The Benefits of Clicker Training

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We fully realize there are a lot of different ways to train dogs. We also respect the many various methods, and can respect whatever methods you choose to train your dog. That disclaimer out of the way, we can also tell you that very few methods will have the results that you would see from clicker training. Clickers are cheap and easy to handle, but the amount of tricks and training that they can do is nothing short of remarkable. Train any way you like, but to train and get quick results, we recommend clicker training.

Understand, clicker training alone is not enough. As great as it is, it will mean nothing if you are just constantly clicking at your dog. It can also over stimulate and confuse the dog. The trick is to approach each command individually, and match those commands with positive reinforcement.  It should also be said that, above all else, certain training will require patience and a committed effort on your part as well. Basically, what you are doing is classically conditioning the dog using sound cues. This, again, is achieved only if you can commit to the level of training needed. But honestly, look up some dog tricks on Youtube, and you will see, the most advanced teachers often use clickers.

What is great about click training is, even though it may seem like one sound to us, it ends up very much being like a language to the dog. Your dog will come to know what each click means in the context of when you do it. In other words, clicking next to a tree may cue it to take the opportunity to “go potty”, but this also means that clicking next to the couch or near its favorite toy will cue a different action. It is a simple enough method that can yield amazing results.

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