20 Things Only Doberman Pinscher Owners Would Understand

If you’re the owner of a Doberman Pinscher, then you understand that they are a special breed of dog that have unique behaviors and needs. They may come across to the neighbors as a threat to be avoided, but you know better.

They are a popular breed and although some people believe that they are mean natured and dangerous, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any dog has the capacity to be vicious if mistreated, but when properly raised and trained, Dobermans are loving and affectionate pets.

If you’re a fan of Dobermans and are just considering bringing one into your life, then you’ll find some useful information here. There are some things that truly, only Dobie owners would get, and these are the things that can be both frustrating and endearing.

All potential Dobie parents should be aware that the dog can steal your heart in a flash. Here are twenty things that only Doberman Pinscher owners would understand.

1. Your dog talks to you

Dobie owners known that they are a very vocal dog and there are several different ways that they express themselves. They’re not shy about letting you know when they need to go outside, or if their food or water dish is running low.

This talkative dog can make a variety of different sounds including a bark, a yip, a moan, a low growl or some unintelligible mumble in response to the things that you tell him.

Dobermans are fun to carry on conversations with and they’re especially talkative when they’re feeling sorry for themselves. You’ll swear that your dog knows how to say words in English, and it might really sound that way.

2. Your dog is a goof ball

Dobermans are hilarious dogs that know how to be entertaining. They love your attention and when they’re doing something silly and you laugh, they’ll repeat the behaviors. That is unless, it’s an accident that embarrasses them.

These dogs are experts at clowning around and when they’re feeling happy, they’ll leave burn marks in the floor racing around you to show their elation.

They may look serious, but Dobermans who are well-adjusted and living with a loving family repay the kindness by putting on a few good shows for the ones they love and enjoy being around.

3. Your Dog is a living, breathing vacuum cleaner

You may not have to ever vacuum again after a dinner party. Dobermans love to come behind their family and clean up the spoils that may have spilled on the floor. If you’re not careful, they’ll scoop up all the crumbs or spills before you have time to bend over and pick them up.

Of course you can train your dog not to do this, but it’s going to take some serious effort and self-control on both your parts during the process. This could be a problem when he’s a puppy, so it’s important to keep all dangerous things off the floor and out of his reach.

4. He’s your new bathroom valet

This is especially true if your Dobie is a puppy when you get him. Your dog will follow you into the bathroom and try to push his way inside, just to be with you. Unless you teach him otherwise, this behavior will continue into his adult years.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the toilet or taking a shower. He will insist on being a part of anything that you do and the bathroom is one of the places he’s sure to follow. If you won’t let him come inside, he’ll wait outside the door until you emerge.

This can be a good thing if it’s dark outside and you’ve just watched a spooky movie. Beware if you’re still wet from the shower because he’ll try to lick the water off your skin.

5. He refuses to go on a guilt trip with you

While other dogs may hang their heads and slink away, your Doberman isn’t really into playing these kinds of games. He’ll look you right in the eye after he’s chewed up your shoe and give you that “What?” kind of look.

He has high self esteem and if he’s made a mistake, he’ll learn if you train him not to do something, but don’t expect him go feel too guilty about it. Unless you really make a big deal out of it, he’d be just as happy if you both forgot the whole incident and moved on.

6. He is a creature of habit, and one of them is waking you up

Your Doberman can take a nap any time he wants, but you are on a sleep schedule. He doesn’t really get this and when he thinks that it’s time for you to wake up, he’s going to do the honors himself. It doesn’t matter if its 5 in the morning or during an afternoon power nap. If he wants your attention and you’re unavailable, he’s going to give you a nudge until you wake up and give him some love.

7. Your bed is his bed

Go ahead and get your Doberman his own bed. He may really enjoy sleeping in it, but when he wants to be near you, he’ll abandon even the most luxurious dog bed just to spend some time with you.

This loving dog is the most comfortable when he can smell your scent and feel you near him. He isn’t always like this, but there are going to be times when he wants to get into bed with you.

If you leave your door open at night, don’t be surprised if you wake up to a dog snoring at your feet. If you don’t like having the dog in bed with you, he’ll respond if you teach him to stay off the furniture, but he’ll still end up sleeping on the floor beside you. Please understand, it’s all out of love and devotion.

8. He’ll form a close connection with you

Dobermans have a way of working into your heart. They have so many adorable ways that it’s nearly impossible to keep an emotional distance from them. Your dog will be there when nobody else is around.

If the family is all mad at you and not speaking, he’s happy to let you know that he still loves you. He’d do anything within his power for you, and you come to feel the same way about him because this type of loyalty is hard to find in the world. You’re a fortunate pet parent, but he feels like the honor is all his.

9. He may run you out of a room now and then

Some of the most vile odors are generated by Dobermans. They are known to pass some of the most foul gas on the planet. This is one really good reason not to allow anyone to feed your dobie table scraps.

Some dog foods may even cause this, so once you find a brand that works well for him, stick with it. Dobermans have been known to break wind that makes the entire family run to open the windows and doors. Just keep a can of room spray on hand and if you’re camping in a tent with him, we don’t know what to tell you.

10. He’ll protect your home and family

You’ll appreciate the fact that your Doberman has a natural instinct to protect the lives and property of the people that he loves. When he goes on hyper-alert, he’s quick to investigate and report back. If something isn’t right or if he senses that there is a stranger nearby, he’ll let you know, usually through a whine, a growl or a bark.

You won’t need to worry about being taken by surprise when he’s on duty because it is his job to sound the alarm, whether you want him to or not. In addition, he won’t tolerate any stranger treating you or the other family members rough, even if it’s just rowdy play.

If he doesn’t know that it’s a game, there is the possibility that he’ll defend his own, so bear this in mind. He’s not a vicious dog, but he is protective.

11. He thinks you should share everything with him

Your dog thinks that he is an important part of the family, and while this is true, it doesn’t necessarily entitle him to share in everything you eat or do, but just try to convince him of this. If you’re playing a game, he wants to be included.

If you’re enjoying a snack why didn’t you get him one too? You must understand that your dog is convinced that what’s yours is also his and this includes food, time and attention. Nevermind the fact that you already provide him with nutritious doggy treats, play games with him and give him lots of love and attention. It’s simply not enough unless he says so.

While he’ll conform to your wishes when you use enough positive reinforcement training on him, he’ll still believe that he has exclusive ownership rights over you. You’re his human, but he’s also your dog, so all in all, it ends up being a fair and equitable exchange.

12. Give him toys or pay the consequences

From the time that your Doberman is a puppy until he is an old dog, he will need to have his own toys. There are a few very good reasons for this. All dogs have a natural instinct to chew and there is nothing that can prevent this, so it’s best to provide him with things that will satisfy the urge.

It’s worse when they’re getting new teeth in, but it never really goes away. If he doesn’t have chew toys, he’s obliged to find something convenient in the house to substitute. It really is your responsibility to provide him with these necessities.

The second reason is that he needs to have a few things that will keep him amused, and that he knows, belong to him and him alone. It helps to distract him from more destructive activities and it’s a good training tool that lets you show him the difference between what is his and what is not.

When he’s in trouble for chewing on the couch cushion, you can redirect him to his own toys, so really, they are indispensible when you own a Dobie or any other dog breed for that matter.

13. He is trustworthy, but only to a point

Dobermans are loyal to their owners and they respond well to training. You can trust your dog to guard your home, your family and to keep you informed when something isn’t right, but there are a few things that you should never trust him with.

One of them is your full dinner plate. Once you dish up, don’t leave it down because the temptation will be so great that he’ll be in agony, weighing the consequences. Another is a pot roast or turkey left to rest on the counter before carving.

Even if he knows better, do you really want to take the chance on his ability to be an oak? Hey, he’s only canine and every now and then, he’s going to make a mistake here and there.

14. You can’t guilt him, but he can guilt you

Go ahead, we dare you…look into his eyes when he’s begging and just try to resist. Dobermans have eyes and facial expressions that communicate in the most moving ways. He’ll tilt his head to the side and furrow his brows to get you to fold.

If this doesn’t work, he may resort to the wide eyed stare and hold your gaze just long enough to make you feel guilty about depriving him of the tiny little pleasure that he so richly deserves. It gets worse when he flops at your feet and sighs deeply.

Yes, Dobermans are experts at taking you on a guilt trips, and if you own one, you’ve probably already packed your bags in resignation.

15. Your dog is a contortionist

Dobermans sleep in some of the most bizarre positions. It’s because they are trying to get comfortable, but they’ll fall asleep in some weird positions that really don’t look very comfy at all.

They’re known for draping themselves over chairs, couch arms or even sleeping with their heads hanging over the edge of the bed. Don’t be surprised if you see your dog sleeping in an upside down position either.

If you don’t believe it, check out a few of the videos that are posted on YouTube. These incredible dogs are so flexible that they can assume positions that would leave a human with a stiff neck, a backache, or at a minimum, a dead leg.

16. He’ll take you down if you don’t establish the alpha status

All Doberman owners know the importance of letting their dogs know from day one that they are the boss. If you don’t, your dog will attempt to boss you around and rule the roost.

You don’t want him to get the upper hand on you because he’ll think he can get away with rough play including biting and taking your legs right out from under you. All you really need to do is let your new pup know who’s boss and remain consistent with him. It won’t take long before he knows that your word is law.

Don’t let up on this, even if he melts your heart like butter. It’s one of the cardinal rules of Doberman ownership. He needs you to be a strong leader because it’s in his and your best interest.

17. You are under constant surveillance when you have food

There is an experience that you’ll have repetitively when you own a Doberman. Every time that you sit down to enjoy a meal, you’ve have a set of eyes on you, watching your every move.

This happens when you’re walking around with a bag of chips or if you’re enjoying a hot dog or even a piece of Beef Jerky. He won’t take his eyes off you because he is intent on making you miserable to the point of sharing what you have with him. Plus, you might drop something, then he’ll have the opportunity to dash in and grab it for a quick snack.

Your dog makes a great detective, and not much gets past him. This habit could become annoying, but really, its a part of who he is and this habit could also be seen as amusing. If it bothers you, try turning your back or going into another room to eat. You’ll have to close the door though, or he’ll follow you and continue the stare down.

18. Just when you think he’s an adult the evil puppy appears

Dobermans are quite capable of maturing into an amazing well rounded adult dog. They are as trustworthy as any canine can be, and with proper training, you’ll have an intelligent dog with good manners and a stately appearance.

You’ll be proud of what he’s grown into, but just when you think you’ve put all of the nonsense of the puppy stage behind you, he’ll do something to remind you that his inner puppy is still alive and well. It may be something as horrible as getting your favorite pair of shoes torn asunder, or the daily newspaper left in shreds all over the carpet.

You can count on having a few setbacks along the way, but as your dog ages, you’ll appreciate the times that he’s playful, even when he’s old. It will remind you of that horrible puppy that was so destructive, and so vital, playful and special. There are more good times than bad, and when your dog is old, you’ll want to see that puppy again whenever he re-emerges.

19. He acts independent, but he relies on you

Through all the stages of your dog’s life, he’ll act like he can do things for himself, but the truth of the matter is that he relies on you for everything. When he’s a puppy, you toilet train him and teach him right from wrong.

You give him good food, plenty of water and a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in at night. When he’s scared, you comfort him and when he’s energetic, you take him for a walk or play a game with him.

Make sure that you get him to his medical screenings and keep him healthy. Give him attention, affection and a loving family. You keep him warm when it’s cold outside and give him toys to play with so he doesn’t get bored.

What he gives you in return is far more than the investment that you’ve made in him. Your dog needs you, but you soon learn that you need him to. He’s a member of your family and you fall in love with him, for better or worse, he’s your dog.

20. He’s the best friend that you’ve ever had

When your Doberman is an old man and it’s hard for him to get up and move around, you’ll miss the times that he would beg you to play with him, or go for a walk. This is perhaps the hardest part of being a Doberman owner.

You’ve done everything that you can for him including teaching him what he needed to know, giving him nutritious food, taking him in to the vet’s office for regular checkups and giving him all the love and affection in your heart.

As he ages, you’ll remember the good times that you had together and you’ll be sad when he no longer has the energy to run around the yard with you. As his time draws near, you’ll feel your heart being torn from its place in your chest, but now is the time that your best friend needs you the most.

He’s been there as a loyal friend through thick and through thin, and as he makes his journey from this world, all he really wants is to know that you are there with him. You are the one who can give him the comfort that will make his passing less frightening.

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