Some of the Most Adorable Beagle Mixes Available


Snoopy is the most famous beagle in the world, and his personality seems pretty accurate as far as this breed is concerned. The American Kennel Club describes the beagle as a dog with a “merry” personality and great love of hunting and its family. That makes for a pretty good breed, we’d say. This is a breed that is very naturally curious, into things that make him want to learn more and very happy. The beagle is a loving dog with a big personality, often silly and sprite, and it’s got a wonderful short coat that makes it very easy to groom, it sheds less than some other breeds, and it’s just a sweet animal. It’s intelligent and learns easily, it loves to please people, and it loves to get into whatever looks interesting. Even better, this is a dog that naturally loves other animals and people, so it will have no trouble adapting to a new home. If you’re someone who loves the beagle and wants to look into one of its hybrid breeds, we have a few of the sweetest beagle mixes around to share with you.


The mix between a beagle and a Bichon Frise isn’t quite as furry as the Bichon might be, but the body of this dog looks much more like a Bichon than a beagle, but the face is all beagle. It is a sweet mixture of both and it is said to have a good temperament and a laid-back personality that’s a bit on the mischievous side.  The Bichon Frise has a reputation for being a lovely dog, and it is. And it’s even lovelier, if that’s possible, when mixed with the gorgeous little beagle.


A boxer and a beagle make for a cute combination. Did you know that boxers are hugely popular dogs that make great pets? Did you know that the beagle and the boxer combined is so adorable you won’t be able to pass it up? It’s a bit larger than a beagle, but not as large as a boxer. It seems to have a great combination of both, with the face of a beagle and the coloring of the boxer. This is a dog that has natural protective genes as well as a playful gene. You’ll get the best of both worlds here; a dog that wants to protect its family and make sure all is well within the house and yard, and a dog that thinks it’s a small lap dog and puppy for the rest of its life.

Bea Griffin

The mix between a Brussels Griffon and a beagle is a sweet, small dog. If you haven’t heard of the Brussels Griffon, don’t worry. It looks a bit like a yorkie in terms of size and coloring, and the puppies these two make are so cute you won’t be able to stand it. This is going to make a wonderful pet for someone who wants a small dog at home. This dog is smaller because both of its parents are smaller, but it could be a very excitable and playful dog or it could be a very laid-back animal. The truth is that it’s so cute you won’t really care either way.


The cross between a beagle and a Maltese is sweet. Everyone knows that the Maltese is a small and loving dog with a sweet personality, and so is the beagle. So why not put these two together to create a small dog with a loving personality? It really works well together as a mix. This is a dog that looks a lot like a Maltese with the exception of its very obvious beagle face. Imagine a beagle’s head on the face of Maltese and you will know what you’re getting.


A miniature pinscher and a beagle mix is exactly what you’d expect it to look like. Imagine a miniature pinscher’s body with the face of a beagle. It’s one of the cutest mixes you will ever come across, even though we think that all about all the mixes we see. It seems that beagle mixes in general just make for adorable dogs, and the meagle is certainly no exception to that rule. It’s a dog that hasn’t been around long enough to really know what it’s like as far as personality; it is sometimes a lot like the miniature pinscher and sometimes it’s a lot like the beagle. Others are a good combination of both as far as personality and behavior are concerned.


A Pomeranian and a beagle together make what can only be described as the world’s most adorable little dog ever to exist. That’s clearly my personal opinion, but many of the puppies that come from this particular breed have the sweet face of a beagle with the fuzzy body of a Pomeranian. What’s even better, however, is that it’s nowhere near as furry as the Pomeranian, so it’s just a small, fuzzy dog with a sweet face. It’s very, very sweet.


The poodle and the beagle make a cute baby. Anything mixed with a poodle is supposed to be a very intelligent dog given the intelligence of a poodle. At least that is what breeders of poodle mixes like to say, and many owners agree with. This is a dog that is very sweet, hypoallergenic and not one to shed. That’s what makes this particular breed such a desirable one for those who want a beagle mix.


We’ve saved the best for last because the pug and the beagle combined makes for one adorable dog. Small and sweet, this is typically known as a playful dog that loves its people and takes on the best of both worlds. Now, before you go quoting me on that one; understand that you could always end up with a puppy that did not get the best of both worlds. We’re just saying that it’s common for these puppies to end up with great qualities from both parents; but it’s not always 100% accurate.

Photo by RNL Bio Co. Ltd. via Getty Images

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