20 Things Only Pug Owners Would Understand

Pugs are among the most social, friendly and fun loving dog breeds on the planet. They make the best family dogs and loyal companions. While there are plenty of positive things that we can say about Pugs in general, each dog has its own individual personality and preferences. They’re not only cute as a button, they have a way of working into your heart, even if you’re not a fan of dogs. They are so remarkable, but they indeed are a one of a kind breed. Here are twenty things that only a pug owner would understand.

1. Pugs are sharp dressers

This is something that proud pug owners will attest to. Pugs are the top breed for people to dress. Part of the reason is that there are so many cute clothing items that are made for them, that it’s hard to resist. They’re a cute dog, but the wardrobe essentials that are so artfully advertised, lure Pug owners in and soon, their pup has a huge selection of shirts, slippers and socks. It doesn’t stop there either. Pug owners have been known to wear shirts and to carry coffee cups that announce to the world that they are proud owners of a pug. Some even have pics of their pups on the T-shirts. Let this serve as a warning that if you’re considering becoming a Pug owner, you are going to be the target of some hard to resist marketing schemes.

2. Pugs can’t stand to disappoint you

Let’s face it, regardless of how amazing your pug is, all of these pups require training. Sometimes they do things that get them into trouble. When a put displeases their owner, they feel terrible. It gets worse when they attempt to guilt you with their sad eyes and heaving sighs of contrition. Only a pug owner would know that it’s a big deal to a pug, to have their owners upset with them. They are the happiest when they’re getting positive attention, cuddles, hugs and love. If you are annoyed with your pug and you won’t give him attention when he wants it, he will keep trying until you make him stop. They get their feelings hurt when their owners won’t show them attention, so it’s important to make certain that your pug knows you love him, even if you can’t spare much time. A little pat on the head or rub on the tummy can go a long ways in reassuring him that he’s still your boy.

3. Your pug will be your stalker

If you don’t believe this, take a piece of pizza into the next room with you. Let your pug see you eating and you won’t be able to escape them. Move from one room to another with a plate or a snack in your hand and it drives them crazy. You can teach them not to beg, and they won’t openly do that, but they will manage to “appear” whenever you’re doing something that is food related. They are the biggest stalkers in existence. They are connoisseur’s of all good foods. They are smart enough to know that no matter how careful you are, you are apt to trip up and drop a piece onto the ground. When you do, they’re going to be on it with vampire like speed to slick it up faster than you can bend over and retrieve the crumbs.

4. Your pug will depend on you for everything

This small and affectionate little dog has his independent side, but he still relies on you for everything he will need to be happy and healthy. Pugs tend to develop certain health issues, so it is important to take them in for regular checkups with the vet. Take good care of his teeth so he won’t have dental issues, because this could make it hard for him to eat his food. He will also need to have plenty of attention from you because of the nature of his personality. Pugs thrive on love and attention. They are more than happy to give you tons of affection, but they really do need to get it back. It’s a give and take relationship with pugs and if they are ignored or neglected, their overall health is likely to suffer. This is a serious consideration for anyone who is thinking about becoming a new pug owner. They will require a lot of time and effort from you. If you do not have the time to spend with your pug, this may not be the best breed to choose. If you are in a position to give a new pug a moderate amount of attention, the situation will work out wonderfully for both of you. You’ll gain a new pal that will make you know that you are the center of their world.

5. You can’t escape the eyes

Pugs are notorious for knowing when you’re going to sit down for a meal or even just a snack. They have a strong drive to watch you eat. Right after taking a big bite, you may glance down to find a pair of huge eyes studying your every move. They know that if they stare at you long enough, they can wear you down. Even when you try to hide to enjoy a quick bite, they’ll seek you out for a staring match.

6. Puppies for life

Pugs are fun and active puppies but just when you think that they have finally outgrown the puppy stage, they will revert. You may find your well-behaved boy engaging in a few behaviors that you didn’t really appreciate when he was in his juvenile years. It’s also common for older Pugs to surprise you just like a puppy would.  In one sense this can be fun but in another, there comes a point where you might want to have a mature dog so it’s something to consider if you want to own a pug.

7. They know how to guilt trip you

Pugs are experts at using their highly expressive eyes to guilt trip you. They can melt your heart with a glance or make you feel sorry for them if they’ve been scolded or if you’re not sharing your snack with them. Your pug knows how to push your buttons and pull your heart strings. If you’re made of stone, they’ll turn you to butter. Only Pug owners will understand this.  Also, just how often do you give in?  How about ALL the time?!!?!?!

8. Turning their head is a way of communicating

This is something that is definitely unique to Pugs. They have a way of cocking their heads that signals a host of different meanings. You’ll get to know which pose means they have a question, or which one is saying ” ya gotta be kidding me,” or if they are just trying to lay a guilt trip on you. Pugs have body language that is one of a kind.  Any owner can attest to this.  Each pug is like a unique snowflake and they’re way different than other breeds.

9. They assume bizarre sleeping positions

Pugs are notorious for contorting their bodies when they nap or sleep. It’s something that is difficult to describe unless you’re right there when it happens. They are creatures who enjoy comfort and they will twist and turn until they find just the right position. They may drape themselves over the arm of a couch or chair, or take a nap in a pile of laundry because they can move the clothes into the shape that they want to get comfortable.


10. You gain a new bed mate

Your pug will start climbing into bed with you the moment that they are big enough to jump up onto it. They love sleeping in your bed with you and it is difficult to persuade them to sleep anywhere else. When it is bed time they will even lead the way for you.  Just remember, we’re talking bed mates for life so if you’re not prepared to have a pug join you during sleep time, it’s probably best you don’t have on.


11. They are opinionated

Pugs do form their own opinions on different situations that once they make up their minds, it’s hard to change them. They tend to be stubborn about things. If you want to go one way on your walk, and they want to go another, it’s liable to turn into a battle of the wills.  While Pugs can’t speak a human language, verbal language is never needed.  You’ll know what they mean within days of owning one.

12. Pugs are comedians

Ask any owner and they’ll tell you that their pug keeps them richly entertained. This isn’t by accident either. Pugs have an amazing sense of humor and they can tell when they are making their owners happy. If they can make you smile, they feel satisfied because they’re natural hams and they love to entertain.  Also, let’s face it.  Their cute faces are enough to laugh at on a daily basis anyway don’t you think?

13. They’ll shower you with affection

Pugs are the most loving dogs on earth. They will greet you when you come through the door and jump in your lap when you sit down. They also enjoy giving and receiving cuddles. You’ll discover that your Pug loves to give his family kisses, so it’s a good idea to have a towel handy.  If there’s one thing we’re sure of when it comes to pug ownership, it’s that as an owner you’ll have a very tough time being lonely as long as one of these cuties is around.

14. Sometimes they act like cats

This is the honest to goodness truth. Pugs have catlike tendencies and this is one of the reasons why most of them get along so famously with their feline friends. They love to bat things around, and your pug may spring off of his bed to pounce on a toy, or the family cat, just for the fun of it.  While cat like behavior is sometimes in their nature, all in all you’ll know this breed acts more like a dog than any dogs out there.

15. Pugs can be lazy

While younger pugs will play until they are worn out, mature dogs have a tendency to laze around the house. They take frequent naps and just enjoy sitting beside their owners while you watch your favorite programs on the television. They’re also known for kicking back and looking out the window on a lazy day. They may not feel like playing with you all the time, particularly if it is time for an afternoon nap.

16. Pugs invade your territory

These dogs are famous for following you everywhere you go. They want to be near you wherever you are, whether it’s gardening in the back yard, or cooking a meal in the kitchen. They also feel the need to accompany you to the bathroom. If they happen to get in there while you’re taking a bath, they really do enjoy licking the water off of your skin. Be prepared to lose your personal privacy.

17. Pugs are nosy

They are little critters who have a need to know what’s going on. Pug owners can relate to this hard core. It seems that when you’re the busiest, they are the most inquiring. They’ve just got to see for themselves what you are up to. Mending clothing can be particularly challenging when your pug tries to examine your needle and thread, close up and personal!

18. Pugs are empathetic

These loving little creatures instinctively know when you’re sad. They seem to understand when you are down and they only want to make you feel better. Don’t be surprised when your pug climbs into your lap and quietly sits with you when you’re down. They just seem to know, and you may get a more reserved lick on the hand from them as though they are trying to reassure you that it’s going to be alright.

19. They snore

Pugs are some of the loudest sleepers on the planet. Don’t be alarmed when you hear snorts and grunts. They are reminiscent of a muted chain saw in the distance. Some owners have actually been awakened at night by the snores and other little noises that their pug is making. They are adorable, nonetheless. Snoring seems to get worse then they are exposed to very dry environments so if your pug’s snoring is keeping you awake at night, you may want to try a humidifier to moisten the air a little. You should notice a difference.

20. Pug owners are easy to spot

We’ve all heard the saying “it takes one to know one,” and one pug owner can spot another by the hair that they’re wearing on their clothing. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, they do shed, although not as much as some other breeds. It’s more along the lines of moderate shedding. Next, and probably the biggest reason is that your pug insists on being in close physical proximity to you. They love physical contact and with rub their fur against you until you pick them up. With so much contact, even if they weren’t shedders, you’d still end up wearing some of the hair.

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