Data Shows This is the Least Popular Dog Breed in the U.S

Chinese crested at show

If you always find yourself siding with the underdog, then there’s a new dog on the block to throw your backing behind. YouGov, the Internet-based market research and data analytics firm, recently conducted a survey to find out which dog breeds Americans like the most, and which they like the least. Unsurprisingly, the Labrador came out top of the pops among voters. Its shaggy cousin, the Golden Retriever, came a close second. As for the canine companion that people have the least time for… well, it’s not the Pitbull. Neither is it the Cane Corsa, the Akita, or any other breed we regularly get told is big, bad, and dangerous to know. No, the dog American’s like the least is a tiny ball of fur that couldn’t kill a fly, even if it had the inclination. Its name? The Chinese Crested.

The Survey

As Yahoo writes, to conduct the poll, YouGov presented labeled images of 193 dogs to 2,541 people and asked them which they preferred in a series of 10 head-to-head match-ups. YouGov then rated the dogs based on how often they came out ahead in their match-up. All of the dogs featured were sourced from the American Kennel Club’s list of pure breeds.

The Top Five

According to the results of the survey, the top five most popular breeds in America are…

  1. Labrador Retriever – America’s most popular dog? The Labrador Retriever, which won 83% of its contests. As writes, regardless of whether you have a black one, a chocolate one, or a yellow one, Labs are the ultimate canine companion. They’re adaptable, they can’t meet a stranger without making a new friend, and they can turn a bad day into a great one with one thump of their tail. Understandably, they’re been the most registered dog breed at the American Kennel Club for the past 30 years.
  2. Golden Retriever – Nipping at the Labrador’s heels is the Golden Retriever. Like the Lab, the Golden Retriever is widely considered the perfect family pet, as amicable with other dogs and cats as with their human companions. Blessed with a happy-go-lucky nature, a gentle disposition, and head-turning good looks, it’s easy to see how it how won 78% of its match-ups.
  3. Alaskan Malamute – Up next is the Alaskan Malamute, a workhouse of a dog that’s gone from pulling sleds to becoming America’s third favorite pet. Although their strong prey drive makes them a terror to cats, their gentle, loving natures around people redeem them. Although they’re not big barkers, their habit of vocalizing in a “woo woo” sound has convinced some people that they can actually talk.
  4. Entlebucher Mountain Dog – Following hot on the Alaskan Malamute’s heels is the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, which managed to win 72 percent of its head-to-heads. Known as the ‘Laughing Dog’ of the Swiss Alps, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a tri-colored beauty known for its energetic, trustworthy nature and high intelligence. They do better with an experienced hand than with a novice dog owner, but with the right combination of training and socialization, they make excellent companions.
  5. Shetland Sheepdog – Rounding out the top five after winning 72 percent of its matchups is the Shetland Sheepdog, a graceful, clever dog that forms an incredibly close attachment to its family. Small but hardy, the breed was originally developed in the rugged Shetland Islands as a sheepherder.

The Bottom Four

As for the least popular dogs, we’re looking at the following…

  1. Puli – The Puli managed to win just 28% of its matchups. Known for their profuse, head to tow dreadlocks, Puli’s are smart, quick-thinking dogs that may learn quickly but who rarely suffer fools gladly. They’re not for everyone, but if you have the time and patience to invest in their training and grooming needs, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal, loving companion.
  2. Pekinese – Somewhat surprisingly, the Pekinese managed to win just 26% of its head to heads. These affectionate lapdogs were developed for ancient Chinese Royalty, and still have a certain regal air to this day. Known for this distinctive ‘lions mane’ and rolling gait, they’re an opinionated breed with an outgoing, fun-loving nature.
  3. Azawakh – The Azawakh is a tall, medium-sized dog with a slender, graceful build and mile-long legs. Originally developed in the West African Sahara Desert as livestock guardians, they’re fiercely loyal to their owners but can be wary and nervous around strangers. In its head to heads, the breed managed to pull in just 25% of the votes.
  4. Borzoi – Just missing out on the title of America’s least popular dog is the Borzoi, which managed to win just 21% of its head to heads. Visually, they’re the canine equivalent of Miracle Whip, with Greyhound-like proportions, a long silky coat, and a remarkably long, narrow head that some people describe as beautiful and others describe as weird. Known for their athleticism and agility (at full flight, they can hit top speeds of 35 to 40 mph), Borzoi’s can be stubborn and headstrong, and will rarely do anything you ask just because you asked nicely. However, with plenty of consistent training and socializing, they make affectionate, affable family dogs.

America’s Least Popular Dog Breed

In last place position is the Chinese Crested Dog, which managed to win just 17% of its head-to-heads. It might not be popular with the masses, but it’s actually an incredibly sweet-natured, gentle pooch, with a distinctive style that sets it apart from the pack. This tiny breed (most dogs measure between 11 and 13 inches tall) actually comes in two varieties. The coated variety, which goes by the name of the ‘powderpuff,’ has a soft, silky coat covering its spotted pink skin. The hairless variety is mostly bald, although like the powderpuff it boasts a ‘crested’ hairdo, tufts of hair on its tail, and a plumed tail. While some dog fanciers think the Chinese Crested is the most beautiful thing on four legs, others fail to see the attraction – in fact, a Chinese Crested by the name of Sam achieved notoriety in 2003 when he was voted the World’s Ugliest Dog. Regardless of what people think of their appearance, no one can deny these playful, devoted little dogs make great pets…. unless, of course, you happen to be a YouGov panelist.

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