What You Should be Aware of Before Taking Home Your Bloodhound Puppies


It’s got a fun face that’s kind of droopy and unique, and it’s just a sweet dog. It’s always a little amusing to see a dog with such a sweet, loving face referred to as a bloodhound considering this dog looks like anything but a bloodhound. That’s its name, though, and it’s given this name for a very good reason. He may look sweet and innocent and a little bit like he’s not always sure what’s going on, but this breed is a hunter to every degree. He possesses the most amazing capabilities when it comes to scent, and he can find anything, anywhere at any time thanks to his amazing abilities and sense of smell. If you’re looking to obtain a bloodhound of your own, you might not realize that there are some things you just did not know about the breed. In fact, there are many things you might not know about this lovely and very powerful breed. It’s important that you do some research before blindly making the decision to get a dog of any type. Why? Because dogs are like people; they have needs and they have requirements and they have some special considerations that must be made. And we can tell you that not all dogs and all people go so well together. In fact, some people should never own a bloodhound. On the other hand, some people should never have anything but a bloodhound in their lives. Find out which kind of person you are by doing the research and learning as much as there is to know about this big breed. We can help you get started right here if you are considering bloodhound puppies of your own.

Frequent Grooming is Required

This is a breed with a coat that requires frequent grooming, which is often not something dog owners want to deal with on their own. This coat requires weekly grooming which can consist of brushing, washing and even a little trim here and there. If you haven’t the time for this kind of care, it might be a good idea to consider another breed.

They don’t do Well Alone

Bloodhounds are known to be pack dogs, which means that they require some company. You can have one alone, of course, but it’s a much better idea to provide this dog with a friend or companion that will be with it at all times. In fact, they prefer kids and other animals to adults, and that’s something that you might consider before you choose to have a breed like this at home.

They Love Kids

This is a great dog for kids. It loves kids, loves to play with them and is very protective. It’s also a dog that does very well with small kids. However, like all dogs, you should never leave a bloodhound unattended with children of any age. You just never know what might happen and safety is always the best option.

They Love Other Animals

The bloodhound is a known hunter, but it is surprisingly animal friendly. While you can take it out and have it hunt down whatever it is you hunt, you can also bring it home and let it play with your kitten without much of an issue. Of course, proper socialization is going to help with this, which is what makes it such a fun dog.

They must have Frequent Exercise

It’s big and muscular, and it needs a lot of exercise. Be prepared to let this dog run around in the yard at least once a day, and it needs to take at least one long, significant walk everyday as well. It’s just the kind of animal that requires some good exercise in order to remain healthy and in its best condition.

They do Well in Big Yards

This is not a breed that does well in a small apartment or home without a yard. It needs space and it needs to run around and exercise. A big yard with a fence is going to be your best bet since this breed is very much in need of activity and exercise. Let it have some time in which to run around and enjoy itself while you’re home.

They’re a Healthy Breed

While all dogs are just as capable of coming down with any illness or health issue as another, this is a breed that has no breed-specific health problems of which you should concern yourself. You will find that it’s a breed that is mostly healthy and happy, and that is something that makes a big difference in the ownership of many people.

They are Powerful

Do not let the droopy skin and look of this breed fool you. It’s a powerful dog. It is big and strong and that can be dangerous if you do not properly train and socialize this dog from day one. You do not want to find yourself in the midst of a fight with a dog that is not trained or socialized when it comes with this much power. It will not end well at all.

They’re Loving

It’s big and sweet, and it loves people. The bloodhound is especially fond of children, but it will bond with all members of its family in a healthy and wonderful manner, making it a very simple and easy to get along with kind of dog. You will likely find that it is very simple to spend quality time with this dog since it is so friendly and loving, and that is going to make a big difference in the happiness of your home when it comes to this dog.

They’re Fast

It looks big and slow, and that should not be something you consider possible. A bloodhound was designed and developed to hunt, and that means it is a fast dog. The speed in which this dog will reach is going to amaze you considering the fact that it kind of looks like it would be a slower dog without much energy. Don’t be fooled; it’s fast and it will outrun you.

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