Abandoned Dog Spent 6 Years in Shelter and Gets Adopted

The United States has over 13,600 shelters that take in around 7.6 million pets, but only a third of these animals get adopted. Consequently, there is usually a plea for people to give the shelter animals a forever home lest they get euthanized when space becomes too little to accommodate all of them. That is usually the unfortunate ending; therefore, when you hear that an abandoned dog spent six years in a shelter and finally gets adopted, you can only celebrate the good news. Such was the happy outcome of Merrick, who, after spending more than 2000 days in a shelter, finally got to be in a place he would call home forever. Below is the story of the lucky six-year-old dog.

How Merrick ended up in a shelter

When Merrick was only a few months old, his family did not want him anymore. The puppy had developed an abscess on his face, and maybe since they knew the corrective surgery would cost thousands of dollars, Merrick’s family abandoned him at a garage sale. Luckily someone took him to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.

The journey to get him adopted

If Merrick spoke, he would talk of being unwanted from an early age. Even at the shelter, you would expect that someone would fall in love with a puppy and take him home, but that was not the case for Merrick. Instead, he waited for someone to want him enough to give him a forever home, and days turned into almost six years of constant hope. Even the staff at the shelter felt his pain since he is the only dog that had been in the shelter for the longest time, which caused Scott Poore, an animal advocate, to pity Merrick.

Consequently, Scott began trying to get people to adopt him through taking Merrick’s photos and videos and posting them online, but still, no one wanted him. Even on Facebook, the efforts to get Merrick his forever home by informing the public about his love for tennis balls and hiking were still not enough to guarantee him a home.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; for Merrick, that light came in the form of Jordan Nussbaum. Scott was determined to help Merrick get an owner, so he started a fundraiser campaign to raise enough money for renting a billboard. The $3,000 raised enabled Merrick’s portrait to be put up in a billboard asking someone to adopt him. The minute Jordan saw the picture, he knew he wanted Merrick to be his furry friend, thus called his girlfriend to persuade her to allow him to take Merrick home. Jordan believes Merrick was meant to be in the shelter waiting for him until he was ready for another dog because it was love at first sight.

How Merrick is fairing on in his new home

The main reason Merrick may have failed to be adopted is that according to Jordan, the shelter was looking for owners who do not have children but with lots of energy to put up with him. They reasoned that although he was a puppy, the pumped-up energy and large size was too much for children. Additionally, the lack of exposure to children made him a not-so-ideal companion for kids. All in all, Merrick is just like any other dog, and he loves drinking water from the toilet and running around in the backyard enjoying the newfound freedom.

Moreover, Merrick has already begun thinking of his future, considering that he likes a female dog next door and might start a family soon. We will see how the love story unfolds from the Facebook page that was created on March 6, 2020, to update us on the dog’s progress. So far, the page has 3,125 followers, and from the smiles on the photos posted, the canine could not have landed in a better home.

Is Merrick the only one to wait for years without getting adopted?

Merrick was at the shelter for nearly six years, and while that is a long time, some dogs like Pirate had to wait for seven years to be adopted. Pirate remained at Oahu SPCA, Hawaii, for seven years, and although visitors pitied her, no one wanted to take her home until Jennifer and her husband arrived in Hawaii. Jennifer browsed the Oahu SPCA website and fell in love with Pirate’s ears so much that she went to the shelter the following day to see her. The couple eventually adopted Pirate after spending most of their free time with her. They ensured that they made up for all the moments the canine had failed to enjoy by going as far as taking her to the beach and giving her Christmas presents and birthday cakes.

Another similar case is that of Sandi, another dog who spent more than six years at Marion-Grant County Humane Society, Indiana. The 12-year-old dog’s background was not known since all the current employees at the shelter found her there. All was known is that she had been taken to the shelter at six years old. When Erin and Cary Rhodes’ dog passed away, they wanted another one, and since they both are supporters of the shelter, Erin had seen Sandi. She kept thinking about Sandi, thus took him home. It was such a wonderful experience for both the shelter staff and Sandi, so they rolled out a red carpet for Sandi and put a crown on her head as they walked her out of the shelter.

Ginger, on the other hand, had stayed in Dogwood Animal Shelter for nearly eight years and was finally adopted according to GodUpdates. Her picture on social media also attracted Mission Driven, which helped Merrick get adopted. Just like Merrick, Ginger had her share of issues that made her unadoptable. Still, after the social media post went viral, the shelter received 30 adoption applications, and they were able to get her a perfect home.

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