Adoptable Dogs Get Featured on Pizza Boxes

A local pizzeria has started an interesting trend that will hopefully soon be catching on: putting adoptable dogs on pizza boxes. Just Pizza & Wing Co. has floated the idea in hopes that many more dogs will be able to find homes. In late February the bustling chain sprung into action and started putting photos of local dogs on their pizza boxes. Store owner Mary Alloy got the idea with a friend at the local shelter. They both spend plenty of time volunteering, but there is always the urge to do more. Then one night she got a text from her friend Kimberly about a unique idea. They instantly knew it could work, but there was one big hurdle: getting the franchise on board. It’s not always easy to pitch ideas like this to a corporation, but Mary had a few connections and thought that she could get the job done.

With a little sweet-talk and a lot of passion, Mary was able to convince the company to get on board with the adoption idea. But even more impressively, they were willing to offer a $50 gift certificate to anyone who would adopt a dog! This is a wonderful turn of events that made everyone feel good. Perhaps the company thought they would get some promotion, but they would have never guessed what would happen next. As customers started seeing the fliers, they got excited about what the company was doing. It turns out that the dogs were a big hit! People were proud of the local chain for taking a stand for animals. They began to talk about and share the pictures online. From there the entire project went viral. As more people learned about the company, more were willing to support the cause.

Going Viral

As the fliers started to pick up steam, more and more people got in on the act. It wasn’t long before people all over the world were sharing the story of the pizza chain that took a stand. People started ordering pizzas just to see pictures of local dogs! The response was overwhelming as everyone started to rally around the cause. And most importantly, it seems to be working. It only took a few days for the first adoption to occur. This was an event that was widely celebrated in the store. It was nice to know that a team effort could produce such a happy ending. It became clear immediately that this was an idea that would continue to gain traction. The response was too overwhelming to deny. It was soon determined that cats would be the next animal added to the adoption fliers. After all, it makes sense not to ignore our feline friends as well.

A young pup named Larry was the beneficiary of a forever home as a result of the promotion. With this kind of response, it is clear that the fliers are here to stay. Other businesses have even started to copy the strategy in hopes that more eyes would be on more animals. Hopefully this is a trend that continues to changes animals lives for the better. An unintended consequence is that the business has seen a nice boost in terms of visibility and patronage. Many of the customers are on board with the idea and have decided to rally around the chain in hopes that more animals would find forever homes. This is a heartwarming story that many people can relate to, perhaps the chain will carve out a niche of animal lovers and expand its business. Many have already committed to eating there if they get the chance.

Another Shot at Life

Who would have thought that the dogs would steal the show? This could be another shot at life for many dogs who have been left or abandoned. It’s a great marketing tool not only for the restaurant but for the dogs themselves. When people band together they are able to create amazing things. This is just one example of people using their resources to create something bigger. As this story continues to grow it will only add more recognition to the movement. Dogs and Pizza are typically not something that goes together but it turns out that the two make a wonderful combination. Though, everyone is looking forward to the introduction of cats on the adoption fliers. This is a great way to match an animal with an owner. It’s another example of utilizing resources that people did not consider. Perhaps this would make a good case study in a business class one day.

Marketing is very important in this modern digital age. There are so many dogs and cats that would have a perfectly good home if people were made aware of the need. This is part of the genius behind the promotion- pairing dogs with delicious food sets the perfect mood for people to open their heart. It’s no surprise that this anchor makes people a little more open-minded. The hope is that this trend picks up across the country and many people start adopting dogs that would otherwise be without a home. It’s a great example of what win-win thinking can do in business. Not many people anticipated dogs and pizza producing the perfect outcome.


Hopefully this story will inspire the reader in their own way to help animals around the world. It is on each of us to do our part to make sure that animals are taken care of and treated well. Just Pizza & Wing Co. have set a great example of how to make the most out of what they have. If a business can put their neck on the line like that then there is no reason that any given person shouldn’t be able to chip in as well. This is a great lesson in experimenting and trying new things. What happens is often surprising and the outcomes can lead to great things. A big congratulations to everyone involved!

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