The 20 Easiest Dog Tricks You Can Teach

If you are a dog owner and haven’t taught your pet any tricks yet, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Some people back away from this because they believe it is too difficult to do. The truth is that you don’t need to have any special skills, tools or knowledge to teach your dog some amazing and funny tricks. Some of them are also practical and quite useful. We’ve put together a compilation of twenty videos that will show you just how easy it is to teach your dog new tricks. Some of the videos may repeat the same trick, but may also offer a few different techniques.

3 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

The first trick in this video is rolling over. You’ll need a handful of doggie treats, a little bit of patience and the full attention of your pet. Begin by having your dog lie on his belly on the ground. Put the treat at the tip of his nose, but don’t give it to him. move the treat in a direction that makes him roll on his back, continue moving the treat in the right direction until he has rolled over. When he gets it right, reward him by giving him the treat. Repeat until he gets it right. Through each step, tell him to “roll over.” Praise him for a job well done. The second trick is play dead and the third trick is to back up on hind legs. To learn how to do the last two, you’ll need to watch the video. The instructors make it look so simple, you’ll be amazed.

Teach your dog to bark or speak

This is another amazing instructional video that shows you step by step how to teach your dog to speak or bark on command. One of the greatest things about owning a dog that knows this trick is that your friends and neighbors will think that you own an exceptionally smart dog and that you’re a great dog handler, even if neither of these things are true. Most people who own dogs don’t take the time to teach them tricks or they don’t know how. This one will make you both look good. This video is direct and to the point. It will give you some great insights into how to train your dog.

4 Great Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

This training video is a must see for all new dog owners or anyone who has a new puppy in the house. Did you know that you can start training your new puppy to do some pretty cool tricks right away? We were blown away by how quickly and easily the puppy in this video learned and responded. It’s best to start training your new pup right away so he is used to this type of learning. In addition to performing neat tricks, you can also easily teach him practical things that will make him the best mannered pooch on the block. If you want to have an interesting and well-behaved dog at maturity, we highly recommend watching this video that shows you how to teach him 4 great tricks while he’s still very young.

“3 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog”

This instructional video features Osanna Bravo and her dogs Lucy and Chance. The three of them together demonstrate how easy it is to teach your dog three basic tricks quickly and easily. Chance is a large breed dog and Lucy is a very small pup with only three legs, but she still does a remarkable job learning new tricks. We get a lot of great information about dogs and discover that dogs are capable of learning new tricks at almost any age from two weeks up to old age. The three simple tricks that Osanna shows us how to teach our dogs are sit, down and shake. These are great ones to begin with and she demonstrates on an old dog to show us that these amazing animals respond very well when you have a few treats in your hand.

“Four Things to Teach Your New Puppy Right Now”

This video starts out with an advertisement for dog food, but it’s brief and well worth the information that you’ll receive. This one shows you how to use treats to build communication with your pet. You can teach him to assume any particular body position with the use of treats. The trainer shows how treats are like magnets and they can be use to teach dogs practically any type of tricks. The technique that he is using is called “lure training” and we also learn some really handy tips that help to make teaching your puppy new things, whether they are tricks or behaviors go quickly and easily.

“Teach Your Dog to Wipe Feet”

This is a unique instructional video that shows you how to teach your dog to wipe his feet and his nails. Not only is this a novelty that not many dogs do, it’s also very practical for keeping your house cleaner. the trainer uses a technique that is called “shaping.” She also shares some remarkable insights about the fact that dogs are often smarter than we give them credit for. She breaks down the lesson into very easy to understand steps and offers a wealth of information that every dog owner should have, whether they want to teach their dog tricks or not. We highly recommend this video for anyone who wants to understand more about their dog and who want to learn how to shape their dogs behavior without a great deal of effort.

“Teach your dog 10 Tricks|Amazing Dog Tricks |Funny dog Tricks”

Here we see how an Australian Shepherd expertly and flawlessly performs ten really cool tricks on voice command. The owner uses treats as rewards for the good job that he’s doing. The second cllip shows a smaller dog performing some truly amazing tricks with his owner. You should watch this video because when you see what these amazing canines are capable of, you’re going to want to teach your dog some of the fun and interesting things that these pooches are doing. There are no instructions involved in this video, it just shows you some of the fantastic things that dogs are capable of. It’s not only entertaining, it’s truly inspirational.

Emmi the Australian Shepherd Doing Cool Tricks

Emmi is a brown and white Australian Shepherd and we see her doing some really cool things in this video. She brings her owner the newspaper, acts like she’s going to climb up a tree backwards with her hind legs, dances with her owner, puts clothes in the dryer, takes them out again, and many other wonderful tricks. She even closes the dryer door after she’s carefully placed all of the laundry inside. The next trick is something that is hard to believe that a dog would ever willingly do. She puts her snout in her water bowl and blows bubbles. One of our favorites is when Emmi’s owner stands still while she dances around her legs backwards several times. This is one of the most entertaining dog trick videos that we’ve seen. It is something that all dog owners should see because it is a real eye opener about what dogs are really capable of if we take the time to learn about them and use a few simple techniques to teach them tricks that will leave your friends and family speechless.

Compilation of 10 Cool Dog Tricks

This video compilation shows even more amazing feats that dogs are capable of. We begin with a dog that runs the course with his owner while he rides a trick bike up and down the ramps. It’s cool to watch the dog slide down the ramps on his belly. There is also a great clip of how you can teach your dog to have tremendous self control by allowing his owner to place several french fries across his nose and forehead and waiting patiently until he gets the go ahead to devour them. The next clip shows a dog who is voice trained to go to a small portable refrigerator on the floor, open the door with his mouth and get his master a beer. He even goes back to close the door after he delivers the beverage.

“The Most Unusual and Amazing Dog Tricks”

An Australian Shepherd and a smaller dog kick off this video when classical music is played, and they assume a waltzing dance position. These amazing pooches have been so well trained that they perform some of the most amazing dance tricks to the music, with each other and with their owner. If you don’t watch another single video on the list, we strongly recommend this one. It’s not a funny video, because it’s so amazing that these dogs behave like professionally trained dancers. You absolutely have to see this one and show it to your friends who are dog lovers as well. Have you ever seen a dog load a CD into a portable player then close the lid so it will play? If not, you can see it here.

“How To Teach Your Dog Tricks, Controlling Your Siberian Husky”

If you’re impressed with the mind blowing tricks that you’ve seen some dogs perform, but don’t believe that your dog can learn, you should definitely watch this video. This guy taught his Siberian Husky some really great tricks and he also has mastered control of the dog. If you’re the owner of this breed or another that is just as headstrong and stubborn, then this is proof that your dog can be controlled and learn tricks too. This video is an inspiration for stubborn dog owners around the world.

“Dog Trick Tutorial: “Cover your eyes!!”

Just when you think you’ve seen every trick in the book, someone comes up with a new dog trick. This is a tutorial video that shows you how you can teach your dog to cover his eyes with his paws. It’s a cute and adorable trick that you will get a laugh out of and it will thrill your friends and family members as well. The video is made very well and the instructions are simple and easy to understand. You’ll learn step by step how to teach your dog to do the same thing. Be warned, that this is a very advanced trick and it will take a little more time and patience, but according to the instructor, anyone can teach any dog to do this if they are willing to put in a little time and effort.

Teach Your Dog to do a Trust Fall Trick

Chloe is an instructor that does an amazing job of teaching her dog some amazing tricks. In this video she shows us how to teach a dog to do a trust fall. It’s hard enough to get a human being to give it a try. This is one of the things that makes this trick so amazing. Obviously, your dog has to know that he can trust you before he is going to be willing to do the trick, so if this is one that you’re interested in learning, you’d better build an excellent rapport with your pet.

“How to Teach Your Dog to Say Prayers | Dog Tricks”

By watching this instructional video, you can learn how to teach your dog to say his prayers. This is an amazing trick that instructor Andrea Arden shows us how to teach. It is broken down into multiple parts. Before she begins the lesson, she explains that this certain trick is not just one thing that your dog is learning to do. It is several which are put together one right after the other. It involves teaching your dog to put his paws up on an elevated object, then bending his body down, then putting his head down on the surface of the object his paws are on so it appears that he’s saying his prayers. You’re going to need a pocketful of treats for this one so come prepared. This one is an advanced trick, but don’t let that put you off or scare you. All it will take is just a little more time and patience. It will be well worth any effort that you put in. Everyone who sees your dog performing this trick will be impressed and truly amazed with both you and your pooch.

“Dog Tricks : Sitting Pretty Dog Trick”

The instructor of this video shows us how to teach a larger dog to perform the sitting pretty dog trick. She breaks it down into simple steps that are easy to follow. With a hand full of treats, you’ll have your dogs full attention which makes it easy to get him to do what you want. You begin by having him stand on his back legs, which is harder for larger dogs, but not impossible. She shares some great tips which include teaching while your dog is standing close to a wall so he doesn’t tip over. She shows us how to coax him with treats to pull his paws up off the ground as though he’s begging. It’s all in using the treat as a magnet to get the dog to assume the desired position(s), and then giving him the treat when he does it. It takes some repetition so the dog will come to understand exactly what you want him to do, but the technique is very effective.

“Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics”

It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you own, or the size as we discover in this video. This one is a must see for any dog owner who has an interest in teaching their dog new tricks. It inspires us all to believe that we too, are capable of teaching our dogs the basic tricks and more. This video comes highly recommended as a great training tool that is educational and fun to watch. It is especially good for people who own hyper dogs, because the instructor shows us how to work with animals that have this kind of temperament. Yes, even rowdy dogs can be taught new tricks.

“How to Teach a Chihuahua Tricks”

This instructional video is geared towards small chihuahuas, but really, the techniques that are used for teaching dogs new tricks are universal. They can be used with all dog breeds. Andrea Arden is a celebrity dog trainer and she shows us some amazing tricks that can be easily taught to these tiny dogs. There are some tricks that small dogs can learn more quickly and easily. By watching this training video you’ll learn a lot of important information about your chihuahua and you’ll also learn how to teach him some pretty amazing new tricks. Andrea explains each step of the process carefully which makes it easy to follow and to repeat with your dog at home.

“Trick Teaching – Twirl & Through Legs”

Here, we learn how to teach our dogs to perform the Twirl and spin trick. This instructional video lays out each step clearly and demonstrates as it is being explained in detail. You start with the old luring technique. Begin with a treat concealed in your closed hand. Allow the dog to sniff it so he knows that it is there. This hand has now become a magnet that will become the focus of the dog and you can get him to assume nearly any body position just by moving it in the direction that you want him to go. This is an amazing trick and we recommend watching so you can see how this trick is done by the pros.

“Dog Tricks Tutorial: Teach Skateboarding”

Here is yet another amazing trick that you can teach your dog. You can actually teach him to skateboard. While he’s not likely to enter or win any competitions, it’s quite a feat to get any dog to get on a skateboard and stay on it while it’s moving. This is an advanced trick that will require a little extra time, effort and patience, but the end result will be so phenomenal that it will be worth the effort. You don’t need to be a professional trainer to teach your dog this trick. All you need to do is watch this video and follow the step by step instructions until your dog understands what it is that you want him to do. It will be fun for both you and your beloved pet, not to mention the attention that you’ll both get for stunned onlookers who will find it hard to believe their eyes.

“Dog Tricks Made Easy – The “Crawl”

The Crawl is a cool trick that isn’t one of the basics, but it isn’t that difficult to teach either. Your dog can learn this trick in just three easy steps. You need to start wtih a pocket full of treats. You’ll use these to lure him into the positions and taking th actions that are desired and with just a little patience and practice, he’ll learn this nifty trick. You can find out how to do it by watching this video.

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