome a dog into your family, there are many things to consider before making such a big commitment. One thing to consider is which breed is best suited to your home, family, and lifestyle. Each breed has different physical characteristics, personality traits, and needs. Therefore, not every breed is suitable for every family. To decide which is the best breed for you, finding out as much as you can about the breed will help you to make an informed decision. If you have children in your household, then one crucial question to ask is if a breed is good around children. Here is what you need to know about whether huskies are good with kids.

Are Huskies Good with Kids?

Huskies have many personality traits that make them an excellent choice for families with children. They are loyal dogs that enjoy spending time with their family, they show lots of affection, and they have a playful streak, says Dog Time. They enjoy going on family walks and getting involved with family activities whenever possible. The negative personality traits of a dog can also impact on their suitability for living in a household with children. Fortunately, Huskies do not possess negative personality traits that are a concern for parents. For example, they are not an aggressive breed, and they are not known for nipping or aggressive growling.

One potential issue is the destructive behavior of Huskies. If they are left alone in the house, they tend to shred and destruct things. Many households with children have more things lying around, such as toys. There is the risk that your Husky will rip up your child’s soft toys if they get bored. Overall, the Husky has more positive personality streaks than negative ones, and this means that most Huskies make good family pets.

What About Younger Children?

Some breeds that are good for older children are not always a good option for families with younger children. There are many different reasons for this, depending on the breed. One issue with larger dogs is that their size can cause a problem in terms of knocking over smaller children. As Huskies are a medium-large breed, this is potentially an issue. Another reason that some breeds are bot good for households with children is if they are a small or delicate breed, and there is a risk that the child could harm them through rough play. Thankfully, Huskies are quite a sturdy breed, so it is unlikely that a small child will cause them an injury by playing with them too roughly. The final reason that some breeds are bot a good option for houses with small children is if they are working dogs that are trained to snap at the heels of animals. These breeds may treat small children in the same way they treat animals during herding. This behavior is not a concern with Huskies, as they do not snap at your ankles.

Are They a Good Option for Children with Allergies?

If you have a child with allergies, then this is something else that you should consider when you are choosing the right breed for your family. Huskies do not shed a lot, so they are considered a reasonable option for allergy sufferers. However, some allergy sufferers are affected by some breeds, while others are not. Due to their thick coats, Huskies can shed more in the hot weather as a way of cooling off. The extra shedding is potentially an issue for some people.

Are All Huskies Good with Children?

While the general consensus is that huskies are good with kids, it is important to remember that they are all individuals with different personality traits. Therefore, it is possible to come across some huskies that are less good with kids than others.

Training Huskies

Although Huskies are a reasonably intelligent dog, they are often tricky to train, says Alpha Trained Dog. Therefore, they are better suited to experienced dog owners. While huskies are affectionate towards their family, they are not overly eager to please, and this can hamper training. Also, they are a playful dog that does not always focus on the task in hand. However, it is vital that you persevere with training to make sure you have an obedient Husky. If you have children, then it is vital that early socialization is part of your training regime so that they can become accustomed to spending time with people of all ages. Similarly, including children in the training process can also help your dog bond with the kids and enjoy spending time around them.

Introducing Huskies to Children

Regardless of your children’s age, you should always supervise early interactions between your kids and a new dog for the sake of both the dog and the kids. Supervising interactions means that you can make sure that your dog shows no signs of aggression. According to Embora Pets, it also means that you can set the boundaries for the children, so they know how they must behave around the dog in the future.

The Final Verdict – Are Huskies Good with Kids?

Overall, Huskies are generally considered a good breed choice if you have children, so you are unlikely to experience any problems if you welcome a Husky into your family. Huskies are affectionate dogs that enjoy spending time with their family, and they are not known to have an aggressive streak. The only possible issue is that they are a playful dog, and their size may mean they accidentally knock over smaller children. However, every dog is an individual, and training can make a significant difference in the behavior of your Husky. You should also supervise interactions between your Husky and children, especially when they first meet. It is important to remember that a Husky’s ability to get along with children is not the only consideration to make, as they should fit into all other aspects of your life.

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