20 Things That Only Weimaraner Owners Would Understand

Weimaraner owners live a unique lifestyle that includes parenting a dog that can be the most amazing and loyal companion, while trying your patience at times. Each breed has their own peculiarities and behavioral tendencies, and Weimaraner’s are no exception.

While each dog is an individual with his or her own special personality there are some generalizations that can be made with a degree of accuracy. These are 20 things that only Weimaraner owners would understand. Some of them will make them smile and others will generate a sigh of resignation.

1. Goofiness is a part of the job

Weimaraner owners will nod in agreement that this dog has some intensely silly moments. It usually happens when the dog becomes intrigued with something new, a stray animal, a bird in the yard or some other thing that he doesn’t understand.

He’s going to investigate even if you caution him not to. The results are often hilarious because of the expressive eyes and the facial features that he uses to communicate what he is thinking.

It’s entertaining to watch a Weimaraner when he’s playing because he will go for it with gusto, even if it means taking a tumble now and then. He just shakes himself off and goes back at it.

He may be daring at times and this sets him up for some hilarious pratfalls, but he doesn’t mind if you laugh because he is focused on having a good time.

2. He will get your attention no matter what

Weimaraner’s love to have the full attention of their favorite humans and this is not negotiable. They are not boorish by nature, but they do crave the attention and affection of their owners. If you’re pulling weeds in the yard, you are apt to be disturbed by your helpful pet who wants to get in on the action and be a part of what you’re doing.

He’ll insinuate himself in between you and any task that you’re trying to accomplish, but it’s all for a good reason. It’s because he wants to be near you because he loves you.

3. You acquire a second shadow

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Weimaraner’s with the name shadow? It’s because when they are puppies, they follow you wherever you go. When you leave one room to go to another, turn around, because nine times out of ten he will be on your heels just like your shadow.

It’s not as bad as it may seem, you’ll learn in time to keep an eye on the floor so you don’t trip over him. When he gets bigger (and he will), there will be less risk of injuring him if he does trip you.

The danger for you, however, goes up because he always manages to be around. Keep your eyes peeled when he’s young. As he begins to mature, he won’t feel the need to accompany you everywhere you go.

4. You’ll swear he’s a human

Weimaraner’s are a breed that really do remind you of humans and part of the reason is that they think they are. When one of these amazing dogs joins your family, it’s all the way. He expects to be in the loop on what’s happening.

He’ll carry on a conversation with you when he wants something or is feeling good. This breed isn’t yappy, but they do become vocal when they feel the need. They’ve even been known to lie their heads on a pillow at night, on their backs with paws neatly folded over the covers.

This is one of the cutest things that we’ve seen our Weimaraner’s do. They assume some of the behaviors of their human family members and they’re very expressive creatures.

5. They love repetition

Your Weimaraner is a creature of habit and once he develops a routine, it is expected. If you don’t participate in a daily walk, or deliver his food and water, you’ll know about it. Even if your pup isn’t one of the more vocal ones, watch his body language.

He has his ways of letting you know that it’s time to play, time to toilet, time to eat or time to go for a walk. They are particularly fond of playing games of fetch. They’ll play the same game if you’ll participate.

When you’ve had enough, your dog is probably going to drop the ball into your lap and look at you with pleading eyes. Your best recourse is to wear him out so he wants to take a nap.

6. Snuggles are mandatory

Weimaraner’s who are properly socialized and raised in a loving home can’t seem to get enough of hugs, snuggles and physical contact. They love to be touched by their family members.

When you sit on the couch, he’ll lie beside you if allowed, and place his head in your lap. You may find that he has a habit of putting one paw on your leg. These behaviors are entertaining, but they are also endearing. It shows how truly affectionate these dogs are with their loved ones.

7. They are nose nudgers

This is one of the funniest and most unique behaviors that is common with Weimaraner’s. They use their noses to make contact with you. If you aren’t paying enough attention to your pup, he is likely to push his nose under your arm or hand to nudge you and let you know that he either wants to play or be petted.

He doesn’t like to take no for an answer. If you’re stern with him, he will usually back off because he isn’t a belligerent type dog, but it’s hard to resist the cute little demands that he makes on his owners.

The more you give in to his demands, the more he will think that it’s an acceptable practice to nudge you with his nose, so if you find this an annoying habit, it’s best to break him of it when he is young.

8. He’s a natural born hunter

You can take the dog out of the hunting grounds, but you cannot take the hunter out of the dog. Weimaraner’s are exceptional hunters and when they are on the scent of a bird or small animal, you may not be able to reach them.

This is one of those times when your pup will fix his full attention on the trail that he has picked up and his instinct will push him to follow the scent until it leads to his prey or a dead end. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to listen to you, he’s just doing what comes naturally.

You may be in for a workout if he does this in a wide-open space, so it may be best to keep him on a strong leash when you take a walk in the country. Weimaraner’s tend to think with their noses and this gives them a one-track mind.

Weimaraner at show

9. He has a healthy appetite and then some

If you are the owner of a Weimaraner then you understand that the off switch that signals fullness after a meal seems to be broken with your dog. They’ll eat their dinner and keep looking for more.

While it’s good that he has a healthy appetite, it can also be a drawback. He keeps you busy making sure that he doesn’t eat something that he isn’t supposed to. This includes chewing on carpets, drapery ties and anything else he can fit into his mouth.

If you have more than one pet, you’ll need to be vigilant to make sure that everybody gets their fair share of the food. The fact that he’s energetic means that he will burn off a few extra calories, but overeating could become a problem that leads to obesity as he ages and begins to slow down.

Weimaraners are judged in one of the rings

10. Your Weimaraner makes you smile frequently

This dog tends to be zany and animated. he loves to play and he usually takes the time out to show you some affection. The actions of a Weimaraner are enough to keep you smiling when you’re not tearing your hair out.

They are attractive and intelligent dogs who love to interact with people and other pets. They’re adventurous and there are times when fear doesn’t seem to register with them. You’ll be amazed at the entertaining and endearing things that your Weimaraner does. Only owners of this sweet and funny dog breed fully understand this.

11. Your dog is a natural athlete

If you’re considering adopting a Weimaraner puppy, get ready for the most enjoyable ride of your life. You’ll also need to make plans to include your pup in a variety of physical activities. Weimaraner’s are working dogs who are the happiest when they have something to do.

These dogs have a good musculature that borders a sculpted look in the more developed animals who get plenty of exercise. They are medium in size and love to play games that include catching flying discs, fetching sticks and balls and they gave a hunter’s genetic that can kick in at any time.

They have compact webbed feet which makes them good swimmers and they’ll jump into the water to retrieve a favorite toy or to join their favorite person in a water sport.

12. Their eyes communicate with you

Weimaraner’s have eyes that are more wide set which make them look larger. The eye colors range from light amber to gray or a bluish gray. They are expressive and you dog will give you looks that communicate a wide range of emotions.

In time, you’ll learn that a certain look is inquisitive, another is pleading and another will represent a demand for your attention. This is one of the traits of the breed that makes them seem so human like.

It is also one of the reasons why they are so popular as family pets. People can easily relate to Weimaraner’s because they can form meaningful bonds and connections with their family members.

13. Produce the toys or pay the consequences

This is a fact about Weimaraner’s that will make current or past owners smile and shake their heads in agreement. While not an overly aggressive or destructive dog by nature, if your Weimaraner gets bored, he is more likely to engage in destructive behaviors.

This dog needs to have something to do that keeps him entertained. High quality toys that are safe and rugged enough to stand up to the abuse of your dog are recommended. Chewing is an instinctual behavior, particularly in puppies.

It’s almost a requirement to provide your pup with chew toys to satisfy the chewing urge if you want to protect your personal possessions from this compulsion. When he chews up your shoes or eats a hole in a sock, he’s not trying to be a bad boy, he’s just doing what puppies do, but you still need to let him know that it isn’t okay.

Weimaraners are judged

14. Your dog is a minimal shedder

Weimaraner’s do shed, but their coats are short and smooth that fits tightly against their entire bodies. You shouldn’t have a problem with large amounts of dog hair on the carpeting or furniture.

It’s a good practice to give him a good brushing once a week to remove any loose hair, and because it will bring the two of you closer together. Since Weimaraner’s enjoy physical contact with their owners, the time spent grooming will be a wonderful experience that he will appreciate.

15. He needs your protection from the cold

One glance at a Weimaraner and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The short, smooth coat of this dog breed only provides minimal protection from extremely cold temperatures.

This is not a dog that you want to leave outdoors without warm shelter during cold winter months. He is subject to developing hypothermia more quickly than some of the more heavily furred canine breeds.

Weimaraner’s need to be protected from cold winds which can lower their core body temperatures quickly. Since they make such wonderful house pets and are not difficult to train, it’s best to keep them in the house.

Make sure that your dog has a warm place to sleep at night. Give him a bed that is elevated off the floor and placed in a location that is not near a drafty door or window and he will be warm and comfortable all night.

16. You don’t need slippers when you have a Weimaraner

Your Weimaraner isn’t a foot dog in the traditional sense, but he does enjoy curling up to your feet when you’re relaxing in the evening. If you allow him, he’ll also curl up at the bottom of your bed on chilly winter nights.

The reason that he likes to lie on your feet is that it gives him a physical connection with you and this is reassuring for him. When it’s chilly, he also likes sharing body heat with you because it is warm and comfortable for him to know that you are very close to him.

17. He depends on you for everything

Your Weimaraner may come off as being independent, especially when he’s in hot pursuit of a mouse or butterfly, but he really does depend on you for his continued good health and well-being. He doesn’t have the ability to go to the doctor for his regular checkups or when he isn’t feeling good.

This dog can’t tell you what is going on because you don’t speak the same language, so you need to know about the things that can go wrong so you will be able to get him the health care that he needs, when he needs it.

The Weimaraner depends on you to teach him right from wrong so he will know how to behave properly. He needs to learn from the day that he joins your family what you expect from him.

This dog needs consistency when you are training him so he won’t get confused. He is eager to please you and he will do his very best, but he needs your patience and understanding while he is trying to learn right from wrong.

He’ll make mistakes along with way, but he will keep trying as long as you remind him. He needs fresh water and the right amount of food every day to stay healthy.

18. He needs your emotional support to be well-rounded

Weimaraner’s are intelligent dogs and they have a good capacity for learning when they are trained with positive reinforcement methods. Physical punishment is never recommended because it will either result in the breaking of his spirit, or in your dog developing a fear of you instead of loyalty.

As far as dog breeds go, he is not particularly obstinate unless it involves getting your attention. If you train him using proven methods, he is likely to become obedient to you and to respond well to your commands.

He needs your love and attention. Talk to him and you will make his day because any attention from you is a special treat. You will have a loyal and faithful companion for the rest of your life if you give him the love and affection that he needs to feel loved and secure.

19. Your Weimaraner enjoys the company of other pets

This breed is a good choice if you have an additional dog or cat. When he is introduced to other household pets at an early age, he learns that they are also members of the family and there is rarely a conflict based on territoriality.

Weimaraner’s are adaptable dogs that generally get along well with other dogs and even cats, if their exposure begins at an early age. They are not aggressive dogs by nature, unless they experience the urge to hunt, which is entirely possible since the genetic makeup for hunting is in their DNA.

A bird or rabbit on the loose will likely be considered fair game and they will at a minimum give chase. Weimaraner’s are social dogs who enjoy companionship.

Their preference is for human company, but if your work schedule keeps you away for several hours at a time, the next best thing is another family pet that will serve as company for him. If he gets lonely or bored, you could come home to a mess, so bear this in mind before you leave him unattended.

20. He will need you even more when he is old

As your dog passes his prime and becomes elderly, his body will begin to show signs of wear, tear and aging. It is common for Weimaraner’s to develop stiffness in the joints which may even progress to full blown arthritis.

When this happens, it may be more difficult for him to get around. He may need more time to navigate the steps to go outside to toilet. It may take him longer and he might even need your help to get back into the house.

Be patient with him because inside his aging body is the loyal and faithful pet who has given you everything he’s had to give throughout your lives together. He will be more sensitive to extreme temperatures, particularly cold weather.

It may make his joints hurt even worse. It will be up to you to do your best to keep him warm and comfortable. A veterinary may be able to prescribe supplements that will help to lubricate his old joints and relieve the discomfort and give him greater mobility.

Anything that you can do to help him will be appreciated. As he approaches the end of his life, as painful as it might be, he will want you by his side. It’s hard to say goodbye, but this is a fact of life for man and beast.

As he leaves this world, he will be comforted if you are there with him to offer your unconditional love and support. Your face will be the last one that he wants to see as he makes his journey from this life. You’ll have some amazing memories when he is gone and owning him will have been worth all the pain of letting go.

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