The Untold Truth about the Warlock Doberman

There are many things in this world that people tend to think, the bigger, the better. When it comes to big, protective dogs, this is one of them. Dobermans are naturally a large dog. Warlocks are typically built very sleek and muscular. They have unmatchable speed and agility, and are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. They are unmistakable in their looks, with their tall, pointed ears, and their black and tan coats.

The Doberman was originally bred for protective purposes. It was bred with certain attributes in mind. It needed to be loyal, fast, strong, agile, intelligent, and it was. However, rather than continuing on with the breed as it was, over time, the desire for bigger and better was pushed into the world of Doberman breeding.

The Named “Warlock” 

The Dobermans were popular dogs in the 70’s, and particularly, the Warlock Doberman. The name, Warlock” derived from a Doberman of the 1950’s. His full name was Borong the Warlock and he belonged to Theodosia and Henry Frampton who had a litter of Doberman puppies, from which one of them Henry became attached to and he named him Borong the Warlock. Henry trained Borong and began showing him. He was such a fine specimen of a Doberman, that he also began to breed him. Borong was sire to many litters of Dobermans and was legendary.

Over time during the 1970’s, Doberman breeders decided they wanted to get bigger and more fierce Dobermans, and began breeding Dobermans with other breeds to increase their size and their fierceness. 

 One of the breeds Dobermans were bred with, were Grate Danes. This gave them the massive size, and for an increase in their fierceness, breeders used the Rottweiler to interbreed Dobermans with. When the different mixed breeds were born, they were called Warlock Dobermans, and the name stuck and they became very popular dogs.

Since then, large Dobermans are marketed as Warlock Dobermans. Breeders purposefully try to link the term with their bloodline in order to earn more in each sale, when the bottom line is, it is just a term and not a real “type” of dog, or Doberman. Most people call it a legend and say that it means nothing more than breeders trying to fool their potential clients.

What’s in a Name?

Legitimate Doberman breeders know that for one, Warlock Dobermans are just regular Dobermans and the term is simply just a name. They also know that to try to create bigger Dobermans is not in the best interest of the dogs. Too large of Dobermans means many more potential health risks for the dogs. They are meant to be lean and muscular, and too much body mass is harmful for them in many ways. The recommendation for those who are interested in purchasing a Doberman, is to keep an eye out for those who advertise having Warlock Dobermans for sale. If they do, and are asking more money for their pups than the average Doberman, turn away quickly and find a reputable Doberman breeder.

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